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South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada April 8th 2018

We vertrekken pas om half acht ‘s avonds met Iberia richting Madrid, een vluchtje van maar twee uur. Het vliegveld van Madrid is bijna helemaal uitgestorven, er gaan alleen nog wat langeafstandsvluchten naar Zuid-Amerika toe. Eenmaal bij de gate kunnen we nog een half uur zitten voordat we aan boord gaan van de A340-600 van Iberia. We zitten op een tweezits aan het gangpad, een stoelconfiguratie die niet veel meer voorkomt (het is nu voornamelijk 3-3-3). Ondanks dat we net na middernacht vertrekken krijgen we eenmaal op kruishoogte een diner geserveerd, couscous salade, pasta en een kersentaartje. De vlucht naar Santiago duurt 13 uur, dus we hopen toch nog wat te kunnen slapen. De stoelen zitten niet echt heel lekker, ze zijn vooral hard, maar toch kunnen we nog wat slaap pakken. Via de Afrikaanse kust, ... read more
Lider in Puerto Montt
Volcan Osorno

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada March 17th 2015

We drove in a rental from Puerto Montt to Ensenada on Lago Llanquihue. The lake is South America's third largest natural lake. It covers 338 square miles and plunges to 1,148 feet. It is crystal blue and reminds us of Lake Tahoe. German immigrants colonized the area in the 19th century, the architecture reflects the Bavarian towns of Germany. On the way to Ensenada we stop in Puerto Varas to shop at the upscale sporting goods stores here and to check out the city. Puerto Varas is known for its great restaurants and night life. It is located on the lake with a view of the volcano Osorno. We continue from Puerto Varas around the lake to Ensenada. We have rented a cabin in the woods so we can have a quiet cabin experience. Most tourist ... read more
Dressed for a wet hike on the volcano

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada December 28th 2012

The weather is beautiful, sun is shining and sky is clear and blue. We head down toward Cochamó and Puelo, two very small towns along the Reloncaví Estuary. The road is gravel for a good portion of the distance and there’s not much traffic, which is a good thing because the views of the volcanoes, especially Osorno, are beautiful and we make a lot of stops for pictures. If we had more time, we would have made the drive a loop and taken a ferry over the river to a different road for the return to Ensenada but we have activities scheduled for the afternoon. Another day or so in this area, and we would have gone horseback riding overnight deeper into the Cochamó Valley, which is supposed to be quite nice and similar to Yosemite ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada December 27th 2012

We’re leaving Villarrica today and heading from the northern end of the Lakes District to the southern end. A little while after hitting the road, we reach Highway 5 again and begin driving south at 120 km/hour (at least that’s the posted speed limit). The sky is clear and blue, the sun is shining, and traffic is light so it’s a nice day to be driving. About three hours later, as we get close to our first stop at Frutillar on Lago Llanquihue we see in the distance first Volcán Puntiagudo (literally sharp point because the top is pretty pointy) and then Volcán Osorno. The Frutillar exit from Highway 5 (like all exits) is well marked and we get off. Kris uses the map app on the smartphone and does a good job navigating us through ... read more

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada December 28th 2008

Cas se pomalu ale jiste nachyluje ke konci roku a tudiz i nasi cesty a tak se vydavame do posledniho narodniho parku, ktery v dlouhem Chile stihame navstivit, cesta tam z Puerto Varas trva cca 1 hodinu. Jedeme mensim autobuskem s ridicem, ktery ma velmi silne reproduktory a hraje nam skladby z Dirty Dancing, na radu prichazi Scorpions, Europe atd., povidat jsme si pritom moc nemohli, ale pan ridic byl velitel vozu a jeho usmev a potukavani si na volant bylo v danou chvili to nejdulezitejsi. Prijizdime do pristavu k jezeru Todos Santos, smlouvame si prevoz na druhy breh, k rodine Kuschl, kde je rodinny kemp a ubytko v soukromi a zakempovavame se. Netrva dlouho a stezejni jev, vsemi knihami avizovany a vsemi mistnimi obyvateli sdeleny - tedy "petros" a "tabanos", chilske kousave muchnicky a chilska ... read more
vyhled od reky smerem na jezero
z pesiho vyletu kolem vulkanu

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada November 3rd 2008

During my stay in Puerto Varas, I joined a tour one late afternoon for a tour of Volcan Osorno and its environs. It was a wonderful opportunity considering the perfect weather with no cloud in the sky to see the volcano clearly. I got picked up at the guest house and after picking other passengers, we drove along the eastern shore of Lago Llanquihue stopping once to take photos of Volcan Osorno in the distance. After going through Ensenada, we entered in Parque Nacionale Vicentre Perez Rosales where we ascended to the volcano's base. There was an opportunity to go up on the chair lift. Some of us including me went up and we got to three quarters of a way up to the summit where we were greeted with stunning and clear views of the ... read more
Ascending to Volcan Osorno
Base of Volcan Osorno
Summit of Volcan Osorno

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada March 6th 2007

After parting ways with David, who headed north to hike Volcán Lanín, I ended up heading toward Cochamó Valley, which is fast becoming a mecca for climbers. The valley is known as the Yosemite of South America for it´s granite batholiths that rim it´s edges. Because it remains icefree for much of the year, it´s gaining popularily among international climbers, partially to the hard work of Daniel and Silvina, a Nevada-Argentine pair who own a refugio in the heart of the valley. On the second day up there I day hiked up a recently constructed trail for better views. While lunching on a granite outcrop high above the valley I was treated to a pair of condors that for about 20 minutes soared just under me, giving me a great look at their enormous wingspans. On ... read more
Mount Hornopirén
La Junta
cable crossing

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada March 24th 2006

After sadly saying goodbye to Ben and Subhani, Angus and I headed to Chile to do a different kind of trek. It was a four day trek around a beautiful volcano in the Southern lake district of Chile. We camped at the bottom for the first day and then climbed over 1000 metres to the refugio half way up. It was a wooden hut with beds for 16 people and a wood burning stove. We met lots of interesting people including a friendly Belgium couple, a German policewoman and some Israelis. The next day everyone set off at the crack of dawn to climb to the summit of Volcano Puyehue. After a torrential down pour the first day, we had perfect clear blue skies. At the top we had wonderful views of all the surrounding volcanos ... read more
On Route
Mount Tronador
On edge of volcano crater

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Ensenada November 24th 2005

I tried my best to get my $US90 worth at breakfast, and I think I almost made it. Breakfast almost made up for what dinner lacked. It absolutely poured with rain all morning, so we just sat lounged around in the hotel reading, had a late lunch and kileld time until the scheduled 2pm ferry departure. I cycled the 1km down to the ferry and got absolutely drenched in the process ... It has rained for 7 days straight now. Ferry trip was nice, and would have been spectacular on a clear day, then at the other end, everyone else jumped onto the nice warm bus while I squirmed back into my smelly, wet cycling gear and took off down the muddy road. A kilometre of so down the road, there was a bit of a ... read more
The Final Lake
The lake
The road wash out

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