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South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa February 17th 2019

We wake up to to find out that the old man’s father has died. It’s not unexpected, but still sad news. Outside it’s still raining. It’s as if the heavens have decided to join the old man in his tears. We opt for a quiet day with a walk along the coast. We walk 8 miles in total, stopping first at the museum to learn about the history of the island and its Moais then on to Ana Kakenga; a cave in a lava tube with two ‘windows’ overlooking the ocean. The entrance is tiny. I may be descended from a long line of miners, but I don’t do enclosed spaces so the old man goes in while I stay on the surface. On the way back, it finally stops raining and we catch our first ... read more
Cruise ship 5th plinth
Cruise ship waiting off graveyard

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa December 18th 2018

M - Easter Island really is a long way from anywhere … Easter Island is one of those places neither of us ever dreamed we would visit. As young kids we both had seen the pictures of the Moai Statues looking out to sea that the island is famous for. Never did either of us ever think we would visit the island of Rapa Nui as it is known locally. Getting to Easter Island - we knew it was a long, long way away, a big thanks to friends Robin and Adam for convincing us earlier this year that it really was worth the trip! Some mention of great Pisco Sours I believe? I don’t think it really hit either of us just how far out into the Pacific Ocean this island actually is until we ... read more
Sunset at the harbor
Sunset near the harbor
Arrived at last

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa September 18th 2016

A short trip to the airport and we were on our way to Easter Island and for once in relative comfort on a modern aircraft. It was clear on departure from the plane that we had entered the chaos of a pacific island airport, a tiny entry hall, a single small luggage carousel inadequate for the large number of tourists and rude Chinese who seem to be everywhere now days. Eventually after being pushed around by Chinese women I managed to get our bags out the doors into the milling crowd where there was no taxis although I did manage to get one eventually. Our accommodation was about five minutes away from the little airport and after dropping off an American girl who Ruth felt sorry for we arrived at our hotel. There was no one ... read more
Small off the coast of Rapanui
Rano Kau crater

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa March 5th 2016

Given that we were due to fly out from Santiago the following morning we chose to overnight at an airport hotel. The taxi driver who took us from the bus station had quoted us a rough price but couldn't be exact as the taxi was metered. In fairness, he tried so hard to get us there within the price range he had indicated that I think we broke all land speed records and he was only a couple of thousand pesos over at the end. He earned his tip! The Hotel Diego de Almagro did exactly what it said on the tin, even providing a reasonably priced and very tasty evening meal when airport hotels usually realise they have a captive audience and charge the earth. The complementary breakfast set us up for the day the ... read more
LAN Dreamliner
With and without eyes and topknot
Our verandah at Easter Island

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa May 14th 2015

Iorana! (Rapa Nui for Hello) Off we flew to one of the most remote islands on the planet...Isla Pascua (Easter Island). And we were hosted by the lovely town of Hanga Roa. Far flung Easter Island sits about 3700 km from its Motherland in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - it is one of the most isolated inhabited places on Earth. They say that timing is everything. We arrived on the island at a very interesting time, indeed (politically!) The indigenous Rapa Nui people have kicked the Chilean National Park workers out of office and have taken over operations of the historical sites. (And presently, Chileans are not allowed at the sites.) Financially, it was great for us as we didn’t have to pay the USD 60 each for entrance fee to the island. Some ... read more
Ahu Tongariki
Rano Kau
Volcanic landscape of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa November 8th 2014

I'd never been anywhere as remote as Easter Island (Isla de Pascua/Rapa Nui). It's the most remote inhabited Island in the world (the flight was 5 hours from mainland Chile and we crossed two time zones to get there). The closest inhabited neighbour is Pitcairn Island, 2075 km (1289 miles) away with just 100 inhabitants. The minute you land you realise this place is very different. Actually before you land; we flew past the island and took a large u-turn to line up with the runway. The pilot needed to get it right as the runway ended and the Pacific Ocean began about 15 foot from where we stopped. The airport resembled a beach hut, the passport control were nowhere to be seen and we were adorned with fresh floral necklaces as we arrived...I could see ... read more

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa June 19th 2014

Easter Island, if you look at it on a map, is shaped just like a triangle. Over the last couple of days, I've mainly explored to 2 tips of the triangle; today I set out for the point. This section of the island is dominated by Mt. Terevaka, which is the highest point, but really is still basically just a big hill. Also in this area are a few more moai, especially the great group at Ahu Akivi. Before getting to Akivi, though, I went by Puna Pao, which is where the topknots for the moai came from, or those red looking rocks that stand in for moai hair. This was an interesting sight, and there were some great views across the island and back down into Hanga Roa, but I especially enjoyed it because of ... read more
Pano Pao
View North
Another of Pano

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa June 18th 2014

There are a few things that I really like about Easter Island. One of these things is the fact that, since you're in such a small place, even tourists become locals. I mean when there's only like 4 places to eat, you're bound to get to know some people. That happened today during breakfast when I went into the same place as yesterday and the same lady brought me the same food. I wished her the first hasta manana of the day, or see you tomorrow. It also happened tonight, when I went back to my favorite little coffee shop, the one with the retriever, who's name I learned is blanco. Had the same thing: an Americano, or straight black coffee, and told the guy I'll see him tomorrow night. Hasta Manana. The other thing about ... read more
Rano Rau
Another of Rano Rau
First Cow Herd

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa June 17th 2014

What a day today... a day where I feel like I've entered a whole new world - meaning that I left Santiago bright and early for a flight to Easter Island. This flight was hilarious for many reasons. First of all, it was a giant plane that was only half full. I think I had an entire row to myself. Then, when you look at the flight map, you basically fly for 5 hours to a tiny speck of a dot in the middle of the South Pacific. It's funny, too - I'm now back in Denver time - flew across 2 time zones. The approach to the Island was quite the event as well. Kind of like Machu Picchu, the Island just emerged from the clouds as we descended, and the little strip of a ... read more
Starting to Descend

South America » Chile » Easter Island » Hanga Roa June 17th 2014

Today was one of those travel days that I like to call Holy Shit days. Meaning that I catch myself saying Holy Shit, I'm actually here. It's that moment when all of those photos you've looked at suddenly come to life, and the real thing is right there in front of you. Alive. Real. Holy Shit. Today was that type of day pretty much from the get go. Antoine knocked on my door early in the morning with the news that he had my car ready for me. What made this so funny was how serious he was about it. I renting the car directly from him, and I get the feeling it's his prized possession. He wants me to take very good care of it. I think he even has a name for it. He ... read more
Getting Closer
There They Are!
Moai Close-Up

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