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February 17th 2019
Published: February 18th 2019
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We wake up to to find out that the old man’s father has died. It’s not unexpected, but still sad news. Outside it’s still raining. It’s as if the heavens have decided to join the old man in his tears.

We opt for a quiet day with a walk along the coast. We walk 8 miles in total, stopping first at the museum to learn about the history of the island and its Moais then on to Ana Kakenga; a cave in a lava tube with two ‘windows’ overlooking the ocean. The entrance is tiny. I may be descended from a long line of miners, but I don’t do enclosed spaces so the old man goes in while I stay on the surface.

On the way back, it finally stops raining and we catch our first glimpse of the sun in days. We head into town to see what impact a ship with a capacity of 3800 has docking on an island with a population of 6700. The answer is none at all; the shops and restaurants are mostly closed and the cruisers have returned to their ship. We find a shop which sells tuna empanadas and another which sells drinks and head home, followed by a very hopeful dog, to try and dry some of our ever increasing pile of wet clothes.

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