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South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica December 25th 2012

The weather wasn’t too good, cloudy skies with intermittent light rain. No views of the volcano over Lake Villarrica from the front porch of our cabin yet. Fortunately, it’s still possible to enjoy a visit to the hot springs that are famous in these parts despite the clouds and light rain every now and again. Based on the number of recommendations, out of all the options available we settled on the Termas Geométricas as our destination and it turned out to be a good choice. It was a very nice experience and we all had a very good time. The setting was quite and the way the individual pools were set up, blending in to the natural surroundings. Very picturesque and serene, everything you imagine a good spa would be (not that I have much experience ... read more

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica December 24th 2012

We arrived in Santiago on the over-night flight from Miami and were able to re-book ourselves on the early onward flight to Temuco which saved us from spending about 5 hours in the Comodoro Armando Benitez Airport. The airport in Temuco turned out to be pretty small so it was mighty easy to find the Hertz office, located just outside, so we could pick up our rental car. We had to wait a bit since we had initially arranged for the car to be ready and waiting upon our arrival on the later flight, but after about 45 minutes we were on our way in a Toyota 4-Runner. We had brought road maps with us and also were using smartphone data to use the map app, but it turned out that was more for reassurance than ... read more

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica May 19th 2012

Llegamos a las once de la noche, pero igual Alfonso nos atiende con gran amabilidad, nos lleva a recorrer el centro y después tomamos un tecito connel y conversamos por mas de una hora. Su historia es fascinante, y la casa que ha construido esta hecha y decorada con muy buen gusto. El diseño y el 'decor' no hace sentir que estamos en Austria. La mañana siguiente me despierto temprano y mientras la nena duerme salgo a caminar por la orilla del lago. Está bien fresca la mañana, el cielo está mayormente despejado aunque por encima de la cordillera hay nubes que de vez en cuando ocultan el pico del volcán. El silencio conduce a contemplación, la presencia imponente de la cordillera me hace sentir muy pero muy pequeño lo cual profundiza las reflexiones matutinas. Sin ... read more

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica January 6th 2010

Pour le photos..Les premières sont une fin de Pichilemu..le jour précédent la balade ..d'ou la vidéo des Salinas.. C'est la pèche aux crabes ..ou seuls nos pieds ressemblaient a la couleur des crabes..par contre on en a pas vu un seul.. Ensuite c'est retour a Santiago la vue d'un toit et le concert que l'on est allé voir ensuite..le dernier groupe c'été un fanfare dans la lignée de Kusturiza.. puis une photo de la vue que l'on avit lorsque l'on est allé manger des fruits de mer crus avec un Pote, ah et oui il y'a aussi lapetite poule que j'ai faite en bois et qui n'est toujours pas finie ^_^°° Depuis les dernières nouvelles, je suis descendue à 9h de bus de Santiago.. Le 30/12/09, Je quitte la maison de Lo Prado et la famille ... read more
La pèche aux crabes..
Vue de Santiago
vue de Santiago 2

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica December 12th 2009

Down the road from Pucón is Villa Rica, a quieter city with fewer foreigners and more local tourists. We thought it was worth our while to check it out. We arrived at lunch time and sat down for a plate of meat and rice, then walked along the lake. We stopped and sat a while, taking time to listen to a podcast from our favorite npr programs (always nice to hear and bring good memories from home), then walked some more. We checked bus ticket prices to see if buses to Santiago were cheaper leaving from here than Pucón - when you factor in getting here, they're basically the same. We also took a look though some artisan shops and a shop selling Swiss style cottage goods and cheeses (the German and Swiss influence in Chile ... read more
Cheese Shop
Villa Rica

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica November 21st 2009

A las diez de la noche, mis amigos y yo nos fuimos de Santiago para Temuco por autobús que duró trece horas. La próxima mañana, lleguemos en Temuco y tomemos otro autobús para Coñaripe, donde íbamos a trabajar para una semana en una finca orgánica donde se estudia la permacultura y tradiciones Mapuches. Coñaripe significa sendero de guerreros en Mapudungun. No sabíamos nada de la finca, con la excepción de su localidad y que era orgánica, ni lo que íbamos a hacer. Por fin, lleguemos a Coñaripe y bajemos del autobús en el centro del pueblo. Coñaripe era un pueblo en el medio de las montañas en el distrito de Araucanía en el sur de Chile. Esta al lado del Lago Calafquén, el Volcán Villa Rica, y el Volcán Lanín. Calafquén es una palabra en Mapudungun ... read more
La Cocina en la isla Millawapi
Amigos Chilenos comiendo la cena
comiendo la cena

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica February 13th 2009

Hi, Rich here to carry on our South America adventure. So after a few days in Santiago it was time to say our farewells to half of the travel group we had travelled from Lima to Santiago with, spending New Year, Christams day and the Inca trail with. A fantastic group of friends! We soon met up with the new guys for the Santiago to Rio de Janerio Leg. We had previously discovered that the best way to get to know each other was over a beer or 2, so we headed over to our friends Hostel across town for a good get-to-know-each-other session. It seemd to work as we all get on!! We left Santiago for Pucon, a 6 hour drive south to a small town on the shores of the lake Villerrica. Our main ... read more
Looking our from the start point
the climb up
Above the cloud Line

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica October 14th 2008

(April 06) DEUTSCH WEITER UNTEN Sometime in April around Pucon: All I hear is "have you climbed it yet?", "Did you make it?", "I´m dead and we didn´t see a thing"....what they are talking about is Villarrica, a still active Volcano near Pucón, the most climbed Moutain in Chile. People come here ONLY to get on top of that thing and the guides (it is not allowed anymore to go without) charge an arm and a leg for it (because they can). Even without knowing that you can´t currently see the lava (appearantly the glowing lava is only to be seen every so often when the pressure gets too much and the clogged crater blows up again) I knew that I wasn´t gonna spend the money (that I didn´t have according to my budget anyway) on ... read more
View from the top of Quetrupillán
View from the top along the crater rim
The Sumit (left) and the view from there

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica February 23rd 2008

When the lava flows from the volcano it sometimes forms tubes as the outside of the flow cools and the molten lava runs from the centre. We had a trip into one of these on Volcan Villarrica that was formed 2000 years ago. ... read more
The glassy inside surface
One of the largest parts of the caves
A later lava low that has trickled into the cave

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