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South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis February 16th 2007

Well, first day of Carival and we needed new swim trunks, so we went shopping. Ended up in Centrino de Lagoa but didn't buy anything until at a swim shop back by the house. We then went to Joqunia beach again and chilled out until sun down. Kyrsten and Sabrina bought swim suits (brazilian) and several shirts. I got two cut-offs for R$8.00 ($4.00 us) each. After that we headed to Centrino De Lagoa for the opening of Carnival and had Brazilian pizza for dinner. Really good, but no sauce which was wierd at first but tastes great. Carnival opening was a bus, the Trio Electronico, driving around the city square at 1/2 mile per hour blaring the carnival song with 10,000 or so people singing along in front and behind it.... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis February 15th 2007

Today we tried going out to Catarina island, but when we got to the boat the waves were to large so we played around on the hills and beaches all day. Sabrina lost a ring and we looked for it until they cleaned up the tables at the beach, so we left and the chased us down because we had forgotten to pay the bill, around 40 Reals. Oops. We ended up eatting at a very good sushi resturant by the main part of Lago and then hung out in the city before heading home.... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis February 14th 2007

We got to the airport and met up with Mike, Sabrina, Craig and Marcio. They are renting a small Fiat and Craig and Marcio have motorcycles, litte 125 cc bikes. We drove to the house and got unpacked and then went to a Joquina Beach, about a mile from the house, and hung out until the sun went down. Next was the very nice Thai food resturant. The only one on the entire island is less that a 1/2 mile from the house. After that we went to the main part of the part of the island we are on, being the subcity Lago de something or other across the bridge. Basically, Florianopolis is a big island with a large lake in the middle. We are staying south of the bridge over the lake. and the ... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis February 14th 2007

Hi all, Well we are finally at an internet cafe where we can upload some photos! We have added some more onto the Fiji entry too so don´t forget to look at those! At the moment we are in a place called Florianopolis on the southern coast of Brasil. It is a lovely little beach resort with a great atmosphere, lots of seafood restaurant and souvenier shops. Its the perfect place to relax before we head onto Rio on Friday night for the carnival! So far we have visited Buenos Aires where we spent a week there. Julio met us at our hostel on the first night and introduced us to the late dining that seems to exist throughout South America. There is a great restaurant and cafe culture that exists over here, you head out ... read more
The square at Casa Rosada
The area of Boca - renowned for tango shows
Us having a go at the tango!

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis February 4th 2007

Oh dear, i'm already getting lazy with the old travel blog....been falling behind!So here's a quick update of what I've been up to the last couple of weeks... After a relaxing few days with Debora and her family at their home in Curitiba, we left Curitiba for our road trip south to the beaches of Santa Catarina, starting off at the island of Florianopolis. Here, we arrived a the beautiful beachside pousada in Santo Antonio in the north of the island. It was perfect - beautiful little beach house 5 meters from the sea on a private beach - heaven!We spent the following few days chilling out, soaking up the rays on the beach at Jurere and enjoying the impressive views - beautiful people everywhere!!It was without a doubt the best beach I've ever been too ... read more
Road Trip!
Floripa - Santo Antonio
Floripa - Santo Antonio

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis January 27th 2007

My time has been spent so far with my large extended family here. It´s been a while since I have seen them, 6 long years yearning for re-connection with a part of me that starts to ginga, or swing, when I hear a samba beat, the part that feels in living color, beautiful, swirling, vibrant colors of the landscape that is utterly breathtaking. My family: the people, the land, the creatures, the night sky full moon reflecting on lulling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the food, fresh fruit papaya mango kisses, cafezinho jolts of awakeness. This is what I miss when I am at my home in the northern hemisphere. I landed in Guarullous airport in São Paolo January 19th. I spent about a week in a semi, self-imposed containment in the house of my ... read more
Family Dinner

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis January 21st 2007

Oy!! Ok, so this is the second entry that i've made to my blog, am slowly getting the hang of this thing, just slowly though. Well, where are we now?? We've just spent the last four days camping at a wicked little campsite in Campeche. Very close to the beach and that's about it. There ain't that much else to do around where we've been staying so its been really really great, although we've still found lots to do to keep us occupied. We left Barra da Lagoa and had to take many busses in order to get to Campeche, including one that broke down so we just had to sit at the side of the road and wait, wait wait.. We were just about to bring out the travel scrabble when our replacement bus stopped ... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis January 16th 2007

Rafting on Christmas Day seems a very long time ago now, we left Mendoza on 27th Dec and hired the mother of all trucks to drive across the Malbec plains to Cordoba. We stopped off for a couple of nights in a ranch on the way, playing swallows and amazons and even getting the boys on horseback. Scenery was awesome and we had some fun condor spotting. From Cordoba, we got an overnight bus to Buenos Aires We stayed in the beautiful neighbourhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires´answer to Notting Hill (minus the Trustafarians), cobbled streets full of trendy shops, cosy cafes and swanky bars and restaurants. Before NYE we managed to cram in some culture, visiting Eva Peron´s tombstone, which... read more

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis January 8th 2007

Dieses mal war mein Silvesterfest mal etwas ganz anderes. Normalerweise feiere ich mit meiner Familie oder mit meinen Freunden, es ist arschkalt. Dieses mal haenge ich am Strand ab, Jurerê Internacional genauergesagt, der Sand ist noch warm von der Sonne. Ein kuehler Wind weht. Die Party auf der wir waren hatte Japan als Thema, es gab also Sushi und jeder hat ein mit Japanischen Schriftzeichen bedrucktes Kopftuch bekommen. Fuer die 50 Reais (18EUR) Eintritt konnte man soviel essen und trinken wie man wollte oder konnte. Es war halt echt gut: wir trinken "Alkopops" und Bier und unterhalten uns. Huebsche Frauen. Meeresrauschen im Hintergrund. Viele, vor allem die Maedels, sind komplett in weiss eingekleidet. Kurz vor Mitternacht hat irgendwie jeder zweite eine Sektflasche in der Hand, wer weiss wo die ploetzlich alle hergekommen sind. Countdown. Feuerwerk. Juhuu! ... read more
Ricardo, Renato
Ricardo, Claudinha
Die komplette Partycrew

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Florianópolis January 8th 2007

5 January, Friday... Arrived in Florianopolis, the first real stop in Brazil. Wandered up and down the main street looking for a hostel before finding out that the woman in tourist information had lied to us and there was indeed space in the HI hostel. Checked out the town a bit and searched for a replacement travel guide which turned out to be rather expensive along with everything else in Brazil. Ate pizza and went to a club in the evening which turned out to be miles away and took ages to get to, oh well. 6 January, Saturday... Went to a beach called Melo or something like that. It was well busy, those brazilians do love their beaches, there were also some very large waves that made swimming a real challenge. I got myself thoroughly ... read more

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