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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Cabo Frio January 18th 2012

Still so HOT and still so many mosquitos!!! But apart from that we are doing well :) Went to a Brazilian party which was awesome as everyone here wants to show you and tell you things about their country, for example 'ciri' which is crab - but literally a crab with its eyes and legs and everything still attached - which they plonked on our plates and said try it try it!! Needless to say we completely messed it up and got it everywhere - there seems to be alot of work required for very little food!! We also had a special 'Brazilian type of icecream which is actually a really healthy fruit mixed with ice so it's like a detox but tastes awesome!!! Anyway enough about food - we are looking into going exploring quite ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Cabo Frio January 15th 2012

HELLO!!!! Jamie and I are safe and sound in Cabo Frio now – had a long long journey and we didn’t get to sit next to each other on the plane to Rio (but fortunately a nice man from Switzerland saw how stressed this was making me and swapped seats…oops!) And Air France didn’t let us down either so woooooo – we are alive, haha! Well, we are alive but being eaten by mosquitoes (Jamie has over 20 bites on one foot...eek!?!) But we have repellent and bug spray and the smelly stuff they don't like and cream for the itching so we are being as careful as possible!! It is also so so HOT - leaving a freezing England, we are in about 35 degrees and so naturally are dying - but I won't talk ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Cabo Frio March 19th 2011

Our jaunt to the highlands after leaving Rio was short lived. After deciding we were both too stuffed and bus weary to figure a side trip to nearby Petropolis, we headed back to Rio in heavy traffic on a morning bus, connecting with incredible efficiency and genuine service, to the surf capital, Saquarema. Evidently this place heaves at carnival time and hosts surf carnivals and competitions of international standards. And testament to this, the long stretches of white sand extended from Jacone, our first coastal glimpse on the bus, to Saquarema about 30 more minutes away. Deciding 15 Reals was a rip off for our midday hike to the hostel, we made the walk there in little time, hot 33C and bothered but with the choice of 3 rooms of different prices. This was despite being ... read more
Who needs a basuro when there is always a roadside to dump your rubbish
AA-hh-ayal de Ka-bo
Full bellies of spice

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