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January 15th 2012
Published: January 18th 2012
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Jamie and I are safe and sound in Cabo Frio now – had a long long journey and we didn’t get to sit next to each other on the plane to Rio (but fortunately a nice man from Switzerland saw how stressed this was making me and swapped seats…oops!) And Air France didn’t let us down either so woooooo – we are alive, haha!

Well, we are alive but being eaten by mosquitoes (Jamie has over 20 bites on one foot...eek!?!) But we have repellent and bug spray and the smelly stuff they don't like and cream for the itching so we are being as careful as possible!! It is also so so HOT - leaving a freezing England, we are in about 35 degrees and so naturally are dying - but I won't talk anymore avbout the temperature as I am sure people will hate us for complaing about the heat :p

So I am writing to you from our little room in Cabo Frio where we are staying with a local family and are being so well cared for! Everyone is treating us like royalty here – yesterday seemed like such a long day (in a good way though) as we arrived in Rio, were picked up and went to visit a lady who lives in Rio (who said we can return to her house and stay for free when we want to visit Rio!) then went for some lunch – a very Brazilian lunch called ‘feijoada’ which is black beans and meat all mixed together with rice and stuff..was nice J iwe shall learn to make it for you when we come back.

Anywhos then we drove over here to Cabo Frio and were taken to see the sights. You’ll be happy to hear it’s very safe and quite small, lined with a gorgeous white sand beach and even contains a McDonalds and a Subway!!! However being the good tourists we are we didn't go there but went and had coconut milk and sugar-cane juice in a shopping centre called 'Bikini Street' where (as you can probably guess) they sell bikinis but in every single's pretty cool!

Em and J x

p.s. we have been told that Jamie could look like a Brazilian but I look like a Barbie..the Brazilians are intrigued by my blue eyes – not the blonde hair or white skin or boobs but the blue eyes – strange eh!?x


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