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South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa February 7th 2006

It's a tough life, lying on the beach, drinking cocktails and dipping into the nice warm sea to cool off. We are now heading round the coast with another two weeks of beaches and colonial towns before we hit Rio for the Carnaval. Went to Jeriocoracoara, no cars, laid back, slightly hippy place and now in Praia de Pipa, again very laid back, beautiful beaches. It has to be said this bit is not real overlanding, the tough way, it's just all too nice. We were supposed to be camping here, but they'd turned it into a building site so our super leader found us a cool pousada with a BBQ and a swimming pool - we're going soft, but after the boat we deserve it! ... read more
Really, really nice
The sea is warm
The locals are friendly

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte January 14th 2006

I am now 16 days into the trip and have traveled on from Rio to Porto Seguro, then to Salvador, Recife and am writting this in Natal. Porto seguro stands out as having the best beaches as can be seen in the photos, they were empty and went on for miles. Porto seguro itself was a pretty cool place, a kind of middle class holiday resort for brazillians. The atmosphere was very chilled out, during the day we eaither sunbathed or waled around the small cobbled streets, then in the evening we ate outside at one of the many cool little restauraunts. After sampling lots ofthe local drink which is caprina (a whole lime, ice and lots of cachasa), i was convinced to give samba a go, which went fairly well and no one cares anyway. ... read more
porto seguro 2
porto seguro 3
porto seguro 4

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa January 12th 2006

Hello Everyone! We have been having a great time during these first few weeks of the New Year and have been fortunate to have fun people to enjoy them with. Since we last wrote, we have changed residences. The Guimaraes family that we were staying with made the move to Sao Paulo where Antonio has been transferred for work purposes. We will be joining them there after Carnival, but for now we are staying with his sister Ana Guimaraes (or Tia Ana), her husband Samuel, her daughter Amanda, and Grandma (Vovó - the best cook in Brazil). It is at the house where we celebrated Christmas and New Years, so it was an easy transition since we already know everyone so well. Currently it is summertime in Brazil, even though it is hot where we are ... read more
Walking on
Don't know if there's enough room for the both of us
Whats that flipper...Sammy the Tuna is trapped in a fish net?

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