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Lake Titicaca is (and here comes another superlative) the highest commercially navigable lake in the world at over 3800m. It is also mentioned as one of the highlights of Peru in my guidebook. What they don’t mention that it’s also a freaking cold place and not that interesting. Did I mention that I disagree with my guidebook? Ok it’s not such a bad place as it might have some attraction to some but let's start from the beginning. I arrived in Puno after a nice 8 hour bus ride from Cusco. You really have to say that some South American countries have the bus system figured out. There are busses going left right and centre all the time and you can go from cheap cattle class (speak no leg room, dirty and slow) to super ... read more

Hallo ihr Lieben, nachdem wir ueber La Paz mit Copacabana die bolivianische Seite des Titicacasees erreicht hatten, befinden wir uns seit gestern bereits in Puno und somit auf der peruanischen Seite des Sees. Von Copacabana aus haben wir sowohl der Isla del sol, wie auch der Isla de la luna einen Besuch abgestattet. Beide Inseln sind eng mit der Geschichte der Inkas verknuepft. Grund genug Allen die es interessiert, ein wenig ueber die Inkas zu erzaehlen :-) Dazu gibts dann ein paar Fotos vom legendaeren See. Vamos.....: Der Titicacasee ist heute noch fuer die indianische Bevoelkerung des Altiplano und der Sierra die Staette ihres Mythos. Hier entstanden ihre Maerchen, und aus dem flimmernden Glanz des Sees entsprangen die mythischen Gestalten der Gruender des Inka-Reiches. Verschiedene Versionen der Entstehun... read more
Isla de la luna
Tempel der Sonnenjungfrauen auf der Isla de la luna
getrocknete Maisblaetter

Our guardian angel must have been at work during our visit to La Paz. Keen to avoid the hassle of going to the bus station (and although we still didn't know about the dangers lurking there), we did something we hadn't done before - ask an agency to organise our transport to our next destination (we normally sorted it all out ourselves). A bus owned by the same agency picked us up at the door of our hotel first thing in the morning, and we had a safe, though somewhat sickening journey to Copacabana (the driver insisted in testing the suspension on every curve by the looks of it), our final stop in Bolivia. NOT go with the cheaper people-carrier vans; we heard reports of kidnappings and robberies (NOT rumours, the stories are true). Go with ... read more
Buy yer luvly figs 'ere!! / ¡Al rico higo chumbooo!
Isla del Sol: Inca Steps / Escalinata del Inca
Uros Floating Islands: Typical totora reed boat / Islas Flotantes de los Uros: Barca típica de totora

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca February 10th 2006

The fixed island of Taquile One of 70 islands on the lake, remote and with a stark beauty. ... read more
Taquile Island
Taquile Island
Taquile Island

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca October 10th 2005

You've got to love the Bolivians. If they're not happy they get out on the streets and make themselves heard. They could even teach the French a thing or two when it comes to civil disobedience! (Sorry Sylve!) Our bus journey up to Copacabana started early and the guys seemed to be in a rush to get moving. Once we climbed out of La Paz and into El Alto on the Altiplano we soon realised why. The main roads out of La Paz to the west were all blocked by the residents of El Alto, who had brought their gas cannisters out onto the main roads and had arranged them into lines across the three lane roads. This is obviously a common occurrence in El Alto. The bus drivers certainly knew all about it and had ... read more
Trekking the Incan road to Yampupata
Camping at Japipi

First some travel information: Anyone thinking of going to Titicaca beware that, a) the town you will most probably start at, Copacabana, has no cash machine. You can get a cash advance for a commission, but it´s best to just stock up on Bolivianos before you go. b) nowhere on the Illa del sol will take US dollars unless you offer about twice the price. Most locals will tell you a dollar is worth 6 Bs, when it is 8 and will accept nothing else (though a friendly lady changed some for us at 8). Take warm clothes too, it´s cold! A Cholita is a traditional Bolvian woman. She wears four or five layers of skirt, several sweaters and a poncho. Often you will find one with a baby wrapped in a blanket and somehow tied ... read more
The blessing of the automobiles
Our miniture tour guides
View from the top

i should try to keep up to date on these blogs because once again i am writing from memory. Arriving in copacabana was like going back in to the tourist world. after spending so much time in Bolivia where there aren't a lot of tourist, well some backpacker type tourists and tourists in la Paz, copa was a reminder of what i would be seeing in peru. there were a lot of tourists, backpackers and "regular" tourist. i.e. people who are traveling for a few weeks and can afford to stay in nice places. not that i have stayed in bad places, and copa was a cheap place to stay. yo could get a room for about $1.25 per night. i sprung and got a nice one with private bath for $3 a night. i am ... read more
isla del sol
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