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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca February 26th 2007

After the hectic couple of days in Oruro, Laurence and I made our way to Lake Titicaca, 4 hours west of La Paz. upon arriving in La Paz the carnival atmosphere was definetly present and water ballons continued to fill the cold and damp mountain air. After waiting in the bus station for a couple of hours our bus finally arrived to take us to the lakeside town of Copacabana. The town and the scenery immediately felt welcoming, I think it was a combination of warm smiles and a lake to look upon. It is funny how much I enjoy and perhaps even need water to keep me sain, I welcomed the sight of the incredible lake. We checked into a decent little hotel and soon found that it was a late night computer game haunt ... read more
view from hills surrounding Lago Titicaca
Ceremonial Table on Isla del Sol
View through doorways of ancient Incan ruins

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca January 20th 2007

The adventure began when the bus to Copacabana, Boliva (on Lake Titicaca) boarded a, for lack of better words, floating dock to cross a small portion of the lake. Althought the bus almost toppled into the lake we did make it safely to Copacabana and decided to stay in the ´splurge´ hotel which cost us a whopping 3.50 US dollars. The first evening we just relaxed because we had decided to do the 17km hike through the countryside to the the boat that would take us to the island of the sun. The next morning the hike began very relaxed. We snapped pictures of the pigs, chickens, donkeys, street children on the road. The people live very self sufficiently...humbley is an understatement. It wasn´t long before we had veared off track a little to follow what ... read more
Boat ride to the Isla del Sol
First dinner on Isla del Sol
Restaurant and old maid

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca December 17th 2006

After a few more recuperation days at Samy Wasi in Cusco we made our way overnight on the bus via Puno (Peru) to Copacabana on the Bolivan shores of lake Titicaca - the highest navigable lake in the world. Whilst there are no reed islands on this part, it housed the islands of Isla Del Sol and Luna. At the border, everyone is bundled out to change Bolivianos with the reason that there was a 5 bolivianos on the other side. It sniffs of a quick earning for the bus drivers and the moeny changer shop they were working with so if you happen to head that way, question it. Bleary eyed, we didn't. After a quick pit stop in Copacabana to refuel our bellies and buy a boat ticket to Isla del Sol, we headed ... read more
Map of the Island...
Local shepherd boys....
Island views...

Lake Titicaca is a surreal place. Its massive, more like a see or an ocean then a lake. Its bigger then some countries…. maybe. I’m guessing on that one, but it sure seams like it could be… The whole time I was in Copacabana my eyes, my nose, every sense was telling me I was at a beach, I was looking at the sea, the boats, the smell of outboards burning fuel, everything about it made it feel like you were on the east cost somewhere. But you cant be because you’re standing at 13,000 feet above see level. I short walk up a hill will testify to that. Its so strange, you’re at a beach and walking along the waters edge and you can fill your water bottle up straight from the lake if you ... read more
Copa Kids
Sunsets at Copacabana

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Lake Titicaca September 21st 2006

Sigh...only a three more days and we are back at home. The last 5 weeks have been amazing and we are looking forward to exploring South America further in the near future. Thank you all for your comments and for following along on our trip with us. It has been a memorable adventure! For our last two days in Bolivia we travelled to Lake Titicaca. Some say it is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world..others say that there are higher lakes in Peru. Some say Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is the largest lake in South America...others say that it is Lake Titicaca given that Maracaibo is fed by the ocean. Sounds like the jury is still out on the official claim to fame for this lake. In any case, like everything else in Bolivia, ... read more
Panoramic view of Copacabana
Copacabana from Lake Titicaca
Temple on the Island of the Sun

In the area between La Paz in Bolivia and Cusco in Peru lies the magnificent lake Titicaca. It has an impressive deep blue color that can be seen from far. On the Bolivian side of the lake you can find the city of Copacabana from where it is convenient to visit Isla del Sol - the most sacred place for the Ayamara people, who believe that the sun was born in this place. To reach Copacabana you need to cross a strait, which is usually done by an interesting log-boat. On the island you can see some Inca and pre-Inca ruins, as well as the Rock of the Puma - the most sacred place on the island. There is another interesting stone there - the stone of punishments, where upon those who defied Inca rules, justice ... read more
A ferry
Lago Titicaca
Lago Titicaca

Hey everyone, I'm back from Lago Titicaca and getting ready to go on my next trip on Wednesday. It took about 10 hours to get to the main port of the lake because I took a tourist bus and we stopped at several sites along the way. In Puno, the main port, I didn't have the greatest of experiences, but the lake was incredible. Early Saturday morning we started out on a boat and headed to the Uros Floating Islands. The Uros indians live on floating "islands" made by hand from totora reeds. As we walked along our little island (there are about 45 total) it would rock back and forth and you could actually feel the movement! After a while we got back on the boat and headed to Amantani Island, about 4 1/2 hours ... read more
Dressed up & ready to rock-n-roll!
Lago Titicaca
Sunset from the Temple of Pachatata

Caught the 25th overnight bus from Cuzco to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. No pfaffing around - bus got in at 6.15am, dropped stuff at hostel, then joined a full-day boat tour at 6.45am. Went first to the Uros floating reed islands. The people first settled in this way to escape the marauding Incas and other tribes. Now some live on land, and some on the water. I was expecting it to be overrun with tourists, but it was surprisingly nice & quiet with only our small group on this particular island. The people use the reeds for the island foundations (constantly replenished as the reeds rot underneath), housing, boats, handicrafts and cattle feed. It´s not all primitive living though - they use solar panels for lighting, radio and TV. Then went to Taquile ... read more
Reed boat

Well, first I want to say HI Mom and Dad and your fellow companions. You should be safely across the pond and enjoying some Guiness. As for the west coast crew, you should be embarking on Sun River....sorry I can´t be there and Jeff, keep your pants on. As expected, I spent more time in Copacabana than initially planned. After 2 nights I made my way to Isla del Sol with previously described Chris and a friend he made at the San Juan celebrations....Cisco. Cisco lives in a tiny pueblo on the northern shore of L. Titicaca and looks distinctly different than the locals of both Copa and the islands. He however is an amazing free spirit who comes from a place where they don´t keep time, some not knowing there actual age. The 3 of ... read more
Great Spot For A Swim
Sunset Over L. Titicaca
Illampu Range, Bolivia

Some freak gravitational effect caused the water from the Sea of Tranquility to flow through space and finally rest in Lake Titicaca, into whose tranquil mirror one can stare and see the source of its lunar waters. A night on the Island del Sol was enough to have myself totally addicted. Not a breath dared disturb the calm waters, giving us a near perfect reflection of the surrounding white peaks silhouted against the bluest of blue skies. The Island itself defines karma, except for the bustle and agressive businessmanship of the ferry men and children offering accomodation. WHEN I return I will have to take a boat out for a few weeks and just cruise (very slowly without wind) around the various Islands, not to mention the floating reed Islands that I didn't even visit. ... read more

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