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San Miguel de Tucumán og Cafayate 21-26 januar Det vi hittil har opplevd av busstasjoner og busser er følgende: Det er system og orden på busstasjonene. Alt er godt merket, både hvilke selskaper som kjører hvor og nummereringen av de ulike plattformene. Personene i billettlukene er utrolig hyggelige mot oss som stotrer i veg på dårlig spansk. Bussene er fine og bagasjeutleveringen trygg. Bagasjen merkes med nummerlapper som du må vise for å dokumentere at du er rett eier når du skal ha den ut igjen, men å overholde rutetidene, er noe helt annet. Vi sto i solsteiken og ventet 1 ½ time i La Rioja før vi endelig var i gang. Med setenummer 1 og 2, satt vi som grever helt frammerst på øverste plan. Som skrevet i forrige brev, stoppet vi i Tucumán for ... read more

Hi All, We had to check out of backpackers in Cafayate by 1030, we stayed in the warmth of the room until as late as possible. We had the normal free breakfast of bread and jam. (Sick of it) The owner is cool and said that, as our bus is not until 1400 we could store our bags in the hostel until we wanted to go. We decided to go to the cheese factory, Cafayate is famous for its “Cabra de queso” (Goats cheese), it was 15 peso’s to try around 8 different cheeses. I love goat’s cheese but Neil is not a fan as much, however he really liked them as they were very creamy and not dry like people think. (Also we only got charged 10 peso’s instead of 15…love a bargain) We caught ... read more

Bon, je devrais leur être redevable (à Andesmar) de m’avoir trouvé une place. Voilà, journée inintéressante au possible, je vous passe les problèmes de tickets et les 2 heures de retard, c’était finalement juste un trajet de 19 heures comme les autres, avce plateaux repas toujours aussi appétissants! Seule gringuette dans le bus, que des Argentins sur les 2 niveaux, j’avoue que j’ai capitulé pour faire la conversation. Voyage à côté d’u petit garçon très en forme et très en voix. Ah si, mon numéro de place a été tiré au sort (numéro 13, on ne se refait pas), du coup la gringuette a gagné une bouteille de Chardonnay…, ironie du sort. Je suis déjà assez chargée, je l’ai donné au papa du garçon en voix, qui ma foi était content. Ah oui, j’ai oublié de ... read more

South America » Argentina » Tucumán » San Miguel de Tucumán December 24th 2011

Hoi iedereen!! Na vele aanzoeken is hier een vervolg van onze avonturen.. Het heeft een tijdje geduurd deze keer aangezien ik erg ziek ben geweest! En we zijn ook veel onderweg geweest.. Eens nagaan welke herinneringen ik nog kan oprakelen voor jullie ;) We hebben de drijvende Uros-eilanden bezocht. Het was ongelooflijk om te zien hoe deze mensen deze eilandjes hebben 'gebouwd' op het Titicaca-meer, het hoogst bevaardbare meer ter wereld! Alles was heel old-school en back to the basics tot we opeens.. een zonnepaneel zagen haha! Best wel grappig binnen het hele plaatje.. Deze hadden ze nog maar enkele jaren voor verlichting, radio en een zwart-wittelevisie. We mochten de lokale kledij aantrekken en jawel.. Ik voelde me helemaal in mijn element :D We hebben ook een nacht doorgebracht op een nabijgelegen eiland maar dit was ... read more

On our last night in Córdoba, the hostel (Baluch Backpackers, highly recommendable!) hosted a bbq on the rooftop terrace and we dined on some grilled vegetables and sweet red wine before catching a nightbus to Tucumán. The busride was not as comftable as our first one which was due to the fact that this time we did travel on a third class bus, no blankets, no pillows, no heating. Tucumán had some nice spots, especially around the main square in the city center but that was about it. Also, the people in Tucumán take their siesta very seriously. EVERYTHING was closed between one and five in the afternoon. Which left us touristy backpackers with close to nothing to do. So we spend our three days in town mostly slacking, sleeping and reading. On sunday was Mother's ... read more

some big cities have a great vibrancy about them. sadly, this is not one. to get the feel of Tucuman, imagine the atmosphere as a family stands around the toilet to flush away a dead goldfish.... read more

It has been forty one hours since my last entry. Things have not gotten much better. I was on the last bus for twenty two hours. I should restate my previous claim that the bus rides are less enjoyable--I do not enjoy them. I began the trip loving them. Now I am neutral. I do not yet hate them, but I am indifferent to them. Tucumán, or at leas the parts I saw, sucked. I walked through what seemed like borderline ghettos in search of any old hostel. The one I found was indeed old. There was no kitchen, no internet, and no major common room. I set out in search of food and internet. I needed to plan out my next move. I found neither. All I did manage to find was some dark streets ... read more

Almost a month after our departure, we are able to leave our clothes at a laundry. With other words, this was a city we wanted to stay in for more than one day. It's actually quite sad that the weather has prevented us from doing alot of the things we wanted to do in Argentina. The houses are not build for this cold, and the lack of warm water and heating indoors makes it quite dificult to enjoy this country. Of course, if you've got warm clothes there's no problem. People ask us all the time; but aren't you use to the cold, you're from Norway?! NO! Our coutry is not covered in snow, and there are no polar bears in the streets. Besides we've got quilts containing warm feathers.. So our first quest in this ... read more

South America » Argentina » Tucumán » San Miguel de Tucumán December 29th 2009

Did you know: No one goes out on New Years Eve here. No one. The streets are empty. However, we did have a balcony on the 6th floor, a bottle of sparkling strawberry cider and a few fireworks to light off at midnight. No one goes out here on New Years Eve because they are at home with their families shooting off fireworks! Which we got to enjoy from our balcony. Happy 2010 everyone!... read more
The night's entertainment

Heres my guide to San Miguel de Tucuman. Sorry if there are any spelling errors. I havnt been writing in english in a while. Heres some info about the areas of san miguel i know about. I have been living in san miguel for six months as an afs exchange student. I currently go to school and live with a host family in SM. If there are any exchange students traveling here feel free to ask questions. Firstly SM isnt really a tourist city. Tourists hoping to find a clean touristy city will be disappointed. SM is generally dirty and dont be suprised to be hasseled by poor people around the city centre and in bars and in restarants and generally anywhere if you decide to speak a foreign language. A simple "no perdon" will get ... read more

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