Tucumán, siesta town

Published: October 19th 2011
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On our last night in Córdoba, the hostel (Baluch Backpackers, highly recommendable!) hosted a bbq on the rooftop terrace and we dined on some grilled vegetables and sweet red wine before catching a nightbus to Tucumán.

The busride was not as comftable as our first one which was due to the fact that this time we did travel on a third class bus, no blankets, no pillows, no heating.

Tucumán had some nice spots, especially around the main square in the city center but that was about it. Also, the people in Tucumán take their siesta very seriously. EVERYTHING was closed between one and five in the afternoon. Which left us touristy backpackers with close to nothing to do. So we spend our three days in town mostly slacking, sleeping and reading.

On sunday was Mother's Day here, so to our mothers at home: Happy Mother's Day. Again.

We are heading slowly towards Bolivia now and the next stop on our route is Cafayate in the Argentinian wine-region. The five hour busride from Tucumán to Cafayate was the most exciting so far. We passed through a mountain range which had a jungle-like forrest on one side and a stoney desert with huge cactuses and donkeys on the other.

Cafayate is very small and touristy but beautifully located within huge mountains at about 1.200 meters. We already tried some local redwine: Malbec was excellent. You can be sure that there will be more wine tasting coming up!


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