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Published: May 23rd 2011
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It has been forty one hours since my last entry. Things have not gotten much better. I was on the last bus for twenty two hours. I should restate my previous claim that the bus rides are less enjoyable--I do not enjoy them. I began the trip loving them. Now I am neutral. I do not yet hate them, but I am indifferent to them.

Tucumán, or at leas the parts I saw, sucked. I walked through what seemed like borderline ghettos in search of any old hostel. The one I found was indeed old. There was no kitchen, no internet, and no major common room. I set out in search of food and internet. I needed to plan out my next move. I found neither. All I did manage to find was some dark streets that made me grab a tighter hold of my backpack.

The next morning I went directly to the bus terminal. I went to an internet cafe. Nobody was on facebook to chat, but through status feeds I was able to determine that Julia was back from the jungle. Ten hours prior Cara had posted a status from Potosi, Bolivia. She was headed to Uyuni to meet Brett. At this point I did not care who I met up with, as long as I came by someone I knew, and someone who spoke English. I had just over 600 dollars left in my account. Since I had no set confirmations from any of my friends in Bolivia, and I would have to spend over a fourth of my money just to enter the country I decided to skip Bolivia.

I wandered the terminal for half an hour looking for buses going anywhere: Tacna, Peru...Arica, Chile...Villazón, Bolivia . No buses seemed to be headed in any of those directions. I was told from Salta, Argentina I could get to Tacna. Hopefully this is true. I have no idea how close Tacna is to Cusco. My ultimate goal is to get to Cusco. I will stay put, spending as little money as possible, and wait for my parents and their relief funds.

The only good news: I hope to leave Argentina today. That will make three South American countries I have past through without getting robbed.


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