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Published: June 6th 2007
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peAce to all...

we´re back, sorry for the lateness...this is going to be short and sweet cause we have enough pics for another blog which we will write soon...we are now in uruguay, in the capital Montevideo, having just got off a 20 hour bus ride from brasil...unfortunately we had to leave brasil because it raped our bank account...but needless to say, it was amazing...

we left thelast blog from our bungee jump...we did it as you can see and it was awesome...from then we went to Buenos Aires, the capital of argentina...the city is amazing and we absolutely fell in love with it...its teris version of paradise-hell...clothes shopping as far as the eye can see and all for about a third the price of at home, but no money to make purchases...then we all went up to iguazu falls, it was the most naturally beautiful thing we have ever seen...EVER...its the widest falls in the world at 2.5km in width...there are 270 separate falls that are over 300 ft tall each...then we took a speedboat ride right under the falls and got friggin soaked...

sorry this is quick...from then it was onto Florianopolis, Brasil for some
Recoleta CementaryRecoleta CementaryRecoleta Cementary

this is where Evita was burried...this place was amazing
heat, beautiful beaches, shanes bday and one broken hand (long story)...and so with that broken hand, i got to watch surfing instead of do it...piss me off...anyways, after drinking our bank account we are now in uruguay, where it appears to be equally expensive...

the plan - make our way back to BA by ferry, we have to go to mendoza which is the capital of argentinas wine district for some free wine sampling and drunken bicycle riding through the vineyards...then we are going to go to the heat and cheapness of northern peru to a small surfer beach town called Mancora, where we can hopefully replenish our non-existent tans and preserve what little money we have left...

hope all is well with everyone...we onlyhave a month left, shitty but cant wait to see everyone...

peacenluv as always...teri and shane

HOH - nice pics guys, we miss you too...

Additional photos below
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Recoleta Cementary againRecoleta Cementary again
Recoleta Cementary again

some artsy pics...this place was a photographers dream
some more fallssome more falls
some more falls

these falls were huge...this one is over 300ft tall
like i said, everywhere is a photo i said, everywhere is a photo op...
like i said, everywhere is a photo op...

there are over 270 separate falls, spanning over 3km wide...INSANE
no explanation neccessaryno explanation neccessary
no explanation neccessary

this is where our boat went right underneath
us againus again
us again

looks like we cut and pasted our heads onto this one...we didnt

17th June 2007

Wish I was still there!
Hey guys, good to hear you're still livin it up over there, I'm back at home and starting work tomorrow! It's not all bad coming home, but make the most of things and enjoy your last month in that amazing continent. Thanks for bringin back good memories, Chao for now... Tom =)
17th June 2007

Woop Woop
Whats up whats up? Looks like you guys are having an unreal time. Dont worry, everyone goes broke in Brazil, I did anyway. Take care and safe travels. Peace.
17th June 2007

More Great Photos
You will have to find a contest to enter some of your photos in - they truly are amazing. We have been to Niagra Falls and were absolutley overwhelmed by them so can imagine that the falls you saw must have taken your breath away. Although it may sound creepy to some people - cemetaries in other countries are awesome to see - and sometimes funny - my favourite headstone in Key West Florida - read "I told you I was sick! now bungee jumping that's scary - you are far braver than me - even with as much free wine as you could find in that country I could not do that!!" Hope your hand is better, Shane. Keep having fun and sharing your stories!
18th June 2007

pampas tom
Wow so good to hear from you!! it is a shame you are at home, a bit of a reality shock hits you for sure, but all for the more to you to start planning your trip to vancouver!! We´re so stoked to hear from you and so exciteded to somedaeday see you again, get your ass down here in the words of richard ¨c¨mon you bloddy twot" miss you love T&S!!
18th June 2007

Thanks For the Love
Just wanted to express you beautiful comments yo have written EVERY time, it really does mean a lot to us. Every comment big or small it means a lot to us, and plus your guys are the only ones who write, it makes us feel important, keep it up so we can!!! We really love to hear from you if you speak to my real mother tell her to spread the cloverdale love our way!!! We´re all family aren´t we !!! But really just nice to hear from you it means a lot LOVE TERI AND SHANE!!
18th June 2007

Hey man...those pics are really something - your gonna have to put on a 'show' when ya get back home. My hate/jealously grows So.....ya broke your hand - and, why doesn't that surprise me - check it out, you've got another snow-board with one shoulder so don't see how surfin' with one hand would be any dif........ Later, and take care.
18th June 2007

24 hours of planes and airports
Yo! I am back home safe and sound... the first thing I did was went to white spot.... I had the biggest craving! I hope the bus ride went smoothly, I can't stop reflecting on what a great trip it was.... enjoy the rest, I can't wait to see you guys when you get back. Teris got the key, Teris got the key, Teris got the key.... oh yah, I watched the video and I almost peed my pants watching Shane attack the fridge in the nice Pousada we stayed at for his b-day.... and then there was humping the long green pillow... Cheers!
19th June 2007

why haven't you written me yet, fuckers.... no no not bitter here, just missing you guys everyday and receiving nothing in my e-mail. did you get my e-mail with the pics that the house of happy???? i love you i love you longtime, keep ripping it up and come back to us in one piece... please! your pics are crazy crazy! wish i could be there with you guys!
21st June 2007

at the Blue Bar
you packed a tie?!?!?
27th June 2007

blue bar
hey guys! great to see you are alive and kicking :) just had to leave a comment about the blue bar photo! LOVE IT. the use of negative space is wonderful!! see you guys soon.
28th June 2007

missing you
Hello, I love the pics you guys send. I was wondering about the tie however.Whats upi with that? Sorry to hear about your hand, I'm sure Terry will take good care of you. Home in a month? I cant wait for some patio time. (if it ever stops raining here) See you soon.

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