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July 2nd 2007
Published: July 2nd 2007
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To all...this is short and sweet...

Its been a journey to get where we are now...and we apologize for not writing in a while...but we have been drunk pretty much every night since the last blog...

we are back in Lima, Peru...as much as we said we were glad to leave Peru, we are so happy to be back...when you are here, the recogintion of the fact that you are in a different place is very evident...Argentina was great, but the comforts of home were everywhere and available...this place is different...its more real...and, and i stress and,...we have zero money and peru is so much cheaper...

so, how we got here...funny ...with no money, our only option was bus from BA argentina...turns out our bus was this little piece of crap. We last minute decided there was no way in hell (laura you've taken a 20 hr and lnow how bad it is, and that's on a nice bus) so we tried to get off last minute and pay for a flight but they wouldn't let us. So we're stuck, i think that night shane and i both cried ourselves to sleep!! All i can say is thank you valium and sleeping pills!! Although when it's about 8 in the morning and they start booming full blast peruvian musice and your seats are right beside the shitter, we're the only white people on the bus, our feet our the size of pregnant women (no offence zita) but hey it's all part of the ride!! We made it after 72 hrs, 3 sleep 4 days DIRECT. no stops, trust me it's not all beautiful and easy. But wanting to kill eachother and wondering why oh why, it's always a good laugh in the end!

Now back in Lima, stretching out for a couple of days, letiing our feet de swell, drinking cheap cheap beer and celeberating Canada Day!!

Flying off to a place called Mancora on tuesday, for a full 3 weeks of relaxation, sun, surf and pure nothingness before coming back to reality!! It's 2 hrs south of Ecuador so right by the ecuador, so the water is warm the surf is great (too bad shane busted his hand, typical, no sympathy...Shane here for a sec...i will surf, oh yes, I WILL SURF...broken hand ba dammed) and then he will wake up and see what an idiot he really is!! I'm sure i'll do enough surfing and swimming for the both of us!!!, Anywhoo, here's some leftover pics from shanes b/day, brasil , uruguay and some more i probably don't remember!!!!

Love T $ S

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2nd July 2007

happy canada day guys! nice to see you are alive and doing well! um...minus the broken hand and freakin' nasty feet. lol. shane yours are soooo bad! im pretty sure i would have gone INSANE on that kind of ride. enjoy the rest of your time away and i will see you both you when you get back. hugs from ottawa :)
2nd July 2007

porque no?
thanks for the pic. love you guys.. ice those feet and get home soon!
2nd July 2007

long distance bus ride
Happy Canada Day to you guys! It's been a while, so let me fill you in on what's happened since my last comment: OK, let's see...where to begin????? Well, I've been spending a lot of time at SFU...in the lab...doing science, and writing up my thesis...Oh yeah, the main difference is that now there's glorious sunshine outside whereas before it was raining...fantastic. I feel a bit like my brain is swelling like I've been sitting upside down on a long distance bus ride. No, I haven't really been working that much. I have a telephone interview this week with a biomedical researcher at Cambridge in England. The guy is a pretty crazy scientist, so I'm stoked about getting an interview. We'll see how it goes. We are steadily crossing things off our wedding preparations list, but don't worry, there's still lots of stuff for you guys to help us with when you get back... My mom came to visit for a while and met your folks, I've been sailing at Jericho quite a bit and Shannon's been taking tennis lessons with some of our friends. She needs a bit of work on the serve and volley, but her ground strokes are solid. I know you are probably going to be pretty bummed about leaving South America. But by the time you guys get back, summer will be in full swing here, and Vancouver is pretty damn nice... Drop us a line again soon!
3rd July 2007

That is far too long even on a nice bus - but like you said - that's part of the deal and it makes for great stories later!! Glad to shear you are going to get some time to relax and soak up the sun before you return home! Enjoy!
3rd July 2007

72 hours
oh my god....... happy C-Day
10th July 2007

Nice feet. Ouch!!!
You guys rock! Thanks for all the updates and the great picks - very cool. Hope your havin the time of your lives.
16th July 2007

Are you right handed?
I hope that's not yer tagging hand mo-fo!

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