goodbye bolivia...hello steak and wine

Published: May 26th 2007
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Isla de pescadorIsla de pescadorIsla de pescador

an island of cactuses surrounded by salt flats
hello again...or hola otra vez

so after using up our whole 30 days in Bolivia we are now in Argentina and are welcoming the entrance back into civilization...Bolivia far exceeded any expectations we could have had about the country, it was absolutely amazing...The landscapes were amazingly diverse and the people warm and welcoming...Bolivia is kind of funny...the term schedule does not apply here...if a bus leaves at 0800 it actually means 1030, and if the bus takes 5 hours, it actually means much shit goes wrong that you start to laugh at it and enjoy it...needless to say, thank god for no more bolivian bus rides from hell, but we now have so many funny stories from them, in a way we will miss it, but not really...

So from the last blog we left you from the Amazon Basin...from there we moved back to La Paz to stock up on supplies and sushi and left for Uyuni and the worlds largest salt flats...Uyuni is an in-the-middle-of-nowhere kind of town and fuckin cold...but it is the gateway to the most amazing scenery ever...

So we took a 3 day tour in 4x4 through the salares, lagunas of every colour iamginable, flamingoes and more cold...just see the pics, but realize that they do not do this place justice...

From there we went to Tupiza, a trip that provided us with yet another funny bu story...turns out that the town was on strike cause of water availability issues...which in turn means that the bus decides to drop us of about 8km from town and we get to walk the rest of the way...walking into town, no one on the streets, no shops open, and we didnt know about the strike then so were like why the hell did we come here...all was good though...the next day we went horse back riding on the trail where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid got killed, whoever the fuck those people are...sounded cool

But now in Argentina...a nice change of pace to say the least...on our way to Buenos Aires to meet our friend Laura for June 1st, then to Iguazu falls, and surfing and chilling on the beach in Brazil for a week or to be us...and oh ya, we are and hour and a half away from being picked up to go bungee jumping of some 40m bridge for $20, will have funny pics of scared faces and full underwear on the next blog for sure...

Anyways, we miss you all but its tolerable...peAcenluv to all

Teri and Shane

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these pics were so fun, you could spend days thinking of new ones
Called the Tree RockCalled the Tree Rock
Called the Tree Rock

this place was the inspiration for Salvador Dali...Brian you would love it man

26th May 2007

Bolivia sounds so like Mexico with nothing being on time and taking longer than planned, etc. There really isn't much else you can do but laugh and take it in stride. More amazing pictures but I am looking forward to you guys being in the beach area - gloves on vacation just doesn't sit right!
26th May 2007

Wow you guys......It looks like you're having the time of your lives...good for you both. It also looks like travelling is treating you well, despite the runs, you guys both look amazing as usual!! All is well here, we miss you like crazy! Hurry home to meet the new addition. Ashtyn is beautiful, like all forts are, I can't wait for her to meet you both!!! Happy and safe travels!! Love you both! Kelli
29th May 2007

Hi you guys seem to be having fun-or is it my imagination. Sounds like you are seeing some fantastic sights and will have some great memories and photos. Onward to the beach-YEH! TTYS
9th June 2007

bolivia sounds shitty ha ha i'm loaded and jealous miss you so much that i can't punctuate
9th June 2007

brian says hi

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