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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza January 16th 2020

Mendoza 12-17 januar Vi trodde vi ville komme fram i mørket og hadde derfor bestilt henting på flyplassen denne gangen også. Men nei da, her skinte sola og varmen slo mot oss da vi gikk ut av flyet (23-32 grader gjennom døgnet). Hotellet, Urban Hostel, var en stor skuffelse og kan ikke anbefales. Malingen flasset av veggene og badet var under enhver kritikk. Alt virket skittent og nedslitt og skuffelsen var stor. Vi hadde håpet på å treffe andre ryggsekkturister som kunne gitt oss noen tips på veien videre. Dagen etter «rømte» vi over til et trestjerners hotell som heter Carollo Gold, . Det ligger sentralt til i et trygt område og er veldig bra. Prisforskjellen, fra 260 kr til 470 kr pr natt, er absolutt verdt det. Frokost er også inkludert... read more
«Inca bridge» på vei opp mot mot Aconcagua
Veien mellom Mendoza og Aconcagua
Sluttpunktet for vår tur mot Aconcagua

South America » Argentina » Mendoza December 5th 2019

After our Estancia experience we are back in the hotel Internacional, Mendoza for a couple of nights, and although very central, the room is small.  You cant swing a cat, small. So, it's  time to find something different and also to pick up a car and allow us to  really explore the area. But before leaving Mendoza, we book a river rafting trip near Lake Potrerillos, about 70 km away from the city. With pickup, a very cheap 24 USD and that includes zip lining which actually turns out to be a little dissapointing. But, the rafting is fun, even though Malcolm cannot partake because of a leg issue, he does spend his day sitting by the side of the river, soaking up Quilmes (beer) and chatting to a bunch of likely lads from Liverpool. In ... read more

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 14th 2019

The wine province of Mendoza is world famous. The Norton Malbec is one of my regular purchases from Costco in Calgary so it is only natural that we would seek out the Bodega for a wine tour. Sandy and I had a private tour of this histlorical winery culminating in a light pizza lunch and wine sitting on old barrels in the cellar surrounded by thousands of bottles of mature wines, some of the more valuable bottles locked behind iron gate. Back at our B&B we were treated to a bottle from 1975. What a wonderful 2 days in Mendoza.... read more
Norton vines
Bodega Norton

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza March 31st 2019

As we approached ‘El Chalet’ the ferocious dog, commonly found in almost every Argentine household, came out to meet us barking loudly. Jane gripped my hand tightly, “Are you sure this is a restaurant?”. I could see the front door of the house was just open a crack so I pushed it open. “Hola”, I shouted. Inside were some laid-up tables in a plain room with no one present. “Hola, hola?”. I could hear some noise in the back so I continued on through the room to a back corridor where I could see a kitchen to the left. “Hoolla?”. This time ‘Juan’ heard me and came bustling out to greet us. Yes, he could serve lunch. We told him through google translate that we ‘eat anything’ and sat down and waited. There was no menu. ... read more
CarinaE still use an old fashion press
One of the bigger wineries - Alta Vista
Was that the Malbec or the Carbernet @ Kaiken

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza October 23rd 2018

We are sitting in the Santiago, Chile airport looking at the snow caped Andes and waiting for the plane to Houston. And trying to think about how to wrap up this trip in words. Our final day began at Finca Garciarena with a great breakfast including local fruits and home made pastries. Then we were notified that indeed Pablo had arranged a tour for us at the Museum of the Disappeared. We made our way to the metro police station where about half of the building was now given over to a tribute to the 600+ individuals that we "disappeared" from Mendoza alone during the late 1970s and early 80s. There were 10,000 dissents who vanished from Argentina during this period, with thousands more surviving when the junta was finally driven from office. (By the way, ... read more
Solitary Confinement
Serenaded at final asado
Never miss a chance to take a picture of a kid

South America » Argentina » Mendoza October 22nd 2018

Friday night marked the end of our work at DAD, though we will return to say good bye to students and staff on Monday, and so a celebration was called for. (The principal of the school had just been named superintendent of the high school district and that seemed worthy of celebration as well.) So we hosted a dinner at Cava de Cuno (cellar of the governor) for five of our new friends including the administration of the school. The restaurant is the former home of the governor of the region, and we were given a tour of the wine cellars and the structure before dinner. As is often the case here, the meal stretched on for hours, we sat down at 9 p.m and left at 1 a.m. The weekend was our time to do ... read more
Friday night celebration
La Azul
Catching up with an old friend

South America » Argentina » Mendoza October 19th 2018

We have now spent a week at the DAD school in Mendoza, and the time has flown by. Each day we have been treated like rock stars, the kids want to know about our lives and homes and practice their English on us and laugh at my feeble attempts at Spanish. In the end I think we will be able to work out a 'sister-school' relationship that includes the possibility of student exchanges and of teachers working with students virtually across the continents. Each day brought a new opportunity. Tuesday was our welcome day, as mentioned in the first entry of this trip. On Wednesday the staff took us on a city tour of Mendoza. Then it was back to school for lunch, served to us by the cook, Valeria, who would serenade us in English ... read more
Argentine lunch!
College students at International Fair

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza October 16th 2018

This trip was with four of the staff from Federal Hocking High School as we are exploring a partnership with DAD, a secondary school in Mendoza. Last year at this time one of the teachers from DAD, Paola Diaz, spent three weeks at FH on a Fulbright program. Then, last March, I visited DAD. From there the teachers have been developing and teaching programs together and we wanted to visit the school to see if we might do more. When we arrived in Mendoza on Monday we were quickly gathered up and taken to an Asado (bar-b-que) at the home of the assistant school director. As they only do here, we spent three hours at the table with the fire crackling away nearby and feasted on a variety of salads, beef, and wines! Three hours here ... read more
All All School Meeting to welcome us
Loana and Lukas
Maipu city square

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza August 6th 2018

Back to Mendoza! This time, we arrived from Santiago in Chile. The 8 hours drive from the Chilean capital is an impressive one, specially the moment you drive through the Andes. Purely magic. We were on a very comfortable "cama" bus from Andersmar. The only think we actually missed was some wine and a hot meal, but beside this, very nice drive in the middle of the day. We actually stay twice two nights in Mendoza, as we went to Malargue and Las Lenas in the middle. There is not to visit in Mendoza itself. The city is a very pleasant one, and we actually did not much during our stay behind taking some relax "couple time"! There are obviously the bodegas to visit all around Mendoza. On one morning, we made our way to Trapiche. ... read more
Happy couple...
View from our little suite at the Sheraton...

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Malargüe August 4th 2018

Back on the slopes...and it feels so good! Tanya is getting slightly more secured on her skis. She is now a mega-star skier having done it in China, Dubai, Andorra and now Argentina. Yes, I know, not the usual trails! Argentinians know Las Lenas...some Brazilians too...and this is about it. Place is remote and not that easy to reach, but it is my preferred one for skiing in South America. Bear in mind, we drove by Portillo few days ago. Portillo, close second for amazing ski in South America is on the Chiliean side, just on the other side of the border on the road from Santiago to Mendoza. But for Portillo, you have to stay a week...and skiing in Chili is today way more expensive than in Argentina...for the same snow! Next entry will actually ... read more
We visited Trapiche prior to our trip to Las Lenas...
Las Lenas
Super Woman!

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