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I am now in Buenos Aires and all I can say is that I'm shocked by the craziness of the city. The tall buildings, tons of people walking around getting to where they need to be and the taxis and buses aggressively cutting each other off. I definitely didn't expect Buenos Aires to be such a buzzing city. In my first 24 hours in Argentina I haven't met anyone new. The person I live with is the landlord of the apartment and unfortunately he isn't around too often. But this was a good opportunity to walk around and to explore Recoleta (the neighborhood that I live in). I even found a place that makes really good empanadas!... read more

Wow – where do I begin with Buenos Aires? It is an old city filled with European buildings, cobblestoned streets, suburbs bursting with personality, ghettos and a buzzing nightlife. Our first couple of days were spent in and around the busy city that is home to 15 million people – known locally as porteños - and to start off with I struggled to find the right words to describe how I found it...big, busy, majestic, imposing but somewhat confused all at the same time. The buildings are ridiculously beautiful and every block offers another structure equally as spectacular as the last…(more on this later). We spent a couple of days exploring the city centre (or as much as we could after walking for hours each day) and then ventured out to some barrios (neighbourhoods) ... read more
My favourite street art piece
Uruguay Foreshore
Typical Uruguay City street

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires April 27th 2015

I am already on the road for more than two weeks and have seen a lot. Right now I am on my way to the Iguazu waterfalls where I plan to celebrate my birthday, it is a 19 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires and ticket is about 100 Euro. The bus is ok. I have two seats to myself and it is a semi cama, that means you can recline it further than in normal buses. They have a tv, right now there a showing this movie where George Clooney has his little team for saving some of the famous paintings.But back to Buenos Aires. All in all I was there for 5 full days, which is totally sufficient to get to know the city a little bit. Through the free walking tours I got ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 15th 2015

Nick: As wonderfully refreshing as the near-freezing beers routinely served up in Brazil are, it is certainly not a country in which it one can easily lay hands on a good glass of wine. Consequently, after the best part of two weeks in the country we did find ourselves hankering for our preferred tipple; what good fortune, then, that we should now find ourselves in Argentina, the land of Malbec! We arrived into the country via Buenos Aires international airport late on Thursday evening. Finding a taxi service and paying our fare up front was straightforward enough, but we somehow contrived to spend a hot and bothering fifteen minutes or so locating the car and driver! In fairness, we were not helped by the frenetic nature of the airport, which was a fairly busy and cramped ... read more
Plaza de Mayo
Recoleta Cemetary
Choices, choices, choices!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 11th 2015

Mommy and I decided to go to the Eva Peron Museum in Palermo BA. There we say pictures of her family, her acting days, and when she was the First Lady of Argentina. They had lots of her shoes, accessories and dresses on display. She was a generous amazing woman.... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 10th 2015

BACK TO BA..... We certainly have done our best at exploring this fantastic city but really still so much more too see. We celebrated the kids birthday in BA starting with a double decker bus tour of the city, followed by a BOCA soccer game.. What a fun filled day!... read more
Touring BA

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 10th 2015

Going to the BOCA soccer game in Argentina was an experience of a life time. I really didn't understand the extent of how serious this country takes their soccer ( futbol) It totally puts our sports fans to shame....seriously it's embarrassing! There was 50,000 fans, they were hanging from the cement pillars, stacked in every aisle....jumping, dancing, singing and waving their arms in a crazy bicep curl kinda's their cheer. Uncle Cameron you would be totally out of business in this country, these fans need no help! Olivia' perspective - when the players of the VenezuelIan team came out everyone started to I joined in whistling and cheering. Little did I know the whistling is the form of booing....I quickly stop :):)... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 3rd 2015

I went to change some money in Calle Florida, as recommended by Abel's dad. It was a pleasant walk to the city centre. I stopped off in a nice café in my neighbourhood Montserrat for a coffee and medialunas (two tiny croissants shaped like crescent moons.) I watched the news about the heavy floods in Cordoba and heard about the volcano, Villarrica in Chile which had erupted that morning. That got me thinking about all the stories I’d heard from other travellers and combined them with my own experiences and came to this conclusion: ‘There is something in Latin America to cater for every risk taker. DEAR RISK TAKER If you want a flood just hang around anywhere in the lowlands after a period of high humidity and wait for a downpour, if you wants a ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 2nd 2015

EVENING It was 7pm when I’d had some rehydration sachets and felt well enough to finally go looking for a newspaper. I must have searched in twenty different places for one, where each owner had directed me to another place. I’d tried sweet shops, book shops, kiosks and magazine shops but not one had a newspaper. After one hour I found a kiosk with a couple of tabloids. I was curious about the shortage of newspapers. The owner explained: ‘First thing in the morning all the unbiased newspapers were selling out quickly and by midday they had all gone. The second set of newspapers to sell were the less objective left-wing, socialist ones in support of Cristina. By 7pm the only ones left unsold were the right-wing tabloids which were against Cristina, the socialist president.' Well ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 2nd 2015

When I awoke at 8am in the hammock on top of the hostel roof I noticed that the clouds in the morning sky were passing by Buenos Aires much faster than they pass by the UK. At first I wondered if I could have been drunk but then I reassured myself by the thought ‘No this happens because the earth is round and the earth tilts on an axis so it is likely that some parts of the earth spin through the atmosphere faster than others. This must be one of those parts of the earth that spin faster than others.’ The earth is indeed round, and does tilt on an axis and clouds do tend to linger longer over the UK than in Buenos Aires due to the UK being an island but my worst ... read more

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