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It's a pig face! Just the face!  

It's a pig face! Just the face!

A Cinderella Story in Yummy Yangon

February 6th 2015
I'm in Burma, can you believe that??!! I barely can. Kyrgyzstan feels worlds away. But here I am, suddenly transplanted from Central Asia to Southeast Asia, from winter to summer, from 8:30am to 9:00am, from greasy food to...slightly less greasy food. After a marshutka ride over the Kazakh border, a very expensive burger and beer in Almaty, a very expensive cab ride to the Almaty airport, ... read more
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Burmese Flag Britain conquered Burma over a period of 62 years (1824-1886) and incorporated it into its Indian Empire. Burma was administered as a province of India until 1937 when it became a separate, self-governing colony; independence from the Commonwealth wa... ... read more
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14th February 2015

Heavenly streating!
Asian food with all their veggies, avos and asparagus--for any sane person who loves to graze on these, I must say you're a trooper to volunteer in Kyrgyz. Too bad about your shoe, but it's probably too hot to wear them anyway; hope you don't freeze upon your return in your velvets. I once left my ancient Ugg boots outside a retreat center, returned to find them gone, but a newer pair in their place. Score! I'm rather shocked at the prices--$9 for a temple and $12 for a dorm bed--not the cheap Asia I'd imagined. Oh well, keep eating and reporting on the fab street food.
17th February 2015

The velvets served me very well!! Spent the entire trip in them, solid two dollar expenditure! Miss the food, and the ability to wear flip flops, already!

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