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Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon January 23rd 2020

It's been little over 4 months for me in mordern day Yangon and to my knowledge I found out that 35-40% of the total population of the city are either Indian or Indian Origin and living in Myanmar for a long time and had become a local people only but there root are still connected to some part of India. Most of the Indian's know our country's history and struggle and sacrifice by the different freedom fighter's to get the freedom of our country from the Rule of the British. One of the most significant freedom fighter was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and we all know his history and his contribution towards the Indian Freedom movement. It was from Rangoon in the year 1944 he gave the famous word's "Give me your blood and I shall ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon December 10th 2018

Stephen fortunately woke up feeling a little better today. We enjoyed our standard breakfast for this lodge - tea, toast, fried eggs and fruit (watermelon today). The women serving are so kind but make us chuckle - the number of slices of toast you get is random, the order of service is random and I’m sure we’re supposed to get juice as well but today we didn’t (everyone else did!). Check out is late so after packing our bags we went for a walk. First of all we went to the central Secretariat building and walked around the outside. It’s currently being renovated and the outside looks fantastic. It’s only on closer inspection you notice that parts of the roof are missing and there are trees growing inside some of the rooms! From here we walked ... read more
Central Secretariat
St Marys Cathedral
St Marys Cathedral

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon December 9th 2018

Stephen is unfortunately suffering from a tummy bug today. This is definitely a down side to travelling and I’m looking forward to both of us feeling well again at the same time. Delaying leaving our room until he was sure he was up to it had the unfortunate consequence of leaving as the day reached its hottest. On the plus side today is a glorious sunny day, unlike the previous cloudy days we’ve had. Despite being their winter it’s still so hot for us - well over 30 degrees. Leaving our guesthouse we got a taxi to Chaukhatgyi Paya, a large, golden reclining Buddha. I was rather surprised that 2 taxi drivers didn’t know where we were talking about but fortunately the 2nd had google maps and got us there without problem. Typically for us the ... read more
The sitting Buddha
Shwedagon Paya
The reclining Buddha

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon December 8th 2018

We travelled to Yangon from Kolkata yesterday. It was an easy flight and customs was really quick (much faster than expected after what I’d read). We managed to exchange our Indian rupees, use he atm and then find a pre-paid taxi (just outside the airport exit and much cheaper than what we had been offered by people inside the terminal). The traffic is bad and we arrived at our hotel quite late in the afternoon. Yangon is much hotter than we had anticipated and we were relieved to have air con. We had a brief wander around the area our hotel is in and then went to a restaurant/bar recommended by our taxi driver for dinner after which we got an early night. Today we decided to follow the Lonely Planets ‘walking tour’ of Yangon. Trying ... read more
High court building
Auditor Generals Building
Mahabandoola Garden

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 8th 2018

RANGOON IN THE RAIN I loved my hotel in Rangoon, The Great Feel Hotel. I shared my photos with Mo Mo (pronounced with long o’s – it means rain) the young lady at the desk. She introduced me to Ko To, her boyfriend. The door to my room on the third floor is carved wood. There is no elevator. I made seven or eight trips a day up and down those stairs. The room has a very attractive walnut bedroom set with a cute vanity and mirror. The bathroom is spacious and I loved to soak in the deep bathtub which I filled to the brim. It was such a luxury. I sent my clothes to the laundry and I took a teapot to my room after meals. I enjoyed pampering myself. When I asked about ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 7th 2018

RANGOON 2 I knew I wanted to go to an entertainment featuring Burmese dancers, and I wanted to ride the oldest train in Rangoon. I also needed to buy a fast charger for my cell phone and a SB port for my computer. I managed to do all these things in one day. As it turned out, the highlight of the day was visiting the electronic street in the city. People often ask me if I am ever frightened when I am out there in foreign lands on my own. I answer them by saying I am usually too busy trying to figure out what to do next to feel fear. However, on this trip I took a taxi to the Yangon Circular train. This one hundred fifty year old city train takes about three hours ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 4th 2018

MYANMAR Myanmar is the country that was still on my bucket list after being turned away in 2014 because I had failed to get a visa. I made sure I had the proper forms this time and I passed through immigration without a hitch. I didn’t have much in the way of expectations. I knew nothing about the country except that the names had all changed with a new government some years back. The old names were like magic to me…Burma, Rangoon and Mandalay. From the movies I thought of smoke filled drawing rooms, billiard tables, artistic exotically dressed dancers, porters and travel trunks. But there was also a long sea coast so I was excited about diving, too. I read that it was best to take a liveaboard because dive sites were far apart. Reality ... read more

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon March 15th 2018

Woolly says – We’d reached our last day in Myanmar and in the interests of keeping cool I had decided that today would be a day of indoor activities. First stop, the National Museum which was founded in 1952 with its premises at what was once the Jubilee Hall, in 1970 the museum was moved to a more spacious building and its current location. As Zoe was paying for the tickets I’d kept a keen eye on the bag checking area and had quickly realised that bags were going into lockers and no one was carrying anything other than there phones, before anyone could notice or question my presence in the ‘no mammoth’ rule which usually comes with the ‘no bag’ rule I scooted under the desk and into the first gallery. Having deposited ... read more
Elephant Lime extractor!
The Lion Throne
Bogyoke Market

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon March 14th 2018

Woolly says – It was time to tackle some more Buddha’s, the taxi ride to our first one took forever with traffic at a standstill, for once I wasn’t complaining about the heat as the sir con in the vehicle had given me icicles on my tusks! Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple houses one of the most revered reclining Buddha images in the country as well as being one of the biggest measuring in at 66 meters (217 ft) in length. It’s construction was sponsored by a wealthy Burmese Buddhist, Sir Po Tha, in 1899 but wasn’t completed until 1907 when it was found that it wasn’t proportioned correctly, and that the Buddha's face had an aggressive expression, an aggressive Buddha isn’t going to cut the mustard. But it wasn’t until the 1950’s that it was demolished and ... read more
The Royal Barge
Looking down from Buddha's feet
Buddha's head

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon March 13th 2018

The day hadn’t started according to plan and by midday we were exhausted. Woolly says – Not according to plan! It had been a disaster. Travelling for us involves quite a lot of technology with laptops, camera’s, tablets and kindles (the kindle being especially important so that Jo can read me my bedtime story), all of them need wifi and electricity to run. Most of the time we achieve this but when a piece of the technology goes wrong its becomes a different matter, with Jo’s items we can usually find help at any shop that sells similar equipment but with Zoe’s we have to find one that sells her fruity product only. Unfortunately for us it was Zoe’s laptop that had decided not to charge, having asked our host for directions and followed ... read more
Moored up
The Drug Elimination Museum
Photograph of spraying the opium fields

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