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February 6th 2015
Published: February 14th 2015
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I'm in Burma, can you believe that??!! I barely can. Kyrgyzstan feels worlds away. But here I am, suddenly transplanted from Central Asia to Southeast Asia, from winter to summer, from 8:30am to 9:00am, from greasy food to...slightly less greasy food.

After a marshutka ride over the Kazakh border, a very expensive burger and beer in Almaty, a very expensive cab ride to the Almaty airport, a flight to Bangkok, an Amazing Race worthy taxi ride across 50km in downtown Bangkok traffic, a run through the other airport in Bangkok...(yes there are two airports in Bangkok, who knew!?)...a flight to Yangon, and a taxi ride across Yangon traffic, I arrived in my hostel in Yangon. Exhausted. Sweaty. And starving. And thrilled.

So very glad to have arrived in Yangon, I peeled off my made for Kyrgyzstan wool socks and thermal long johns, put on a hippie dress and flip flops, and hit the streets for some food. Didn't take long, as Yangon is the centre of the world for street food. Within minutes I was sitting on a tiny plastic stool at a tiny plastic table eating noodles with two ancient, and coincidentally also tiny, Burmese women. Paradise.

The rest of the afternoon was more of eating on the street, which from here on out will be known as 'streating'. I'll call the Websters dictionary peeps later. I ate avocados the size of a baby, strawberries, mini quiche greasy things, and whatever else looked interesting. I also got lost, classic, but that was fine, because I just kept streating and all was well. I staggered back to the hostel and fell asleep at 7:30pm. I was a happy person.


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Cheers, Emily

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14th February 2015
It's a pig face! Just the face!

Heavenly streating!
Asian food with all their veggies, avos and asparagus--for any sane person who loves to graze on these, I must say you're a trooper to volunteer in Kyrgyz. Too bad about your shoe, but it's probably too hot to wear them anyway; hope you don't freeze upon your return in your velvets. I once left my ancient Ugg boots outside a retreat center, returned to find them gone, but a newer pair in their place. Score! I'm rather shocked at the prices--$9 for a temple and $12 for a dorm bed--not the cheap Asia I'd imagined. Oh well, keep eating and reporting on the fab street food.
17th February 2015
It's a pig face! Just the face!

The velvets served me very well!! Spent the entire trip in them, solid two dollar expenditure! Miss the food, and the ability to wear flip flops, already!
14th February 2015

Warmer Climates
So glad to see you have a break in a warm climate. Love to hear more about the amazing race cab ride. We love our time in Burma. There were two earthquakes in Mandalay while we were there. Hope the earth doesn't shake for you. Can't wait to see you wearing the velvety flip-flops in the winter in Kyrgyzstan. Sounds like fun. Those ducks/geese seem to have had better days. Enjoy the world as it is getting smaller each day.
15th February 2015

One shoe..I know what it's like...
but in this case the suspect was my 2 year old grandson. I kept the left shoe in hopes that the right one would eventually be found somewhere in our house. The left shoe came in handy when I broke my right ankle. I wore a large block boot on my right foot and that lonely left shoe on my left. I still have it...hope springs eternal! Anyway, it doesn't sound like Burma has changed much since we were there for Christmas 1974. Have a great time.
17th February 2015

Hi bob, thanks of story, one shoe is such a baffling experience! Did give me an excuse to buy good new runners upon my arrival back in Almaty. Good thing too, about to train for a half marathon!
28th February 2015

So glad you "only" lost one piece of footwear and your underwear wasn't stolen and lying on the street for all to see.

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