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Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico January 11th 2010

I had not had a *real* vacation since April 2009, and I was going crazy for warm weather. Jason knew how badly I wanted to get away and gave me one of the best Christmas presents a girl could ask for - a CRUISE! I'm apologizing now for the lack of detail in this post as I'm actually writing this September 2010, I'm hoping the abundance of pictures will fill in the gaps! The weather didn't cooperate much and it was by far the rainiest cruise I have been on (my 6th total!) but who can complain when they are on vacation?!? We took Carnival's Fantasy ship on a 4 day cruise with a single stop in Cozumel. It was super windy and many of the excursions were canceled. Luckily we didn't have one booked at ... read more
Towel Seal!

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea January 6th 2010

Well Hello! Welcome back to WWG Adventures. Yeah it was more than a brief delay but thats because it was Chriswanzaka and the New Year so I hope you all had happy holidaze! I've got a few more entries before I wrap up my NZ experience. And when I get my memory cards back I will post photos! So back to the south island and stepping off the water taxi in the Marlborough Sound at the Brightlands Farm. The cove we motored into to get to their dock was filled with the lines I saw from the plane. They were mussel lines for the famous green-shelled mussels that are a NZ delicacy! They had 2 large workboats moored in the cove that they use to assist in harvesting the tons (literally) of mussels they have hanging ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic January 6th 2010

Her Majesty, Queen Victoria Some time in the spring of 2009, on a return flight from Seattle, my husband Bob and I came upon a USA for Today newspaper with a full-page advertisement for an amazing cruise on the newest Cunard Line ship. The Queen Victoria was going to make her maiden voyage through the Panama Canal, leaving New York City on January 12, 2010, traversing the Carribbean Sea, passing through the Canal, and traveling all the way up the western USA coast to arrive in San Francisco on January 27. And the price was 2 for 1----we just couldn't say "no"! "New York, New York!" We blew (rather....flew) into town on Thursday afternoon January 7, 2010. New York City is all the song "New York, New York!" says and more. Our five-night stay was ... read more
Rooftop deck of hotel
Lincoln Center
Lincoln Square

Oceans and Seas January 6th 2010

Video of Waves in the Drake - Estimated 5-6 meters.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean January 2nd 2010

Hi everyone, Last full day on our fantastic cruise - arrive in Barcelona tomorrow morning at 5am and can disembark anytime from 5.30 - 9am. Looks like an early morning for all of us - at least we're independent and don't have to have bags ready for pick up by 10pm tonight. We've been at sea yesterday and today and the day before that we spent at Iraklion (Crete) - what a great place for a holiday - we both absolutely loved it. We had the best time and will go back there again thats for sure! We had a great taxi driver which cost us $EU30 to go see more historical rocks and yet the cruise recommended a tour which would have cost us around $EU180 each!! All the taxis here are the latest Mercededs!! ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Southern » Scotia Sea December 31st 2009

The crew of the Orvolva put on a Russian New Year's Celebration and later that night there was a costume party...... read more
Russian Girl
Great Costume

Oceans and Seas » Southern » Scotia Sea December 25th 2009

Few days of a Force 9 Gale on the way from the Falklands to South Georgia. Seas are vary large, 18 to 24ft waves. The Chrismas Tree was toppled... We ae postponing the celebration till calmer weather ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific December 23rd 2009

The holidays are here on the Carnival Spirit. For the three cruises leading up to Christmas, we’ve been doing the company’s Holiday Show. All of the youth programs get involved with the show, so our regular activity schedule has been interspersed with rehearsals. The show starts with the band playing a variety of Christmas songs. The dancers enter through the house aisles handing out candy canes to the audience. The singers sing, the dancers dance. Then it’s time for the kids . . . First the 9-11 year olds from Camp Carnival, along with Circle C (12-14 year olds) and Club O2 (15-17 year olds and me!) dance. We teach them a very 90’s hip hop routine, complete with the running man and cabbage patch. Oh yes. The come the 6-8 year olds who sing along ... read more
Reggie, JoJo, Clair & Some Little Girls
The Band Opens The Show

Oceans and Seas » Pacific December 21st 2009

A few weeks back, right around when American Thanksgiving passed and Christmas commercials started playing non-stop, Clair (my co-director) and I started talking about little things we could do to decorate our club for the holidays. We picked up a couple of small things like wrapping paper and bows in San Diego and we borrowed lots of craft supplies from the children’s playroom. Soon after that, we learned that the office was issuing a challenge to the camp programs on the different ships for the best holiday décor. And then we went nuts . . . The true challenge was to MAKE all of the decorations. No problem! We made paper chains, cut snowflakes and did cut-outs of every holiday shape we could think of: candy canes, santa, frosty, gingerbread man, bells, trees . . . ... read more
The Bar
Club Entrance
Front of the Club

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea December 10th 2009

Greetings Friends! Heading into Nelson Lakes Nat Park for an 11 day backcountry hike in a bit so I won't be able to update y'all till after that. Stay tuned! WWG... read more

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