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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea November 1st 2022

I’ll make this the final blog for this trip. Tomorrow will be another at sea day, and we will be packing. We arrive in to Sydney on Thursday morning and will catch the trains home. Seeing that we had nowhere to go today, nowhere to be, we decided to order breakfast from room service, which could have been delightful. It turned out that toast for one person was one slice of toast. Luckily I also had 6 pieces of melon! Tom had a slice of toast as well, and cereal - with no spoon!! Oh well, back to the cafe for the next two days. We went to the theatre for the first lecture of the day - the author talking about the legal shows this time, evoking lots of reminiscing of favourite old shows. Tom ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea October 25th 2022

Today was an easier day, much more leisurely! There was land outside our deck when we awoke, and soon after we were heading into Milford Sound, somewhat earlier than expected (Captain Leadfoot, as the amusing naturalist narrator referred to the ship’s captain). We dressed into some warm gear and went upstairs to the cafe for breakfast. It was very busy with everyone wanting to see the views of Milford Sound. It was very very cold out on deck, which is where we were whilst enjoying our brekky and mimosas. After that we took ourselves to the sky lounge where I made us a coffee each and got the bartender to put a shot of Jamison’s in it (that was allowed in our package) to make it an Irish coffee - that warmed us up! We enjoyed ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea October 24th 2022

Last night we had really calm seas and we slept soooo soundly - gosh it was good! But this morning we had a 9am lecture to get to and brekky had to be quick so we went of the the Oceanview Cafe, right down the back of the ship, the buffet, and wow, was it busy!! But it still makes for a time efficient breakfast. We were even still able to have our mimosas - starting a new habit here! 😂 Our first lecture at 9am was a very engaging fellow named Milos - he talked about volcanoes, glaciers and tectonic plates our grandson Thomas would have loved this talk. We were amazed to hear that anyone believing in tectonic plates and their movement back in the 1960s was thought to be crazy. It wasn’t a ... read more
Breakfast Mimosas!

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea October 23rd 2022

Well, what a great day we had today! With Edwin’s assistance we were able to solve some issues - he brought in a tool to fasten the divider on our balcony. It was opening during the heavy seas last night and crashing against the deck furniture (until Tom jammed all the furniture against it), and we didn’t want our neighbours wandering around on our deck! He also removed the heavy doona and left us with three sheets on our bed, so much cooler. The last problem he helped solve was the safe, which had been locked in the open position - a special little man with a special little machine had to come along and fix it, so we can stop carrying around our wallets, passports, jewellery and all of our currency, and put them in ... read more
Looking up the lift well

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 13th 2018

After leaving Barrier Landing we headed to Ocean Grange, a lovely cruise in via some tight channels. Again a pretty spot on the lakes, we had some lunch, a walk over to 90 Mile Beach then decided to move onto Duck Arm for the night. Duck Arm is another favourite location for us so we were looking forward to revisiting after a few years. Swing moorings are available throughout the arm but unfortunately all the mooring lines on the buoyes were no longer attached. This meant that John needed to reverse the boat close enough to the swing mooring so that Di could reach out and thread a line through the mooring eye - then John kept gently reversing whilst Di held on to allow the mooring whilst walking up to the bow so that the ... read more
Spinkers through McMillan Strait
Solitary Spinker

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 7th 2018

We've spent the last 3 days at Barrier Landing just taking in the tranquility of this area. There has been a few boats come & go during our stay here, a few of the yachts that will be doing the Marley Point Overnight Race over the weekend, left this morning to start their two day journey to Marley Point. Yesterday we walked along 90 Mile Beach to the Entrance - the bar. A good walk on very soft sand that took about 3 hours in all. The sea was flat, just prefect for a jet ski to come out through the Entrance for a fast ride on the sea. The dredger remained doing its thing & the internal dredgers at the crossing of the entrance were also busy as we could see the sand being pumped ... read more
Memorial plaques on Barrier Landing jetty
Hooded Plovers
90 Mile Beach

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 5th 2018

So on the following day, Thursday 1st March we all hiked up to 3 pip rock to get sufficient signal for the weather forecast to be downloaded and of course phone home, check messages & emails. The weather was ok for tomorrow but then another change would mean we would need to wait at Deal Island until about Tuesday. John phoned Mike to see how the Searay had gone on the sea trial - it was mid afternoon but the sea trial still hadn't taken place. After considerable discussion with the other members John & I decided not to continue with the Tassie crossing, we remained sceptical that the Searay would be seaworthy by tomorrow. We would leave the cove tomorrow and spend a couple of weeks at the Gippsland Lakes. The other large yacht also ... read more
Barrier Landing
Barrier Landing .

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea February 28th 2018

QCYC to Refuge CoveWe were up at 3.45 (Tuesday 27th Feb) & all ready to leave dockside by about 4.30. Following some kaos on the wharf from a Brighton boat, behind us we were able to be on our way.Only 4 of the 13 Brighton boats left (stating weather as the reason) & sadly one of our yachts pulled out last night. Richard was disappointed but was the right decision for he and Ruth. Our group's catamaran joined "Kate" & "Imagine" from Queenscliff marina. We joined the convoy of Brighton & QCYC yachts proceeding out through the heads, tootaling via 4 Fingers West Channel. Going at those 5 knots was interesting, however thankfully John decided almost at the washing machine that Imagine needed a few more revs so we quietly slipped passed one the yachts for ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea February 28th 2018

The swell had subsided overnight, but remained a bit rolly this morning. This is not what we wanted in the cove. The cove has 13 boats anchored, all waiting for the next front to pass which is expected to hit around 11am. Everyone slept until late morning and the day was spent waiting waiting for the weather to change once again. Photo caption: "Holy cow Batman, the bat cave!" Late in the morning probably closer to lunchtime we ventured over to Heatwave, the catamaran with us for a coffee. Whilst we we there the Brighton catamaran broke anchor and took off straight for us. The speed was incredible, we all thought it had its motor going, fortunately Andrew started his cat and moved forward about 2 feet and the wayward catamaran pulled up about 2 feet ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea February 26th 2018

well after sitting waiting for 3 days now for the weather to change it looks like tomorrow we will venture through the heads to Refuge Cove. The last 3 days have been long, windy and at times boring. We have 6 boats in our group, one yacht left Friday night from Westernport to beat the weather, they've been at Refuge Cove since Saturday waiting for us all to arrive. The other sports cruiser will leave from Port Albert on Thursday and we'll meet them "on the way, somewhere to Deal Island". The catamaran is berthed in Queenscliff marina whilst the other two yachts arrive here at QCYC on Friday. Certainly the few days we've had with them has been terrific, getting to know them and lots of laughs. Should be a good cruise. The plans are ... read more

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