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Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Ionian Sea November 20th 2015

Hi I would like to discuss about taking time off because lately I've been hearing a lot from people that they simply cannot take time off. Sometimes I do feel that way but I have to take time off in order to see new places and have to benefit my health, etc. I'm always traveling so time and all mean nothing lol. Anyways, I've traveled to more than 32 countries and 30 states plus Washington DC. My next trip is off to Mexico Cruise from Los Angeles and in the summer time I'm going to travel to Alaska Cruise as well as a little roadtrip to Glacier, Montana/Alberta! I'm a world travleers and always will be. Plus I'm a USA Pioneer which I've traveled to more than 30 states. Plus I'm a NAFTA (North American Traveler) ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Ionian Sea August 5th 2014

Today was our first day on board the ship. The Refection is a beautiful ship, only about 1 year old. This ship has 3 swimming schools, 15 stories, and wonderful restaurants and clubs. Entertainment and food is available 24 hours a day. We left Rome on Monday August Fourth and on August fifth we were at sea all day. We are landing at Santorini, Geece on Wednesday August sixth at 2:00 pm. Attached are some pictures of the ship. We're having a great time and wish you all well.... read more
Found a chair for Nalynn...

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Ionian Sea September 14th 2011

All of yesterday and today has been spent at sea so I've had lots of time for splashing in my paddling pool, going in the playroom and eating nice food. Mummy and daddy even let me try ice-cream! I liked it but preferred ice-cubes. Its been a nice couple of days. We've had lots of islands and boats to look at and the sun has been out both days which has been awesome. Today has been the last day on the cruise, so tonight I had to say goodbye to Quirino, my favourite waiter, and to the people that sat next to us every night. Tomorrow we will be docking at Istanbul Turkey.... read more
Trying icecream for the 1st time
Me and my waiters

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Ionian Sea November 6th 2008

Our group in on its way to Alexandria, Egypt. The Pacific Princess set sail from Naples under cloudy skies and headed south and east so we can reach Egypt in two days. The weather is about 70 degrees, but we had showers all day long. Folks got into the rhythm of a day at sea. Everyone had the opportunity of taking advantage of this very nice floating resort. Linda gathered most of the group in Sabatini’s restaurant at 10:00 AM for a class on various aspects of the bible and our next stops in Egypt and Israel. Dr Ray Vath explained how the early Egyptians used advanced geometry and other techniques to create the amazing great pyramids. The food and the service on the Pacific Princess have been excellent. And several of the ladies took advantage ... read more

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