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November 20th 2015
Published: November 20th 2015
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I would like to discuss about taking time off because lately I've been hearing a lot from people that they simply cannot take time off. Sometimes I do feel that way but I have to take time off in order to see new places and have to benefit my health, etc. I'm always traveling so time and all mean nothing lol. Anyways, I've traveled to more than 32 countries and 30 states plus Washington DC. My next trip is off to Mexico Cruise from Los Angeles and in the summer time I'm going to travel to Alaska Cruise as well as a little roadtrip to Glacier, Montana/Alberta!

I'm a world travleers and always will be. Plus I'm a USA Pioneer which I've traveled to more than 30 states. Plus I'm a NAFTA (North American Traveler) which I"ve traveled so much in three countries(Canada, Mexico and United States). Fun

Question people always ask how do I get the time to do all that? Well I'm very lucky to have that and all because I'm studying Nursing. I'm a student at the Plum Center and I've enjoyed looking up about Traveling NUrsing which I find that very inspiring as well as other parts of travel. Plus you have to take a break from work every now and then. ANd you have to take more time off to vacation.

Question: How do you do that? You can simply without being afraid, negotiate your boss, tell your boss in advance when you're going to take a break, and then someone would take over someone's office. It may not be easy but you'll get use to it.

Taking time off is VERY essential to your health. Plus make travel your health goal not a luxury goal. It's a NECESSITY actually because it replenishes a lot of stress hormones that are being caused by work-related stress.
If you cannot take time off for any reason, then simply quit the job, sell your house, car, etc. and then go travel and rent a condo, etc. I went to Chicago and I had time to see new place Chicago. Great City to see. Depending on where you travel, if you travel in a state, take 3-4 days to see the new city like Chicago in Illinois. If you have to a country, take at least 5-7 days in one place in a country. Learning to make plan to take time off is VERY important. Plus you need to know how to make use of your vacation time when you work because otherwise why wouldn't we take it when it's already there? Make use of it.

Not taking time off will kill your health, relationships, finances, job, etc. It actually makes you less promoted as well as make you be out of the office because of not taking time off.

I will soon be working 12 hours which is 3 days and I get 4 days off so I get more vacation time luckily! Plus I traveling nurse and I will be having more time. I'm very lucky. If you really want to travel, then make use of your vacation time or just simply quit the job and find something that'll take you to travel without time-hassle.

Good luck!


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