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Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea February 1st 2022

The MV World Odyssey arrived at the Croatia port of Dubrovnik yesterday and Maggie will disembark today to begin exploring Croatia. They spent the last 7 days at sea, so we thought it might be fun to share what a day is like on the ship. Here's Maggie's description: I wake up around 9:30 and then I go to Global Studies every day at 10:00am and that goes until 11:00am. Then I come back to my room for about an hour for either a nap or some quiet time, before heading to lunch with friends around noon. I don't ever eat the ship breakfast because it's served from 6:30 - 8:30am, so instead I just grab some of my snack food in the room. I have class at 12:40 on both A and B days (A ... read more
Learning a Croatian dance

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea September 29th 2016

A full day at sea. My goal today is to catch up on the accursed blog. Another beautiful day. The sea is very calm. Unless you look out a window, you might forget you're under way. I was gazing at the ocean at one point, thinking that these are basically the same waters that desperate refugees with nothing are trying to cross in pursuit of a new life, while we sit here in luxury sipping our cappuccinos. In the lottery of life, we won big time. We attend seminars on upcoming ports and on "future" cruises. We explore the ship, trying to orient ourselves and to commit to memory the important locations. We would not enjoy a larger ship, that's for sure. Tonight is a formal night for supper. We bedeck ourselves in our finest and ... read more

Hello All I would like to give you tips on how you can travel around the world including all continents for little with less money and/or even for free? Okay well a lot of times I've been getting lot of comments from people especially those who I know has kept saying to me,"Who is paying for that? Do you go to school or work? Are you a student or are you working?,etc." To the best of my knowledge, I don't go to work adn that. I travel for free and that. How? That's the biggest doubtful question I suddenly had on my mind last night. Because I"m so lucky to travel for free. Well. Here what you can do to travel like me. First, have a place in mind. Travel cannot be in place without knowing ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea October 8th 2015

Sharon went off to mass while I worked some on the blog, and played some on Word-Crack. The priest on this cruise is from Malta and speaks softly with an accent but seems very pleasant. When she came back we went to the kiosk on Deck 2 to order and print our tour tickets for some of the upcoming ports of call. This is the first ship we’ve been on that has the kiosk and it was very easy and fast to use. We went to the formal dining room for breakfast, and it looked like everyone else had exactly the same idea on this first sea day of the second leg of our cruise. We sat at a table for eight with two other couples: one from Wales and the other, Ian and Liz, from ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea October 5th 2015

We rose again not worrying about any early tours. Sharon went to mass and I worked some on the blog. Later we had breakfast in the Lido: eggs over medium for me with some sausage and far too little potatoes… Sharon had hers scrambled and again was unable to get a lone single piece of crispy bacon. We had to rush off to make our 10AM collector cruise meeting for those 250 or so of us who were continuing on to Barcelona. We received a tag-team presentation from the Destination Specialist Tom and the Excursion Specialist for our upcoming ports of call. Dave gave us the three pieces of information of what we would need to get off the vessel in Venice: 1-Nieuw Amsterdam Room Key Card, 2-Passport and 3-In-Transit Pass Card (that lets us skip ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea November 10th 2012

Evening everyone, we have had another wonderful day here on the Adriatic Sea, we awoke this morning to find that we had land in view out of the window and the sun shining it was a glorious day already. As we sailed in we were priviledged to experience the wonderful fjords that welcomed us as we travelled through them into Kotor that is a true gem within the Adriatic Sea. The Captain explained to us re these Fjords and very nicely provided us with a view of this beautiful church that is on an island and is in fact the only thing on that island, it was very quaint and beautiful and I said to Col imagine going to church on a Sunday by boat. We travelled out of that fjord onto another waterway, the water ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea November 9th 2012

Well yesterday I said that Split was beautiful well tonight I have to tell you that Dubrovnik is amazing lots of wow moments again today.. and I was told at dinner time by one of the senior staff on board that tomorrow is another amazing day. Col and I awoke as the ship backed into its parking spot at the pier beside a massive suspension bridge which was most impressive as a first glance out of the window at 8.30am as well as being in front of two other cruise liners... mmm first time we have arrived into a port where there have been two other cruise ships already docked and I wondered what the city was going to be like with so many people trying to get around however I think they must have been ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea November 8th 2012

Well I don't know about Col but I had an amazing sleep last night and even better as we had a sleep in this morning as our boat wasn't docking until 10am this morning so the tour couldn't start until 10.30am. Our breakfast was bought up to us and we decided we would eat it on our balcony, very posh..... the sun was shining the sea was sparkling and we could see the many islands that make up this area as we slowly moved forwards towards Split. A wonderful way to start the day I could get use to this... Having docked we got onto our bus for a trip to the old city of Split, the town of Trogir and then onto a little village for some traditional food, wine and music... I have to ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea November 7th 2012

Well what a few days it has been, we are not able to connect through our facebook or email system so this is the only contact we have to home so if there are any messages please connect them through here. Well we left venice on........ what day is it today??? I think it was Monday night it was great to stand at the front of the ship and watch the ship sail out of the port, I must admit I was sad to be leaving Venice I so enjoyed being there it was very relaxed. Well Col and I have a stateroom with a balcony and a gorgeous queen bed, yummy breakfast is brought to us each morning and we have such a choice, how will I ever settle back into home again one wonders ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean » Adriatic Sea November 7th 2012

This morning we docked in Ravenna in Italy about 7.30am and Col and I were off the ship by about 8.30am for our tour. We were off to San Marino a medieval township which is an independant Republic and sits on the top of a mountain top. It was about 1.5hrs drive by bus from the township of Ravenna, it was wonderful as we drove up the hillside to see the turrets of the township sitting on top of the mountain. It was like walking around a town that was in a timewarp, I loved every moment of it, this little republic is the 3rd smallest in the world and has their own coins and holds elections every four years to appoint their political decisionmakers, and if they dont like what they do they can change ... read more

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