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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel October 5th 2018

Here we are again, sailing north along the coast of Europe heading back toward England. Today is the last day of this cruise, but not the last of our vacation. Virtually every other passenger on the ship will leave tomorrow but we will be staying aboard for another short 3-day cruise. So our saga will still have a few more chapters after the ship docks tomorrow morning. However that is just a teaser to keep you interested. We got up at 7:30 and went to the dining room for a sit-down breakfast instead of our more common buffet. Janet had another chance to have Eggs Benedict and David had another omelet. We were seated with others and everyone got talking about where they have been and where they still wanted to go. Our list of former ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel September 22nd 2018

Today we wrapped up Phase-2 of our vacation. We have concluded our visit to London and have started cruising again. But let’s take the day in order as it happened. We got up at 7:45 with most everything already packed in the suitcases. We went down for the usual breakfast and then said goodbye to the lady who has prepared the food and cleaned the room all week. There are 4 people who do almost all the work in this small hotel, so we have gotten to know her. The menu has been pretty much the same everyday, but it was better than some European breakfasts we have had, and the lady was always very friendly to us. We went back to the room and found an e-mail from Stephanie. She said they had tried to ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel September 15th 2018

Hello again from the Queen Mary 2. Our crossing is rapidly coming to an end so it is disappointing that we had to start packing in preparation to disembark tomorrow. As such it has been a fairly quiet (not attending a lot of the organized activities) day for us. We got up and headed off to the dining room for a final leisure breakfast. Tomorrow will be a hectic job of getting out of the cabin and hauling our last few belongings through the buffet. So today we took our time and had a 3 course breakfast. First came the fruit juice, pastries, and fruit course. Then we had the meat and eggs (Janet had bacon and fried eggs while David had an omelet and kippers). The 3rd course was French Toast for Janet and Waffles ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel August 7th 2018

Daylight comes a bit later in the English Channel than it did when we cruised the seas around Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Being able to turn the clock back an hour may have also helped. Sharon still had to rise to make it to mass; I took a more lethargic pace. I still needed to get up to meet up with her for breakfast. I worked some on the blog, checked the “When & Where” for today’s activities. We’ll be checking out the new speaker at the 11AM lecture dealing with the Vikings and Ireland. She replaced Stuart Sutherland in Rotterdam and has her work cut out for her. Lunch and Trivia follow, then Bingo at 4PM and then a Gala Dinner. Just another peaceful day at sea. I met Sharon in the Exploration Café where ... read more

Our final days at sea since leaving Israel have see us call at Naples, Palma de Mallorca and Lisbon. We have been to Naples & Lisbon so did not do any organised tours and as we are coming to the end o the World Cruise decided to take things easy. We met up in Lisbon with the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Victoria and we are now sailing in convoy to Southampton I will post some pictures when we get home of the last three ports of call. It has been an unforgettable voyage Hope you all enjoyed the blog!! We arrive back in England tomorrw - the 9th, it only seems like yesterday we sailed.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel August 31st 2013

Today is the last full day of our cruise. The ship is sailing through moderate seas today and we can actually feel the sway of the ship (at last). The weather has been great all during our trip, but David is glad that at least once we got a little “real feel” of being at sea. Janet is feeling a little nauseous so she would like the sea to be calmer instead. We got up about 7:30 and went to the Botticelli Dinning Room for a leisurely morning meal. Last night Janet had asked our Head Waiter if there was ever going to be Eggs Benedict on the menu. He said to come to his section and he would arrange for it. We were seated at a table for 6 and told the waiter that we ... read more
Cooking Demo
Janet at High Tea
Parade of Baked Alaska

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel July 12th 2013

After seeing off Greg and Jill, Marj and Bill and Rosemary - who were all getting off and going to London - we set off on a huge walk around Dover - dull and a bit drizzly - but managed to walk up to Dover Castle, very steep the hill to get up there. Then walked back to the ship via the waterfront.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel August 11th 2012

Idyllic at first, with an ideal weight of wind and a flattish sea. We clipped happily along with a tame 14 knots off to starboard, full sails, auto-pilot on, with mugs of tea and cake anglais for breakfast. But by late morning, merely half way across, the wind and the waves had grown. The swell, sideways on to our path, rolled us up and down again, and jostled us about as we waited more than an hour for a convoy of huge cargo ships to plunge blindly past. We stopped a second time for ships ploughing the other way, by which time the wind and waves had grown again. We reefed, and reefed once more, still four hours from any coast. This was as hard as we wanted to make it. We dug in though, never ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel August 10th 2012

From Dieppe we motored down the coast to Fécamp. No ferries or large ships to bear down ominously on us here, not like the larger ports we had come through so far, just a simple square harbour and a mixture of local leisure craft of all types and sizes, and visiting yachts. We arrived in time for an excellent menu by the water, then wandered around doing various chores and watched the sun go down from the steep pebble beach. There had been almost no wind in the morning then a stiff breeze suddenly from the east in the afternoon and evening. The longer term forecast was for a return to the southwesterlies which had stopped us from making our way westward and created the unpleasant swell out at sea. The new wind from the east ... read more
 Fécamp harbour
'Reading on the beach' scheme

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel August 9th 2012

The pilot book makes less of Dieppe than it might. The town wraps around the harbour at one end while a chateau and museum commands the hill at the other, complete with several canvasses by Sickert, Pissarro and Renoir and a fabulous collection of maritime artefacts and fine ivory. The town itself is marvellously French and a charming place to wander around between boat chores and lying about with a book. Such has been life for the past four days, except for short excursion out to sea which convinced us that it remained unpleasant out there and we should return immediately to moules frites on the quay and simple suppers on deck in the sun. Tonight we even hear jazz drifting across the quays. We needed the rest, being honest. Our break in Boulogne had enabled ... read more
Nereid on holiday
Dieppe beach

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