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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel August 2nd 2012

Well, it’s happened, we’re stuck, waiting for the wind and the sea to let us continue south and west. After a week of amazing variety, however, this is no hardship. Boulogne, which is known to most as a ferry destination best left behind on the way to anywhere and everywhere else, is actually a 13th century fortified town with much to see and do, or not do, according to inclination. And despite being close enough to Angleterre to see it from the city walls, we already feel we have been somewhere and arrived somewhere. Alice and I have certainly learned a great deal, and our first crew has been and gone, factors which have both put a great deal of perceived time and distance between us and our home port of London. Last Wednesday, we left ... read more
Red Sands Towers
White cliffs of Dover

On the 1st of July we left St. Katherine Docks, descending the lock under a blackening sky, and leaving Tower Bridge and its giant Olympic Rings to recede. Friends had braved the chill breeze in shorts and jumpers to help us with the lines, their sunglasses an optimistic sham. We had exchanged hopes of a reunion in Falmouth in a few weeks time, but it is hard to keep to a definite plan at sea, so perhaps those were our last goodbyes. We left them there, those marvellous and kindly people of the sea, with their own ambitions, their own plans, two years after arriving. Despite our long preparations - the courses and exams, the fixing and repairing, the search for the boat in the first place, the endless ordering and collecting of things, the practice ... read more
Skipper and First Mate

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel April 8th 2012

Today, Sunday April 8, 2012, we left Southampton onboard the Balmoral on a memorial cruise to honour those who died in the Titanic disaster 100 years ago. Here's a couple of pics.... read more
Aussies ahoy!

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel September 7th 2011

Just at sea again today, which was not good for me or mummy this morning. The sea has been so rough that we were both sick. I didn't even get to finish my breakfast :-( The boat felt like it was jumping over the waves! People were falling over all the place. Me, mummy and daddy decided to rest in the room until lunch when it all seemed to calm down a bit. I then got to play and go on lots of walks around the ship. It was formal dress onboard tonight so mummy put on my best shirt and we all had some pictures taken. I didn't smile much at the photographer though. Everyone thought I loved very cute :-)... read more
Lucas all dressed up

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel September 29th 2009

Welcome to my blog. This trip I will try to keep you up to date. On holidays I usually get up and go and by the time the day is over I am too tired to think about keyboards and uploading photos. But this adventure will provide for some time to quietly do this along the way. My photos will be good and hopefully get better along the way. The journey starts with a short trip to Brisbane on 2.10.2009 to see 2 of my kids, my Mum and some close friends and Anzac, a very special dog. Seven October is departure day and I fly to London via Dubai. I'm staying with David and Betty Hall at Wits End for a day or two to recover then it is down to "Bundeena" with Skipper Ian ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » English Channel June 19th 2009

Entry #1: Friday June 19th, 2009. Ahoy, Mates!! It is 7 o’clock our time, 3 o’clock your time and the ship is a ROCKIN... literally. It’s our 4th day at sea and we are smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic. The weather has been a bit rocky which causes big time waves. And big time waves cause big time sea sickness. The nurses office is overflowing with victims. Today is the first full day that I have been healthy. Today was also the first day I have eaten anything, my stomach couldn’t hold anything down. About 3 hours into the ship sailing, I threw up. And pretty much had been throwing up since then. I tried everything! Pills, wrist bands... You name it. Nothing was working so I went to the nurse, they gave ... read more

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