Aug 31 – Final Day at Sea

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August 31st 2013
Published: August 31st 2013
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Waves in the PoolWaves in the PoolWaves in the Pool

Crown Princess
Today is the last full day of our cruise. The ship is sailing through moderate seas today and we can actually feel the sway of the ship (at last). The weather has been great all during our trip, but David is glad that at least once we got a little “real feel” of being at sea. Janet is feeling a little nauseous so she would like the sea to be calmer instead.

We got up about 7:30 and went to the Botticelli Dinning Room for a leisurely morning meal. Last night Janet had asked our Head Waiter if there was ever going to be Eggs Benedict on the menu. He said to come to his section and he would arrange for it. We were seated at a table for 6 and told the waiter that we were expecting something special. When we explained, 2 other people at the table asked for it also. David had the Lumberjack Breakfast instead, but we both had a really good meal to start our final day.

Janet then went to a last session of her Knitters and Natters and David went to the cabin to start sorting things between
Cooking DemoCooking DemoCooking Demo

Crown Princess
“breakable – must hand carry” and “just stuff it in the suitcase”. This process actually took much of the day making decisions and balancing loads in the suitcases (what to wear tonight and tomorrow, after the luggage has been carried away).

We went to the Cooking Demonstration in the theater about 10:30 and watched the Head Chef and Maitre D’ prepare a 4 course meal. We have seen this on several cruises, but they are interesting. Usually there is more joking and banter between the two, but it was fun anyway. Most of the audience went for the “galley tour”, but we’ve seen these before and decided to skip it this time.

About 12:30 we went to lunch. Janet got another Jumbo Dog from the grill and met David in the Horizon Court. David went through the buffet for another full meal. We sat with a British couple and we again compared opinions of the cruise, excursions, shows, and food. Actually they had been mystified by the illusionist last night and were surprised when we knew how he had done each trick – hopefully we didn’t spoil the enjoyment for them.

Janet at High TeaJanet at High TeaJanet at High Tea

Crown Princess

After lunch we went to the Photo Gallery to look at the pictures they had taken all over the ship and each port. We picked out a couple of pictures to keep, but turned most of them in for disposal. It’s nice to have a couple of souvenirs but we didn’t need nearly as many as they had taken. Besides, David did snap a couple of photos too during the cruise.

We also printed a copy of our room statement. You do not pay for anything during the cruise – just put it on the card. However, when we ring out at Southampton tomorrow then all the collected expenses get transferred to our credit card. Rather than try to resolve a question in the morning (with everyone else) we got an early statement today. Fortunately it seems to be all in order (as far as our memory and receipts are concerned). So that is good news.

Back in the cabin, Janet settled down to watch a movie (a cartoon called Hotel Transylvania) and rest her sore ankles – been having troubles ever since the first cobblestones back in Belgium. After awhile she dosed off and took a nap instead. David went for a walk around the deck for one more time. It stayed windy all day, but this afternoon was bright and sunny. Even though the ship’s officer reported the temperature as 63 degrees and windy, there were still people using the pool and trying to soak up a last little sun tan on the pool deck. There were even waves in the pool, which the younger people seemed to think was great fun.

When Janet woke up, we went up to the Michelangelo Dinning Room for High Tea. Janet always has enjoyed these on previous cruises, but she has not gotten to any of them on this trip. So we made sure she got at least one visit – today. Interestingly we sat with 2 British couples who both were very interested in American Football. What are the chances of that happening?

Back in the room we continued packing, juggling stuff between suitcases. It is sad to pack away our vacation clothes and look for travel outfits to go back to the real world. We had to put the luggage out in the hall tonight (except what we will carry off ourselves) so it can be delivered to the pier and we can claim it again in Southampton. Now we are down to 2 carry suitcases and a red tote.

Before dinner we finished the last of the wine we had in the cabin and then got dressed for our “last supper”. They always have a good “final dinner” and wrap up everything with a special dessert (Baked Alaska). We both had Shrimp Cocktail. Janet had Beef Bouillon and David had Pepper Pot Soup. For her entrée, Janet had Fettuccini Alfredo with sliced chicken breast, while David had the Tom Turkey with all the trimmings. The waiters paraded around and give everyone a chance to snap final photographs. In addition to Baked Alaska, David also had a slice of Deep Dish Apple Pie – the last dessert. L When we get home we are planning a mjor diet to try to get rid of some of the weight we have surely gained during our vacation.

We said goodbye to everyone and got pictures with some of them. The seating arrangement was kind of weird – we could talk to our immediate neighbors on either side, but were too far from their neighbors on the other side to really get to know them. For that reason, Victor and Sandra met the people next table down from them, but did not really get to talk to Bill and Diane. I think in the future we will specify a table for 6 rather than this two by two by two.

We did not go to see any shows this evening. In the theater was the production crew doing some Mo-Town songs, and in the Explorer lounge was the mind reader we saw (and didn’t like) from last night. Neither option sounded interesting tonight. Even though we will get one more hour back tonight, we decided to settle down early to get a good night’s sleep before we start traveling. It turned out that the same cartoon was starting again, so Janet tried again to see the whole thing this time.

When we began the cruise, with were given 500 free internet minutes (250 each). We still have minutes left on our Internet account but historically connection service usually gets very slow on the last evening (people using up their minutes). After posting this blog entry, David’s account still had 17 minutes and Janet’s account had 63 minutes, but response time was exceptionally slow.

There will be another posting to the blog after we get home which will try to correct any omissions, insert pictures of St Petersburg, and document the story of our return trip. So look for at least one more episode to be published in a couple of days. That’s all for tonight

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