Day 100: Cairns

March 7th 2010
Published: March 24th 2010
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Moi and Great Barrier ReefMoi and Great Barrier ReefMoi and Great Barrier Reef

They called this fish "Wally" and he is a Maori Wrasse.
Day 100: Sunday, March 7th, 2010.
Cairns, Australia- Great Barrier Reef

Per the Contiki Brochure, "Wake up to the warm waters of Cairns. For those who are keen for a fun and thrilling ride on the rapids of the Tully River, join our optional white-water rafting adventure activity with our professional Local Guides. There are loads more activities available in Cairns like hot air ballooning, sky diving and bungy jumping - just ask your Tour Manager for some more info. In your free time on the first night, walk around the buzzing night markets. It’s the perfect place for shopping and with everything from fun, kitsch treasures to local crafts like boomerangs and didgeridoos. There’s something for everyone. On Day 2, there’s another chance to experience the Great Barrier Reef on an optional day trip. Put on your snorkel gear and check out colourful fish, turtles, vivid coral and the incredible clear waters. Later, hit the seaside esplanade back in Cairns, sit down with a coffee and people watch. For your last night in this city, there’s a chance to head down to a local hot-spot for a group dinner if you’re up for it."

Woo Hoo! Celebrated Day 100 of my trip by scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Pretty awesome, yet pretty scary. We took a boat out to a large platform (I call it a "docking station") where we could go scuba diving, snorkeling or hop on a glass bottom boat. I had signed up for a scuba diving excursion and was thrilled with my decision, until I got about 10 feet under water. Then the nerves kick in and it is hard to breathe. We get to the ocean floor (not that far down since we were beginners) and I'm chanting "breathe breathe breathe", meanwhile the underwater photographer is handing me a fish to take a picture with "breathe smile breathe smile" then some coral "breathe smile breathe smile" then a sign that says Great Barrier Reef "you're not breathing, you're not breathing!!!" It was a bit much. If I scuba again, I think I'll do lessons. Looking around and appreciating my surroundings wasn't an option to me. I really enjoyed snorkeling though and did that on my own as well as signing up for a guided snorkeling excursion. We were all wearing "stinger suits" which should keep us from being stung by jellyfish. Didn't hear of anyone reporting a sting so must have worked! They say the ones you see aren't the problem, there are teeny tiny jellyfish that have a very dangerous sting. Whatever, had a great Day 100.

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29th March 2010

You had blue fish sticks for dinner?
Self Contained Underwater ...something Apparatus. BREATHING!!!! Breathe!!

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