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11th July 2010

You fell down an elevator shaft and landed in a dunk tank
The Sweet and Sour Chicken must've been made out of Water Buffalo. Spicy water buffalo.
22nd May 2010

You saw a whole bunch of minature junks made out of Dorito bags?
Halong Bay... the new Prague!
21st May 2010

hehe- good one!
21st May 2010

You decided to open a chain of Chicken Skewer Thing restaurants?
Two taxis diverged in Vietnam, and I, I took the one less correct. And that has made all the difference.
20th May 2010

You cought a piece of toast with chop sticks to become a karate master?
"The cell reception in the pagoda is amazing!"
18th May 2010

You decided to open a burger joint in Vietnam called Dragon Droppings?
You're on a junk!
18th May 2010

You spent the rest of the trip in a bubble to avoid the flesh eating bacteria?
Man, I can't believe you went to the puppet water theater! Do you have any idea how many puppets drown each year in servitude of that horribly exploitative "theater"? Astounding!
17th May 2010

You discovered Angelina was collecting and training the kids for secret kung-fu death matches?
Boat, scooter, train... You should star in a movie with John Candy and Steve Martin.
16th May 2010

You planned to bottle water fromt he Purfume River and sell it to tourists?
What they neglected to tell you is that the home made bottle opener is also a key to the Forbidden City.
14th May 2010

My mistake- good to know! Thanks Frank!
13th May 2010

Yellow Hat
The Yellow Hat: Was not worn during Hitler's time, but during the Medieval Period. The yellow star, the fabric, was made to be worn during Hitler's time.
8th May 2010

:) Hi Ann! Yeah, the getting back to life part should be interesting- and that starts in 48 hours! I'm in Beijing now and fly out tomorrow at Noon (which is about 24 hours from now). Memphis is definitely on the list- it would be great to meet more family. After I catch up on sleep/get settled I'll be able to figure out the next step/where I'll be settling. Then I'll start planning the next vacation i'm sure :) If you guys are ever in the Rochester area, let me know! Here's hoping I get some more blogs out before the long flights begin- glad you've enjoyed the adventures!
8th May 2010

How do you enter "real life" after this fabulous adventure? I'm going to miss my nearly daily dose of fun ala Amanda! Where's the next trip? Memphis is open to you any time! Look at all the family here!
8th May 2010

You were a step ahead of me Ms. Edna! ;) xoxo
7th May 2010

World Expo
When I had heard that you were going to be in Shanghai during the Expo I was so excited for you. I didn't know that you didn't know or I would have mentioned it to you.
7th May 2010

Gotta love those Pandas.
6th May 2010

Things seem to be better on this end of the tour. Enjoy your final few days. Can't wait to see you.
3rd May 2010

Man, I haven't looked at that part of the blog in a while- it was a fun re-read! Friggin Kea birds! :)
2nd May 2010

You wrote, produced, directed, and shot a movie about Rita on your iPhone?
Quit ruining temples.
2nd May 2010

good day
now that was a good day!!dancing and 'do you have a flaaaag??'
28th April 2010

:) Not sure if my stomach "likes" the food but at least everyone else is running to the bathroom too, so misery loves company :) And yes, VERY different than Rainbow- I miss Sesame Chicken though! xo.
23rd April 2010

The food probably tastes nothing like our "rainbow restaurant" glad you are finding food that your stomach likes!!!
15th April 2010

You ditched the group and went shopping?
Always travel with Oreos, too, apparently. Maybe you can get them to sponsor your next adventure.
13th April 2010

You decided to vacuum all the tunnels?
Put some dried squid in the "turret thingy" and see how far it goes.

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