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May 28th 2015
Published: May 28th 2015
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Time for the muumuu type dresses. Bought this one in Bali. After all it has been 68 days on a cruise ship!
It rained today in Tonga but didn’t dampen our spirits. Fortunately for the first part of our kayaking trip it was dry but going back there was a light spritzing.

It was so great to be off the ship after four days. We were unable to dock in Rotorua, New Zealand due to high winds and the next day when we arrived in Auckland it was raining, windy and cold so we opted to stay on the ship.

We hadn’t kayaked since last summer and the water was rough so we struggled but made it. Tomorrow we will know how out of shape we are. Last night after the Captain’s cocktail party and dinner we danced (fast, not waltz) for the first time on this cruise and so the hips are a little out of joint today. We did have a good time though.

The island we kayaked to was really nice and I have never seen so many beautiful shells on a beach before. I picked up and saved way more than I should and now am unable to part with them. Packing at the end of this trip will be most interesting.

So we ate
Tonga's BestTonga's BestTonga's Best

Okay ladies - take your pick!
at Big Mama’s Yacht Club (no yachts in sight) where the pet cats were going crazy wanting some of our fish. The 2 dogs that live there were able to dig up crabs for their lunch.

The town was really hopping today because of the opening day of Parliament. All the school kids were gathered to march and play music. The students wear different colored uniforms representing their schools which were most attractive. The boys were wearing skirts too.

Tomorrow we do May 28th all over again as we pass over the International Date Line tonight. Not sure where it is exactly but I guess the GPS does. That means tomorrow we will be in the same day as home but behind instead of ahead. Confuses us old folks. See you on the other side…

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Students Ready to MarchStudents Ready to March
Students Ready to March

Opening day for Parliament.

28th May 2015

first off your mumu is beautiful Loved all the pictures of the natives! how does it feel to be in the same day for 48 hours? Jerry's coconut drink looks beautiful did it have rum in it? you have been away so long but just think its almost june and you will be home before you know it!
28th May 2015

Second May 28th
It is a bit weird to have the same date for two days but really that is the only difference and no one knows what day of the week it is anyway. You are right - we will be home before we know it. Baby Nova will be already 6 weeks old and probably talking. LOL

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