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The alarm goes off at 06:06. The wanderer's brain is shocked into action - which button is it again? Damn, not that one, ah - there it is. Finally, silence again - apart from the distant rumble of the trucks passing on the highway. A faint glow of pre-dawn light from the uncurtained window in the corner. Now why was the alarm set? Oh yes, Mt Owen. Turn onto your back. Now lift your legs. Ooh - not much pain at all actually - that's a pleasant surprise. Now lift your head. Hmm. Now weigh your brain - does it want to rise and hike up a hot mountain? Oh dear - still feeling weak brain? Shame. Tell you what, let's just lie here for a few minutes, do the visualisation thing and see how that ... read more

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Two days in Paparoa and one of them was really sunny! On the sunny day we hiked up to the top of Mount Ryal. From the top we had a superb view of the Southern Alps, including Mt. Cook, which is New Zealand's highest peak. The lady at the desk seemed to think the hike was boring and "in the bush" the whole time, but the trees were amazing and we got to climb along a knife thin tree line for a while that would have spelled doom to anyone that fell. We also checked out the pancake rocks and blowhole, which wasn't erupting despite being there for high tide. Boooo. The next day we forded a river and made our way to the Fox River Cave, which had sweet stalagmites and stalactites along with some ... read more

Today marked the beginning of our National Park Adventure tours-hikes of the South Island! We started up at Abel Tasman, which is on the coastline and dotted with many private beaches accessible only by hikers and boaters! We did a 3 hour hike to a remote beach and the rewards were plenty! i wish I had a picture to share, but unfortunately I forgot the memory card in the other camera that day! Soooo, we have many amazing mental pictures of islands, coastlines, and jungle fever! You will have to forgive my storytelling here, as this was over a month ago and I didnt bring my notes! :) AFter a cheese and sausage snack, we hit the road to our first informal campsite, at an amazing lake in the middle of the south island. On the ... read more
descending into the depths
cave man!
bear grylls says that cave water is the cleanest!

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