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We stayed only one night here as the weather was raining, we did a 2 hour hike to see the ice burgs near to the glacier it was very windy and raining so not the most pleasurable walk in the world but great excercise. The view from the camp where we were staying and there was deffinatly a loo with a view of the mountains which was spectacular!... read more
stunning view
these are the kia and they are very cheeky parrots

Mount Cook is pretty much nothing as far as the town goes, but it's a great place for some mountains! We took a glacier cruise there, got out to walk on an iceburg, and had some fantastic views. About half of us also were stupid and crazy enought to jump in the glacier water at the end! Hardly above the freezing point, it was nearly unbarably cold, but it was still totally worth it! We then jumped out and warmed ourselves on the hot rocks along the side. I realize I keep repeating how beautiful this country is, but it really is! We also went to the local pub that night. The catch - the guys had to dress as girls to get in. We had a great time getting them all ready, and they pulled ... read more
Warming Time

As Gene and I drove into the small town of Twizel, with a population of 1015, we wondered why anyone would choose to live there. The so-called town was comprised of a mere strip mall including a small grocery store and a few small shops and cafés. Consulting our Lonely Planet Guide to New Zealand, we learned that the town of Twizel came into existence in 1968 when it was built to service construction of the nearby hydroelectric power station. It was due to expire when the project was completed in 1984. The town, however, survived beyond the mid-80’s due to the persistence of its residents and its proximity to Mt. Cook. Pulling into our Bed and Breakfast, I took check of my surroundings and noted that we were once again out in the country and ... read more
Lonely Tree
New Zealand Traffic Jam

On the 19th we left Dunedin and headed for Twizel for more views of Mt. Cook. We travelled up the East coast for a while, before heading inland through Mackenzie country. Along the coast we stopped at Shag Point, which is know for its seal and penguin colonies. Yes more seals and penguins is what we thought but it was a good thing we stopped. We got the closest to the seals here then in anyother place we saw them. They were all over the rocks below the cliffs we were walking along and in some places they were only 5m or less away from us. They're really not very active animals when they're on the rocks, one seal would move 2 hops then lie down again for 5 minutes then do the same thing again. ... read more

I was so glad I decided to go to the Mount Cook area before going back to Christchurch to go home. We has perfect weather and the surrounding mountains give spectacular views of this very dangerous mountain. 2 Japanese climbers died while I was there. Mount Cook claims 11 lives per year on average. Why anyone would do it is beyond me. On the first day I did the Hooker valley walk which took about 4 hours. It was a good warm up for my 2 day hike involving an overnight stay in Muller Hut. Bloody freezing up there but the views were well worth it. I got up for sunrise and experienced a wonderful peaceful morning with the local Kea parrots. I certainly recommend Mount Cook to anyone visiting New Zealand.... read more
Muller Hut Track
Muller Hut Track
Muller Hut Track

Went to Mt cook and went for a 2 hour walk to lake and base. It was a gorgeous day and mt cook was amazing. We then headed to Wanaka and satyed at the campsite there.... read more

בס"ד "זה אחד המקומות היפים שראיתי עד עכשיו" זה למעשה משפט שנעשה די שחוק... כאשר נדמה לך שאתה מגיע למקום הכי יפה שראית, למחרת ולעיתים אף באותו היום, אתה ממשיך הלאה ומגלה מקום נוסף שלא יורד ברמת יופיו מהמקומות הקודמים! טבע.. נופים.. תווי שטח.. מרחבים.. והשמיים שפשוט הופכים כל תמונה ליותר מושלמת ממה שהיא (תמיד חייב להיות איזה ענן חמוד שישלים את הציור הממשי). ומה שיותר יפה.. זה שהכל משתנה מרגע לרגע - נוף ירוק לשדות, הרים, אגמים, שלג.. על זה נאמר.. "תמונה שווה אלף מילים" הגענו ל- Lake Tekapo שם עשינו טיול נחמד ו... read more
Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo
Lake Pukaki

The day that we drove to Mount Cook (the highest peak in NZ) was a beautiful sunny day. We are now finding that this is usually the case if we decide to spend the day in the car! As we neared Mount Cook we made some excellent view stops. One in particular was at Pakeri Lake. Because all the water is glacial, the lakes are a strange shade of blue which adds to the view. We arrived pretty early at the campsite right in Mount Cook National Park which gave us plenty of time to enjoy some of the sunny weather. We were camped right under the Sumner Peak with all its glaciers meaning that as we sunbathed on the grass, we could hear avalanches and ice falls echoing round the mountains. As we had spare ... read more
Sunbathing beneath the avalanches of Sumner Peak
The retreating path of the Mueller Glacier
Hooker Lake all whipped up with wind

Drove up to Aoraki Mt Cook, absolutely stunning drive. Stayed in Lake Tekapo for the evening, nice enough little town. Went up to the Banks Peninsula and had a look around Akaroa, the French town, and stayed in Le Bons Bay at a great little backpackers where we had a communal dinner of what the owner had caught that afternoon - Blue Cod and plenty of veg and dessert. Stayed in a tiny hut about 50m from the main house. Went up to Renwick and did a wine tour. Bit embarrasing when at 11am they ask if its your first winery.... No.... 2nd?..... No, 4th. Headed back to North Island on the afternoon ferry.... read more
Banks Peninsula
Le Bons Bay Backpackers
Le Bons Bay

My time travelling in countries similar to Canada has come to an end. In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I will begin to travel through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Although slightly nervous at the unknown, I am feeling extremely excited to embarque upon the one part of my trip that I think will truly open my eyes to different cultures, experiences and ways of life. This is the reason I wanted to travel and therefore it seems that my entire journey has been leading up to this moment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last couple weeks in New Zealand, but once again it seems they have also been filled with anticipation as to what next to come. After the Routeburn track I spent one ... read more
Mt. Cook
Jen and I
At Mt. Cook

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