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The day that we drove to Mount Cook (the highest peak in NZ) was a beautiful sunny day. We are now finding that this is usually the case if we decide to spend the day in the car! As we neared Mount Cook we made some excellent view stops. One in particular was at Pakeri Lake. Because all the water is glacial, the lakes are a strange shade of blue which adds to the view. We arrived pretty early at the campsite right in Mount Cook National Park which gave us plenty of time to enjoy some of the sunny weather. We were camped right under the Sumner Peak with all its glaciers meaning that as we sunbathed on the grass, we could hear avalanches and ice falls echoing round the mountains. As we had spare ... read more
Sunbathing beneath the avalanches of Sumner Peak
The retreating path of the Mueller Glacier
Hooker Lake all whipped up with wind

Drove up to Aoraki Mt Cook, absolutely stunning drive. Stayed in Lake Tekapo for the evening, nice enough little town. Went up to the Banks Peninsula and had a look around Akaroa, the French town, and stayed in Le Bons Bay at a great little backpackers where we had a communal dinner of what the owner had caught that afternoon - Blue Cod and plenty of veg and dessert. Stayed in a tiny hut about 50m from the main house. Went up to Renwick and did a wine tour. Bit embarrasing when at 11am they ask if its your first winery.... No.... 2nd?..... No, 4th. Headed back to North Island on the afternoon ferry.... read more
Banks Peninsula
Le Bons Bay Backpackers
Le Bons Bay

My time travelling in countries similar to Canada has come to an end. In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I will begin to travel through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Although slightly nervous at the unknown, I am feeling extremely excited to embarque upon the one part of my trip that I think will truly open my eyes to different cultures, experiences and ways of life. This is the reason I wanted to travel and therefore it seems that my entire journey has been leading up to this moment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last couple weeks in New Zealand, but once again it seems they have also been filled with anticipation as to what next to come. After the Routeburn track I spent one ... read more
Mt. Cook
Jen and I
At Mt. Cook

Seen as we have lost the keys to the big Black and Red Bus, we've had to rent another vehicle to allow us to complete the journey. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere. Therefore please find attached the photo's of our new jallopy. We went for it as it has a better fuel economy than our previous weapon. We aren't getting as many funny looks as we did in Big Jim, but it is amusing none the less. Emblazoned across the back is the statement - " My wife is a sex object. Everytime I ask for sex she objects." We seem to find a number of middle aged bearded men crowding round the back taking photo's at regular intervals during the day. We are doing a round up of the trip from Christchurch down to ... read more
Our van from the passenger side!
Jet Boating on the Shotover River
The lake in Queenstown

We rise early and leave our maternity hospital room to have a quick nose through Geraldine's main street, a cute mix of craft shops and small grocers. Massive supermarkets are few and far between round here - there are fewer than 7 people per square kilometre in South Island, compared to 281 on the island of Great Britain - and small food shops abound. Is there anything not good about this country? We pick up a nice chunk of monkfish for about £5 a kilo. I repeat, is there anything not good about this country? We drive out of Geraldine, westwards, and the scenery changes. This is Mackenzie Country, a huge grassy basin famed for its sheep farming. The drive is actually gradually taking us back towards the Southern Alps, and indeed against the gently rolling ... read more
Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo

Just did a lot of blog and then the PC crashed so this will be a new briefer one as we're running out of time!! Arrived at Mount Cook with stunning scenery and the lodge we were staying in was very well appointed with views of all the mountains. We noticed we'd also got a puncture on the way so would sort that out when we left for Dunedin! Went for a short walk on the day we arrived as got there late afternoon. The next morning, we managed to get onto a scenic flight with Mount Cook Ski Planes. This was an amazing experience and involved a landing on a glacier along with a 50 minute flight, there and back. To see the mountains from the air was really great - and we got some ... read more
Views on the glacier

אחרי אגם טיקאפו הגעתי שוב למאונט קוק לעשות את המולר האט היתי אמור לפגוש שם את שגיב מהאכסניה של ג'וני ורוני בקריצ'רץ התחלתי את הטרק בשלוש וחצי די לחוץ בזמן אחלה מזג אוויר מתארגן מהר על הציוד , שוכח קפופות וחם צוואר אבל העיקר יש מעיל גשם מתחיל לטפס , עליה חדה מאוד בין שלוש וחצי שעות לארבע שעות בדרך למעלה פוגש את איסם הוא לבנוני שבא לטייל קצת הוא חיי באנגליה , מלמד מתמטיקה חוויה לטייל עם ערבי בדרך למעלה כל הזמן פוגשים אנשים שיורדים מהביקתה ואומרים כל הזמן "יש לך עוד לפחות שעתים" גם אחרי שעבר... read more

Typical of the west coast, it rained most of the four days I was here. The sun did come out and shone brightly on Christmas day and I was able to go on a hike with two girls from the hostel I was staying in with my friend Rachel. Christmas itself felt like a special and slightly different kind of day but not like Christmas exactly. Mt Cook was impressive and massive and I was struck by the its power to create its own weather. It felt good to be surrounded by mountains again and to feel solid rock beneath my feet but the best part was staying is Rachel's perfect flat which was attached to the hostel but its own private space with a kitchen! Besides my friends and family the things I miss most ... read more
mt cook
mt cook
mt cook

It rained!! And then it snowed........and then we left!! The drive to Mt Cook was filled with cool views of the New Zealand countryside. We passed through a truly massive grassy plain fringed by mountains which had been the location for a few of the battle scenes in LOTRs. We also passed the surreal turquoise waters of the man made canals which transported water from some massive dam which I can’t remember the name of. By the time we got to the Mt Cook Village turn off the weather had caught us up and it started to rain again. Any view of Mt Cook would have to wait. Being a bit naïve we hadn’t book ahead and were lucky to find a vacancy at the first place we tried a few kilometers from the Village. Being ... read more
Hooker Glacier
Looking up the valley towards Mt Cook village
Mt Cook

I managed to get a couple of views of Mount Cook during my time there. The YHA was full so I stayed at the expensive hostel which was a rip off. We played Trivial Pursuits because the weather was so bad on the afternoon of my arrival. I had a few beers in the eveing with a canadian guy on leave from Afganistan, an english guy and a young dutchman who was some kind of internet geek and was a webmaster for several gambling and porn sites!... read more
Glaciers in Mount Cook National Park
Me on my morning walk

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