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After the gorgeous day yesterday, we woke to light rain and cloud. This was looking the best of the next few days so we decided to stay with our original plan and head up to Mt Cook Village and hope that the weather would be kind to us. It is 70kms from Twizel so the weather could be quite different. But first, we wanted to check out some hired bikes for tomorrow. Real Journeys manage many of the cycle trails down South as well as the A2O which passes through here. There doesn't seem to be a problem with hiring bikes, just not ebikes. They are well and truly booked out for months! Ah well, we'll stick to some canals and avoid some of the more challenging parts of the trail further on from here. We ... read more
Aorangi/Mt Cook finally shows it'self
Swing bridge and Mt Sefton
Hooker Glacier lake with icebergs

Dnes jsme se rozhodli nezůstávat na východním pobřeží a vydali se do vnitrozemí. Ještě jednou jsme se podívali k Jižním Alpám, tentokrát z druhé strany. Cestu tam si zpříjemníme zastávkou ve farmě s lososy, kde shodou okolností pracuje Čech. Tak ho pozdravíme, nakrmíme lososy a pokračujeme dál. Oblast ledovců a ledovcových jezer mě nepřestane udivovat. Kupříkladu jezero Pukaki, přes které je nádherný výhled na oblast Aoraki Mt Cook, se skví jasně tyrkysovou barvou. Abychom majestátní pohoří viděli detailněji, vyrazili jsme na trek k jezeru Hooker. Pro mě to byla dnes první příležitost jak zvednout adrenalin v krvi. Cestou tam jsem musela překonat tři visuté mosty. A sranda byla, že jsme šli stejnou cestou zpátky, takže jsem si pro velký úspěch dala repete :-). Následovala vyhlídka na Tasmanův ledovec a jezero. Někte... read more
Farma s lososy
Jezero Pukaki a výhled na Jižní Alpy
Trek údolím Hooker vedl přes visuté mosty

A five hour bus ride from Christchurch to Twizel allows one to contemplate all sorts of things. What is different about the countryside is the number of livestock. Every field or pasture is full of sheep and their lambs or cattle and their calves. Occasionally a field is full of deer. I start to wonder how many sheep there are in New Zealand. A quick search on google reveals that there are 30 million sheep in NZ. That’s 6 sheep per person. Although that seems high, the number of sheep has decreased by a whopping 44% from a high of 22 sheep per person a few years ago. The missing sheep have been replaced by an increase in cattle.... read more
Sheep are everywhere

Yesterday we hiked several trails in the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park! Simply amazing! The Tasman Glacier is receding and recently the glacial lake has filled up with icebergs that covered the lake the day we were there! Today/Sunday we walked around Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. Next we took a gondola ride up to an incredible view of the city.... read more

Wir wachen gut auf und erkennen, dass der kostenfreie Stellplatz sogar über einen See verfügt. Nach Kaffee und heißer Schokolade geht es los Richtung Lake Tekapu und wir sind begeistert vom Anblick dieses Gebirgsmassivs - Mount Cook erstrahlt vor uns und wir cruisen entlang des Sees bis zur Mount Cook Village, wo wir keine wirkliche Auskunft von dem hochmotivierten Personal enthalten (es darf auch schlechte Tage geben) uns jedoch von der Ausstellung in den Bann ziehen lassen und uns schlauer machen. Insgesamt gibt es 90 Heli-Bergrettungen pro Jahr und auch den einen oder anderen Todesfall – ja das sind 3750 Meter… Das traumhafte Wetter ist wunderbar und wir wandern zuerst bei den Greenlakes (heute waren sie braun – da es sich um Regenwasser handelte; und kein Gletscherschmelzwasser) zum Tasman-Gletscher-See. Wirklich beeindruckender See, dennoch sind wir froh, ... read more
Mount Cook - Massiv Lake Pukaki
Stellplatz - Nähe Twizel
Ausblick Alpinmuseum

Vanuit Clifden gaan we verder, we stoppen eerst in Tutapere waar een 1000 jaar oude Totara boom staat. Een soort die vroeger veel voorkwam in dit deel van Nieuw-Zeeland, maar welke ook erg geliefd was bij houthakkers. Niet veel verder bereiken we voor het eerst de zuidkust van Nieuw-Zeeland. Je kan zien dat het hier vaak goed tekeer gaat, want de bomen groeien allemaal een kant op door de harde wind. We vervolgen onze weg naar Invercargill en slaan we de boodschappen en brandstof voor de komende dagen in, op het Zuideeiland moeten we hier toch iets alerter op zijn dan op het Noordereiland. We rijden verder oostwaarts door een groen, glooiend landschap met vooral veel koeien in de wei. De toeristische route langs de kust naar Curio Bay is vooral heel bochtig en deels onverhard. ... read more
05.1 Versteende Boom Curio Bay
14 Tunnel Beach
18 Pinguin bij Katiki Point .

After enduring a weekend of virtually non-stop rain which thwarted any sightseeing plans we might have had for Lake Tekapo or Lake Pukaki, Linda and I had headed to Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park on the Monday with very low expectations indeed – and as a result had been pleasantly surprised when we were able to complete the 10km return hike from our campsite at the White Horse Hill DOC campground to the large lake at the foot of the Hooker Glacier without being rained upon at all. But if we had considered this small mercy to be a blessing, then we were about to be bestowed with a miracle! Rising from our slumber on Tuesday (14th March) to find the first small patches of blue sky that we had seen in four days, we ... read more
A sight for sore eyes
Green Lake
Glacial Lake

" Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories". Ray Bradbury. 15th March 2017 After some really grey, cold and wet weather, we woke to brilliant clear blue skies which set the pulses racing as we slipped away quietly from the splendour of Lake Brunner. My trusty navigator had spotted a back country road to Route 6 and our onward journey down the lower West Coast. It turned out to be a great choice as this was real NZ back country with verdant green pastures flanked by steeply rising and wooded mountains. This must be a tough place to be in winter as the outside temperature was 5 deg C not forgetting that this is ... read more

Le Mont Cook, point culminant du pays ! Encore une fois la chance est avec nous, la météo nous sourit :) Pleine lune au Mont Cook (on l'a attendue 2h, elle arrivera au final à 12h30, sans éclairé la pyramide...) Les paysages ici sont encore une fois hors du commun. Mais j'ai quand même bien envie de dire bienvenu à la maison !!! Le deuxième jour nous montons à la Hut Mueller, le temps est bouché mais je dois trouver le dernier trésor de l'ile du sud. Arrivé la haut, je suis le premier à la cabane. Katlin la gardienne une américaine du Wyoming, me prête des outils pour chercher mon présent caché dans les poutres. Je n'arriverai à prendre que le mot, la pièce de bois restera là-bas. Ici les gardiens de refuge sont volontaires ... read more
Tasman's glacier
Tasman's Glacier avec Susan

So we have had an exciting few days seeing all sorts but actually not travelling very far. There is a problem with South Island and its this: it is SO jaw-droppingly gorgeous everywhere that you have to keep stopping. So we left Lake Tekapo via the charming but ridiculously crowded Church of the Good Shepard. It is a beautiful stone church built to cater for the spiritual needs of the pioneer Europeans and is still holding services. Trouble is that it is perched right on the lake and bus loads gather all day every day so a nice photo is all but impossible and some people's understanding of appropriate behaviour is not consistent with mine. As I sat inside for a moment of contemplation and considering how I could tease my vicar about "how's this for ... read more

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