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New Zealand is a rare beauty landscapes coutry: mountains, glaciers, crystal clear lakes and island. I started out with a splendid place like Queen Charlotte Sound: which is situated in the northern part of the South Island of New Zealand. It is really natural and abundant in flora and fauna, and it is said that if you are very lucky you can also spot killer whale. My starting point was Ship Cove,and luckily I was alone on that track and for me, since I love quitness and exploring natural places, was absolutely great. This trail was gorgeous, because it alternates stretches aong the coast and others inland. At a certain point I was walking up the trail and I spotted a so called "Kiwi Bird". It is a bird that lives on the land, because it ... read more
Ship Cove
Marlborough Region
Endeavour Inlet

After leaving Nelson I made my way to Marlborough Sound and Picton. I decided to take a trip on the mail boat which travels to different destinations withing the Sound to deliver the mail as most places are not accessible by road so water is the only way they can get mail. A lot of the children who live in these remote places are often schooled at home as access to schools is difficult. We visited about ten different places which included the bay where Capt. Cook landed. The whole area is very beautiful, a lot of the homes there are holiday homes and can only be reached by boat. The sun shone most of the day, on the way back everyone was out on the water, people taking part in small yacht races, sailing, jet ... read more
Queen Charlotte Sound
Marlborough Sound

In summary - we survived! QCT conquered by the Browns.... Day 1 15kms - Ship Cove to Furneaux Lodge Woke to bitterly cold howling winds in Picton (130 km/hr). Early start to catch water taxi - unfortunately the seas were too rough to stop at a wildlife santuary island we were meant to visit, so it was straight to Ship Cove for us. The walk was enjoyable, tough uphill and steep downhill to start the day - then pretty easy after that. Some nice views of the Sounds and beautiful green rainforest. We arrived at Furneaux Lodge at around 2pm, had a hot choc and coffee on the verandah before heading to our waterfront studio to firstly stretch and then have a well deserved arvo nap! Dinner was in the lodge, 3 course meal with bottle ... read more
71 kms to go!
Sip Cove

Refreshed after a night spent in a bed and a shower in the morning, we left 17A Athol Ter. in Christchurch for the final time and strated our journey north. Registered to play in a beach ultimate frisbee tournament the following weekend in Nelson, we had 6 days to fill. Our plan was to visit the seaside town of Kaikoura before moving on to Picton to hike the Queen Charlotte Track. Kaikoura Although worthy of a few-day stopover, we were only able to spend an afternoon. Kaikoura is situated right on the east coast and is often visited by those wanting to go deep sea fishing, whale or dolphin watching. The town is rather small but is filled with great restaurants, fish & chip shops and mom-and-pop kind of stores. We arrived around noon and spent ... read more
High Five
Surprise Dolphin Viewing
Hard Work Rewarded

Our last stop on the south island was the Marlborough/Picton area. First we did some wine tasting near Blenheim. Neither of us are white wine drinkers but we had to try the world renowned Sauvignon Blanc from the region and it was actually pretty good (not that we would know any better anyways). We also treated ourselves to a gourmet lunch at the Allan Scott winery. The green-shelled mussels were huge and delicious! It was really nice because we don’t eat out much since our budget can’t really handle it over here. Hence why we don’t post much for food photos anymore since our cooking isn’t really photo-worthy… After our splurge in Blenheim, it was time to work off all those excess calories on the Queen Charlotte Track. At 71km long, it’s the longest track we’ve ... read more
Jetty at Ship Cove

We had decided on a route for the last area of South Island before heading across the Cook Strait to North. We weren’t really sure how long we were going to be spending anywhere or how long it would take us so we weren’t going to book the ferry until we actually knew what we were doing!! So we headed off towards Nelson. Along the way we took the scenic drive around Ruby Bay rather than head along the main state highway. It wasn’t quite the scenic route we were expecting - there was some really great views across the sea but we weren’t driving next to the sea the whole time which was a little disappointed. We headed onto Rabbit Island which is connected to the mainland by one road only. it’s a conservation area ... read more
a shag on the beach
no one else around
deserted beach on rabbit island

Mel of the Buccaneer Lodge had been kind enough to rearrange room assignments to let me stay in my room until 1 p.m.. Regrettably, it was pouring buckets, so I did not try to walk out to visit the bay or the blue footbridge one last time. I did go to church, at Picton Community Baptist Church. The first hour of the service was worthwhile. There was a lot of singing to a guitar, with the lyrics projected on a movie screen to encourage the parishioners to join in. I joined in enthusiastically, though the only song I recognized was "Amazing Grace." There was some excuse for this, as the oldest copyright date on any of them was 1993. Even "Amazing Grace" had been altered by the interpolation of a new chorus between each verse. ... read more
Artwork aboard ferry
Wellington harbor

Crazy Story #2: I met Garth and his Girldfriend again in Pictons beautiful Supermarket. We want to met us again after the Trek for a couple of Beers. I start at Friday on a lovely Day with a lot of Sun and great Views over the Marlborough Sound. The Path was a little bit muddy but no problem. The first Night i slept on a Campsite in my Tent. The next Morning start with big Problems with my Contact Lenses. I forgot the sucker in my van. Fuck and now. Trust me it's a big problem to put out your lenses without this shit sucker. After that it starts to raining and the weather looks very shit (Wheater Forecast Sun, 20 Degress, haha). After a 4 Hours walk i called the Water Taxi and went back ... read more
Photo 5
Photo 6

On February 4th, I got back on the Stray bus and headed back up to Picton. This is where I left Stray to go to Akaroa, and this is where I left them again on Feb 4th. The bus continued on the Abel Tasman, but I stayed in Picton so that I could do the Queen Charlotte Track (QCT) along the Marlborough sounds. I rested up and bought my needed supplies for a couple of days, hired camping gear from my hostel, and on Feb 6th I embarked on my first multi-day hike. It took me 4 nights/5 days to complete the 71 KM (44 mile) QCT. Most of it was quite easy walking with the exception of the third and fourth days which were more steep and higher up that the other days. Day #3 ... read more

Well we certainly felt the full force of the waves on the Cook Strait, after a fairly rough crossing both Lisa and I arrived in a misty Picton with limited visibility of the sounds. The wind was so strong that we spent our time coat surfing on deck which seemed like the thing to do hence the lack of any ferry photos. Well what to do on a rainy day in Picton? We decided to go and see the Edwin Fox, a migrant ship (now more of a hulk really) that was built c. 1853 to sail the voluntary migrants from GB to NZ. It has an interesting history and had been used for many ventures and cargoes, even as an Australian prison ship where the surname of Holloway appeared on the inventory of Australian prisoners ... read more
on board the Edwin Fox
view from Queen Charlotte Dv.
from Kenuparu Rd.

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