The Sounds

Published: June 14th 2016
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New Zealand is a rare beauty landscapes coutry: mountains, glaciers, crystal clear lakes and island.

I started out with a splendid place like Queen Charlotte Sound: which is situated in the northern part of the South Island of New Zealand.

It is really natural and abundant in flora and fauna, and it is said that if you are very lucky you can also spot killer whale.

My starting point was Ship Cove,and luckily I was alone on that track and for me, since I love quitness and exploring natural places, was absolutely great.

This trail was gorgeous, because it alternates stretches aong the coast and others inland.

At a certain point I was walking up the trail and I spotted a so called "Kiwi Bird".

It is a bird that lives on the land, because it does not fly and with a long thin beak which makes it really cute.

Neither too much hot nor cold it was the perfect season to explore this fantastic place which surpass any other natural beauty on earth.

From time to time I could see some houses scattered along the trail, but everything was so always very peaceful and calm and for me it was bit like a paradise.

After a couple of hours walk, inland, I reached a little lake and a lone house and the water was so shallow that I decided to stop for a while there and wet my feet a bit after a long walk from the morning.

I could also walk around all this lake and see schools of fish sprinting nearby me.

This was a good moment, relaxing sitting on rocks with the sound of the birds and the gentle breeze running along my body.

Soon, dark was coming over and I hurried myself to arrive at the designated camping ground that was only a few kilometers away.

I arrived already at dark and there was only one tent to keep me company, there.

I had my stoves and all the necessities to cook up something warm in the chilling evening. I had my unmissable pasta and a bit of tomato sauce and in a matter of a few minutes my meal was ready.

While sitting on a rock consuming my meal I could see some animal shadows around where I was but I could not distinguish them. It seemed they were about to approach but suddenly they veered and disappear into the wood.

After eating I quickly set up my mattress and sleeping bag and went to sleep.

In the morning, I met those people staying in the other tent but they had already packed up their tent and were about to leave on their next spot.

On my second day, I set off around nine o'clock.This time I was over the hills and I could enjoy better vistas over the entire area.

Keeping walking for a while I then reached the suggestive Many Coves Bay. A myriad of splendid coves unfolding one another and mountains losing in the background gave me a feeling of serene seclusion. Just further up I then met some people trekking along the beautiful Queen Charlotte track.

They were from Sweden and we decided to walk together for the remaining track.

We could see down the valleys, farms with sheeps grazing allover the place and the pretty scenary that kept us for a while just staring at it in awe.

This place is submerged in the nature and there is a great attention to the environment.

We then, late in the afternoon arrived at the pier, where we sat down and retold our travel experiences while waiting for the ferry to collect us and back to the mainland.

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