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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo December 27th 2013

Good moooooooooooooooooorning New Zealand! After a quick shower and breakfast breakfast, it was time to begin my one-woman New Zealand adventure! Ben and Michelle dropped me off at the Auckland buss top, where I quckly found my bus. The buses here are AWESOME, they have flexible passes you can buy that just deduct time from the hours you buy, and once you make a booking thed rivers expect you and you just need to tell them your name. It's a great way to get around the country. My destination today was Otorohanga (oh-tro-HAN-ga, either hard or soft "r"), a small town south of Auckland. Once there I was due to see the Kiwi House and then make my way to a hostel in Waitomo (why-TOE-mo), a small village nearby that was the tourist hub for glowworms. ... read more

Having been the first to arise from my slumbers I enjoyed a walk among the sheep before breakfast. Our agenda for the day was to visit the Waitomo caves which are the home to thousands of glowworms. we booked onto the twelve o'clock tour and were son greeted by our rather odd tour guide. after attempting but falling to say hello to all the tourists in their various languages we were guided into the depths if the cave. The cave has now been returned to it's original owners having been discovered when a Maori chief paddled his canoe into the caves and cane across thousands of little green lights. Inside the limestone cave is a huge cavern nicknamed the "cathedral" where several choirs have performed beneath the stalactites and stalagmites. glowworms are not in fact worms ... read more
Rainy days at the falls
A bit cold at the waterfall
Wandering through the bush

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo April 25th 2013

The down side of taking buses, is that you are dictated by their times, and now being out of peak season, there is only one bus out of Waitomo everyday….at 6pm! So this leaves me the whole day to kill. I go for a run in the stunning morning sunshine, and then enjoy a leisurely shower before checking out at 10am. After this I sit on the outside terrace of the café section of hostel, using the internet, before it starts to rain. The rain continues all day, getting very heavy at times, so I am camped out if the café, sorting my photos and working on job applications until 5.30pm. As I am sitting in the café area all day, I decide to order lunch there, and enjoy a chicken wrap which comes with curly ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo April 14th 2013

Only just catching up and finishing off these blogs and it feels like years ago that we were cruising around New Zealand in our camper van. Time flies, make the most of it! Christchuch Christchurch is one of New Zealand's largest cities nestled between the East coast and the Canterbury Plains of the South Island. Often described as the 'Most English' of New Zealand cities due to it's foundation by English settlers, it's not hard to spot the English influence with the vast majority of streets in the CBD named after English towns. The English influence in Christchurch was however, not the first thing that you notice as you arrive; I'm sure most people heard about the 2011 earthquake that shook the city, but really we had no idea of the scale of damage, destruction and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo January 12th 2013

Visited the caves today has been interesting although you couldn't take any photographs due to the glow worms that live there. There was one beautiful cave there which was called the Cathedral Cave the owners daughter got married in it apparently which I think would have been amazing. The height of the cave was about the same height as the inside of a cathedral and with the stalactites and staglamites giving a very majestic feel. The guide told us that in New Zealnd if your land has caves beneath it then the caves belong to you, the government take a small skim off if they are open to the public. The lady who got married here was a direct descendant of the original Maori owner. It takes about twenty minutes for your eyes to adjust to ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo January 11th 2013

Had a splendid drive up the west coast today, leaving Ohaero I travelled through Hobbittland, not sure where it was filmed I know it was somewhere in New Zealand but this looked like it. After this hit the surf then on through Atoki Gorge which was beautiful. Can't believe I drove for about an hour and three quarters and neve saw a town of any size until I ached Te Kuiti. Next stop Waitomo Caves.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo October 21st 2012

21. Oktober – Waitomo Caves Früh um 06.00h: Der erste Blick aus dem Fenster entscheidet das Programm für heute. Nein, jetzt wird noch nicht aufgestanden! Der Himmel ist mit Regenwolken verhangen, dicken, dunkelgrauen Wolken. Eine Überraschung ist das eigentlich nicht, denn diese Störung wurde vom Wetterdienst vorausgesagt. Wir nehmen es heute gemütlich, stehen nach 08.00h auf und frühstücken in aller Ruhe und ausgiebig. Gegen 10.00h besteigen wir unser Auto. Rolf als Fahrer übernimmt die Hauptarbeit für diesen Tag (wie immer! Ich möchte an dieser Stelle mal Danke für deine Fahrkünste sagen, schliesslich fährt es sich auf der linken Strassenhälfte nicht so einfach für Europäer). Ah ja...Ihr wisst ja noch gar nicht, wo es hingehen soll! Unser Ziel sind die Waitomo Caves, die ca. 150 km in nord-westlicher Richtung von Taupo liegen. Das Besondere an d... read more
In Waitomo
Einstieg in die Höhle
Einstieg in die Höhle

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo December 4th 2011

4.12.2011 Off to Waitomo today, stopped off for a walk on the way through some old gold mines, disused now as theres no gold left. Once it was the one of the biggest mines digging for gold. We arrived at our accomodation for the night and it was very nice again. We were sharing with 7 people but they were off our bus so it was all good. Me and Sophie had some lunch, we are saving money and cooking for ourselves now - so noodles it was! After lunch we went black water rafting which we had signed up for on the bus. We were fitted with wet suits, wellies, helmets then found a blown up innertube to fit our bums. Varied from car to tractor tubes depending on how big you are, I went ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo June 11th 2011

Another busy day started with our 9AM reservation to hike through another cave on a 2-hour guided tour. We were hopeful that our guide on this adventure would actually finish the tour with us. The Ruakuri Cave is one that was only recently reopened to the public (about 6 years ago). The government had been running tours for about 120 years via boat until a Maori burial site was found in one of the caves dry entrances. This led to a legal dispute that resulted in the land owner above the cave claiming the rights to the caves below. A company contracted with him to build a separate entrance with a 60-foot spiral ramp down to the caves below. Nearly all of the tour was conducted on walkways that were built above the cave floor and ... read more
Ruakuri Cave
Glow worm with feeding lines
The kids posing for a different picture in the cave

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo June 10th 2011

Our last day on Hot Water Beach gave us a unique opportunity. As the time for low tide continued to shift, it was going to arrive around 7AM on our departure date. We decided to head down first thing to have one last go at the pools. I wish getting the kids up for school was as easy as getting them up to go to the beach first thing in the morning. All three children methodically crawled out of bed, got their suits on and robotically marched to the door. We grabbed our shovels and headed to the hot water section of the beach. There were three cars in the parking lot, so we expected to have some company. We passed two twentyish men running through the surf away from the hot water. To our amazement, ... read more
Enjoying a nice soak
The L&P bottle
ExceLoo, ExceLoo, Potty Time, Excellent!

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