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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo March 1st 2006

After our extended stay in Raglan we set off for Rotorua via Waitomo Caves.... here's the thing... I decided it was time to face my fear and head deep under ground! Kitted out in our rather attractive wetsuits and white gum boots (wellies to you and me) we treked across the fields a bit like the Thunderbirds towards the caves. All was going well...wading and crawling through water, a wee tea break to warm up and look at the glow worms, fondly known as "cannabilistic maggots with shiny shit" and then floating along on rubber rings enjoying a rendition of "Yellow Submarine", a wee bit of Opera and by far the best an in tune version of "Stand By Me" (beautifully sang Boys!). Lying back we were looking up at the glowing ceiling ...and that's ... read more
Government Building
Slim's Cultural Experience

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo January 13th 2006

Over to the west coast our main aim to Black Water Raft the Waitomo Caves in another thrilling adventure. Not as nerve racking or tiring as the Canyoning but still involving a couple of big drops and climbs. It was Nick's turn to be nervous this time - something to do with getting stuck in a squeeze and the wisdom of caving on big fault lines. We had to abseil into a 30 m hole, look at glow worms, float on inner tubes (very cold) and slide on a zip line in the pitch black. No injuries this time. We also spent a bit of time walking around and looking at tunnels and caves elsewhere.... read more
There must be hot water down here somewhere!
Another Cave
Another waterfall

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo April 26th 2005

After a few days in Auckland I'd had enough of the city (everyone else seems to love it here but for me the best thing about it was buying my bus ticket out...) and was keen to get back to some smaller places. And you can't really get too much smaller than Waitomo... from what I saw in my two days there, Waitomo has a hotel, a couple of backpacker places, a small store, a bar, a tourist info place and that's more or less it. The main reason people come here is to see the caves and glow worms. And in true NZ style there are all sorts of ways to seem them - the action adventure route (blackwater rafting in oversized tyres, canyoning, etc) and the less adventurous tours where you gently float through ... read more
Waitomo Caves

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo January 26th 2005

Drove down to Waitomo today, the main attraction being the glow worm caves. As far as we have read there is not that much more to do here than visit the caves so we decided just one night here would be fine. Another scortching day and as soon as we arrived we dumped our stuff and headed for the caves which were a five minute walk from our hostel. The glow worm cave tour was $28 each, we thought it was a bit pricey but we were only here to do that so in we went. Our tour guide was a funny guy, had a very posh accent and we couldn't work out if he was a New Zealander or a Brit. The caves were very interesting and the guide kept pointing to fallen stalegtights and ... read more
Inside the cave

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo July 15th 2004

Today I signed up for Black Water Rafting which is quite different from white water rafting.  Although I wasn't sure if it would be going ahead at seems to have rained non stop since late the previous night.  I actually wasn't in a raft at all, but instead an inner tube from a large tyre.  I donned a 9mm wet suit some funky shorts and white boots and a helmet with a lamp on that is like a miners helmet. The first test was to jump backwards off a platform (5m) into a sediment filled brown river - think the only reason I managed this was because the instructor - Jenny pulled my ankles back over the edge.  I am sure it was less than a second of falling but it felt like ages.  I managed ... read more
Black Water Rafting

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Waitomo January 8th 2004

The first day in New Zealand, and by the end of it, I already feel like I belong here. Everyone in the group seems to mesh well, and this place is beautiful. The only sad moment was having to relinquish my Cirque juggling balls at customs because they may have had seeds in them, and the test for know for sure cost more than I paid for the balls themselves. Stepping out of the airport was like stepping into a dream. The air smelled sweet like Maine, only the temperature was perfect and the airport more remote. Our first trip took us to One Tree Hill, a monument where we spelled out “Pacific Challenge” in rocks, and I realized in climbing the hill, with some dread, just how out of shape I am. Then we went ... read more

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