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Troisième BnB de suite - le deuxième fût magnifique dans un verger avec un immense terrain et une hôte incroyablement gentille et attentionnée - a été dans un style complètement différent, perdu dans un petit village et mitoyen à un bric à brac qui sert à faire de drôle de soirées (déguisement, instruments de musiques, accessoires, bars...). Nous sommes partis aux aurores à la conquête du Mordor (Ref Seigneur des anneaux, oeil de Sauron), autrement connu sous le nom "mont Ngauruhoe". Il s'agit de la plus belle randonnée de Nouvelle Zélande: 19 km et 1137 mètres de dénivelé positif et une hauteur de maximum de 2287 mètres. Le chemin n'étant pas une boucle nous nous sommes arrangés avec des personnes logeants au même endroit pour parker nos voitures à chaque extrémités. Le départ de la marche ... read more
Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Tongariro Alpine Crossing

I may have a slight addiction to waterfalls. I like to think that we make decisions together on which hikes to take in the various parks and places we visit, but Aaron knows and I know too, that if there is a hike to a waterfall listed in a guide, all other hikes are essentially off the table. Case in point, yesterday I spent three dollars on a Tongariro National Park hiking booklet. There are 42 glorious pages of hikes detailed in this booklet. Two of them end up at waterfalls. We did both of those hikes. I'm sure the other hikes are beautiful, especially in an area like this, but I barely glanced at them. Aaron, being the good sport that he is, looked at the book after I did, and "chose" the waterfall hikes. ... read more

Yesterday was such a great day! We arrived at Tongariro National Park early in the morning, and spent the morning and afternoon enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Staff at our lodge recommended the Taranaki Falls Loop for a great did she know I love waterfalls?! It was such a beautiful day outside, 70 degrees and sunny with a gentle breeze. It just doesn't get much nicer than that! The views were spectacular, too. When we arrived at the falls after about an hour of hiking, we sat on the boulders near the plunge pool and relaxed, cooling off in the spray. Both of us were in awe of the beauty of the place. We made it back to the lodge around five last night, cooked dinner in the community kitchen, and did laundry. New Zealand is ... read more
Mount Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom for LOTR Fans)
Volcanic Rock and Mountain Heather
Aaron at Taranaki Falls

Do města Taupo, které má 20 000 obyvatel (v létě prý až 100 000), jsme dorazily v pátek 26. prosince autobusem z Aucklandu. Cesta trvala 5 hodin, ale utekla poměrně rychle a navíc - stále se je čím kochat. V Taupu nás vyzvedl nás hostitel přes Couchsurfing a za půl hodiny jsme s ním a jeho synem jeli na víkendový dům (něco jako naše chata…něco jako;)) jeho rodiny. Tam nás hostila jeho máma, její přítel, bratr, nevlastní bratr se ženou a 2 dětmi a jejich neteř…jo a pes Charlie :) Zpočátku to bylo divné, nevěděly jsme, zda jsme vítané, ale postupně jsme si na sebe zvyklí, víc si povídali a bylo to fajn. Víceméně jsme se jen tak poflakovali, v sobotu jsme jeli na kajak a v neděli rybařit a tramtarara, chytila jsem svou první rybku! ... read more

"Wow, quel plaisir de trouver de la neige en arrivant dans la région du Park National du Tongariro! Ce parc est connu pour ses randonnées aux alentours des 3 volcans : Tongariro, Ngauruhoe et Tama, parc qui a également servi de lieu de tournage pour le célèbre film "Le Seigneur des anneaux". Nous sommes arrivés la veille pour démarrer au petit matin la célèbre randonnée " Tongariro Alping Crossing" d'une distance de 19,4 kms et qui selon les kiwis est l'une des plus belles au monde... A écouter les kiwis, chaque endroit, chaque spécialité, est considéré comme l'un des "most famous of the world".. A voir.. Petite anecdote, l'un des volcans, le Ngauruhoe a eu sa dernière éruption en 2012.. Pourvu qu'il reste sage demain.. Au réveil, et en direction de notre point de départ pour ... read more
1er repas dans notre roulotte.. Ça caille dans cette région volcanique!
Mongatepopo Hut
Top départ du tongarino alping n'y a pas d'éruption volcanique aujourd'hui..

Finally, the day arrived to move on, ready for more travels! After exactly 8 months, I'm leaving the hotel. I can't believe I stayed this long here! The fact that it's an excellent place to save money, THAT'S what kept me here for so long. It would have been hard to find another job with the same conditions I had here, and with the possibility to save well. I'm surely going to miss the hotel, but I couldn't wait longer to leave. Most of all, I'll miss the people at work. I've met so many people, most of them friendly and cool..."most", but not all hahah! The majority I'll never see again, but many I'll probably see again in their home country or in Curaçao one day. I'll also miss having my own room, my own ... read more
Loung and the restaurant in the background
With Joseph (Joey) from Curaçao

Goodday everyone, It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog, two months to be exact. I’m still working here at the hotel and I’ve been here for 7 months now. Work is going well, I can't complain! It’s been quite busy because the ski-season is still on. We recently had two weeks of school holidays and there were a lot of families staying. I’ve been taught to do check-ins, so once a while I’d jump behind the desk to do a couple of check-ins which is a good thing for a change. Since early September I started cleaning the staff lodges too, every four days, so I don’t have to pay rent (NZ$ 95 per week). It’s really easy and doesn’t take too long to do and I’m happy with it, since it allows ... read more
Chairlift of Mt. Ruapehu with Mt. Ngaruhoe in the background
6km to the village and the hotel
Dusk at Lake Taupo

Trust, submission, surrender, yielding; all words that I detest. To say I hate giving up control is an understatement; I see it like handing over the reins and being driven off a cliff. But when you’re caving, there are no cliffs, just endless holes that lead to the belly of the earth and since I have no sense of direction underground and there’s no map to follow, I indeed do have to surrender to the greater knowledge of my guides. Imagine how that feels. For this lesson in surrender we find ourselves in Waitomo. Not much to look at above ground but once you squeeze yourself through a hobbit-sized hole there are massive caves in which to go exploring. The area used to be underwater, when New Zealand was nothing but a small rock in a ... read more

Mount Ruapehu is in the Tongariro region of New Zealand’s north island and is one of the active volcano’s in the region, the others being Mt. Nagarahoe and Mt. Ruapehu. The region is known for its outstanding volcanic features, crystal blue lakes and desert-like landscape has all the ingredients for a perfect adventure. I was in the mountains for the weekend with a group of fun people and we stayed at the Whakapapa skifield for the night. Early the next morning, under clear blue skies and visibility as far as the eye could see we decided to head to the mountains. After brief enquiries we decide on the six hour tramp which would take us right to the center of the Tongaririo region between Mt. Ruapehu and Mt. Nagarahoe. The first half hour of the tramp ... read more
Taranaki Falls
The Lower Tama lake and Mount Ruapehu
The Upper Tama lake and Mount Nagarahoe

Hello everyone. 28 June 2013 – 28 June 2014 Today it’s exactly one year since I left Curaçao for this adventure of travelling and working around the world. So far everything went well and I don’t regret the decision I made. Today, one year and about 20 countries later, I’m looking forward to continue with the journey in a couple of months. I'm not home-sick but I miss Curaçao, my family and childhood friends. I can’t wait to be back home and see everyone again but at the same time I want to stay away a little bit longer to see and experience more of the world. Because once I go back home, I wouldn’t easily make such a trip again. Curaçao is on my mind every single day because I listen to the music, read ... read more
near the Taranaki Falls and Mt. Ruapehu in background, Tongariro National Park
Mount Ngharuhoe
At work with my colleague Thomas

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