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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Otorohanga December 3rd 2018

2nd December I wake up about 6.30 just as the sun is starting to rise. I pop to the loo, open the van doors and climb back under the duvet for another hour or so. I could get used to waking up to the rising Sun, the morning chorus and the sound of the water lapping on the waterfront. It is going to be SOOO hard when I have to go back to work. Eventually, my stomach tells me it us time for breakfast, so I make tea and toast and generally watch the world go by for another hour or so. I also had a stab at another painting; still not fit for public display I afraid. Time to make a decision, stay or go, given that it is almost 10 and I have to ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Otorohanga December 1st 2018

1st December I had a fairly random breakfast of a boiled egg, weet-bix and half a sausage which do could find room for last night. I get myself sorted fairly quickly this morning and park up at the cafe, grab a coffee, and read my book until 1o when the museum opens. I find myself putting the world to rights with the chap who chats to me I the museum, I have been doing a lot of that, putting the world to rights. Decisions, decisions, where shall I go? I consulted with the trusty map, abd decide upon Kawhia, it is on the coast, so there should be a campsite there. Whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere some things do not change, the 1st December is the first official day of summer and ... read more
View for the evening.
Random bikes

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country March 5th 2018

Day 8: Timber trail Lodge to Ophango, 95km. Worries, single track trails, gravel roads and a sprinkle of asphalt The Donkey woke up this morning with lots of worries swirling through his head. He did not know why. The back of his head was on fire from the shingles and he was not hungry. He forced himself to eat breakfast and was joined by a couple of hard-out bike trackers, the first of wave six, which left two days after the Donkey’s fifth wave. He knew the pair, they were antelopes who lived somewhere in the mountains on the South Island. The Donkey had met them before at a more formal occasion. The Donkey was impressed with their progress. He studied their bikes and saw that they had all their gear perfectly balanced in small bags ... read more
The Donkey before crossing a swing bridge
The Donkey after crossing a swing bridge
Owhango Hotel

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Waitomo February 25th 2011

In our travels in New Zealand so far we hadn't encountered much of the Maori population, in fact in the South Island we hadn't encountered much of any population at all. But as we headed North the human presence increased, and historical significance of the Maori people became more evident. We left Wellington and drove to Tongariro National Park where we hoped to climb within this volcanic region, perhaps even to the top of Mt Ngurahoe (aka Mt Doom). The land within this National Park was gifted to the New Zealand government by a local iwi (tribe) in 1887, who saw this to be the only way to preserve an area of spiritual significance. We were looking forward to the hiking, but unfortunately over night the weather took a down turn, clouds clogged the sky and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Waitomo August 25th 2009

I spent about 5 days in total in Raglan just surfing everyday usually twice a day for about 2-3 hours a time. It was brilliant because my hostel has a sauna and a hot tub so I just surfed, relaxed, ate and had some social beers with people the entire time. Raglan is an amazing small town with a great laid back vibe, a sleepy town where time doesn't really matter except when the high and ow tides are for the surf, and a calm get away from life in general. The days melted by and I made some great friends from a couple of Brits, a South African, and several Canadians and Australians. This all being said there really isn't much to do than just relax and surf. I have finished a couple of books ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Waitomo April 6th 2008

Matt Writes: Most people spend Sundays nursing hangovers, eating oversized breakfasts while reading equally large Sunday supliments, others may attend church. Our Sunday was to veer (ever so slightly) to the side of unorthadox ways to spend the day of the Sabbath. Up at 7.00 for a quick breakfast because by 8.30 because we were once again squeezing ourselves into damp wetsuits, this time with boots and hardhats with lamps. Today we were going to explore the Waitomo Caves. After a few giggles at our ridiculous costumes we drove the short distance to the cave entrance where we selected our favoured rubber ring and practiced jumping arse first into the cold water from a platform. This was because once we were in the caves we would encounter sub tennian waterfalls that would have to negotiate in ... read more
Find a bumhole suitable for you....
Splash Down
Snake Hips

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Waitomo November 11th 2007

Last night was very cold. According to the forecast, it dropped to just 6C. Within the confines of the mobile bed it certainly felt that cold but, snugged up under my duvet, I really didn’t notice and slept soundly until about half seven. By that time, the sun was up, the tide was on its way out and the sky was blue. It was also significantly warmer than the overnight low. The day ahead was to be my last on the road. It was to be a day of stark contrasts, from the stunningly beautiful scenery to the just beautiful; from the clear blue sky to the sudden downpour which stopped as quickly as it started; from the 60 miles of smooth tarmac to the 100 miles of gravel! It was also to be a day ... read more
Marakopa Falls
Bridal Veil Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Waitomo February 15th 2007

We got up at 7am this morning and made our way to Rap raft n'rock. After a short drive into the middle of no-where we arrived at a field with a hut and metal storage thingy... we donned our gear whcih consisyed of hard hat ad wet suit wellies and some very special purple trousers!! We looked so pretty! we then did another short drive . we did some practice stuff with ropes on a fence then headed off to do the real thing. we walked down a few steps which led us to the top of the caves we attached ourselves to a safety rope. Kate had taked the lead at this point so she was first to go down when he told her to bend her legs and step off the ledge she said" ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » King Country » Waitomo February 14th 2007

Valentines cards in the post for us 3 ha ha!! The railway thing we slept in last night was freezing so none of us got much sleep as we didn't have sleeping bags. Today was my turn to drive the 1st stop was not far from Raglan and was bridal veil falls which was a 50 m waterfall. Then we went on to a beach which if u buried yourslef you could feel hot water we only managed to bury our feet but it was pretty weird! After lunch we drove onto Waitomo caves we have been out for a meal in the local pub (not very romantic)whcih was full of NZ workmen! One of the roads we tok today was horendous it lasted for about 1 hour and i couldn't drive any faster than ... read more

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