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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland February 13th 2023

Auckland looks a lovely city through the rain showers which have been constant since we arrived. At least we arrived here before the cyclone. We have had high alert weather warning, set for 7pm tonight! Sadly all excursions were cancelled so no sailing for Roger. Yesterday we had a look around a few blocks near the wharf. Ship is docked very close to downtown. Today we tried to go to museum but closed due to weather so went to Sky City and up the Sky Tower. Some super views despite misty conditions. Hopefully Hop on hop off bus running tomorrow so can try museum again. It has natural history as well as discovery of island and war memorial. Bay if Islands cancelled too( apparently 12 m waves there yesterday!) We are due to stop in Tauranga ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central February 9th 2023

Jane did all the heavy lifting today. Why? She isn’t colour blind or deaf, can read, stable … on her feet that is, able to run and is a techno whiz. I tagged along … enjoying the no responsibility day. We purchased an Auckland Transport (Metro bus) card and loaded each with $10. First destination, Mt Eden (Maungawhau). The bus driver got out of the bus to show us where to catch the return bus … result … we forgot to tag off … result … $1.31 remained on each card for a trip that was to use only $1.15 Travel and learn. We walked along a rising road winding around the Mt before taking over 300 wooden stairs to the top. It was fresh and we enjoyed the greenery and the views even though the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waiheke Island February 8th 2023

We hadn’t planned to visit Waiheke Island today. It was a ‘considered’ spur-of-the-moment decision. We were at the waterfront to enquire about ferry tickets to Waiheke tomorrow. However, we had seen the ‘not-set-in-stone’ weather forecast that a storm front could be hitting the upper North Island, including Auckland, tomorrow, so it made sense to visit Waiheke today. After purchasing our tickets, we still had nearly an hour before boarding the ferry, so we explored the waterfront. We had the good fortune of coming across a group of Maori dancers practicing. We watched. We asked if we could take a photo or two. Not a problem. We continued our wandering and took a few snaps of the city from the wharf edges. The ferry took about 40 minutes to sail to Waiheke, a 92 sq km island ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central February 7th 2023

Even though we have been riding for long periods each day we are not sleeping well at all. As way of an example was being fully awake before 3.30 this morning. We didn’t miss the shuttle to the airport for our flight to Auckland at 9.45am! Jane had the window seat and took some great shots. I've used 3 ... with permission! Accommodation is central, downtown Auckland and the room is very roomy, quiet and high class. We shuttled in by shuttle …definitely the cheapest and delivery right to the door. We have spent the remainder of the day looking at maps, hard copies and internet variety, and reading of places of interest to explore. We came with an overview of what we wanted to do in the North Island but for Auckland itself we were ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland January 17th 2023

Kia Ora everyone. It's now Wednesday morning and back on ‘home’ soil now after another relatively good flight back from Honolulu yesterday. Nothing really to report about the day….started a bit earlier than others…..finished packing up…most had been done the evening before. Got the ‘baggage man’ up with a trolley to pick up ALL the cases while we went to check out…only to be told our debit card had been declined again.. Knew there was more than enough $US on it to cover what was required to be paid so suggested to the nice lady that it did need a PIN number…..Golly gosh now it worked. I’m beginning to think they don’t have PIN numbers on cards in the US…seems a bit weird. Anyway got it all sorted and paid. Loaded the Chevy Impala up with ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland November 30th 2022

Bonjour à tous, Le souper hier au soir, belle déception, la miss Ruby, ne travaille pas en début de semaine. Moi qui pensais que c'était la patronne, en tout cas elle en avait le comportement. Ce n'est qu'une serveuse. Je commande mes linguines que je n'avais pas eu la veille, je ne fais pas attention, la recette n'est plus la même, ce soir elles sont sauce chili, plus???, ce qui m'emporte la bouche. Du coup, j'ai pioché ce qui me convenais dans l'assiette. Je crains ce qui est trop "hot", et en plus la veille de passer 35H dans les aéroports et avions. La dernière demie journée en NZ, la route pour Auckland. Il faut que je rende la voiture vers 15H. 7H30, je prends le pdj, avec 2 autres clients NZ, ils viennent spécialement et ... read more
Auckland Kuala Lumpur

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central November 5th 2022

Bonjour à tous, Comme vous pouvez le constaté je suis bien à Auckland. Je n'ai pas d'explication, au texto que j'ai reçu concernant cette panne technique. Je n'en ai pas demandé non plus, beaucoup trop de difficultés à comprendre les australiens. Vol à l'heure, tout ce qui à de plus normal. Juste une bonne crise d'angoisse pour moi, avec ce sms. Le repas du matin, était franchement pas terrible, mais celui pour Auckland, immonde. La boîte repas occupe une moitié de tablette d'avion, c'est dire si c'est copieux. 2 saucisses genre cocktail, une cuillère à café de purée, idem en petits pois, et rien d'autre, même pas de pain. Il ferait mieux de ne rien servir. Comme je vous l'avais dit à Auckland, j'étais prit en charge par un chauffeur, pour me conduire à l'hôtel. RDV ... read more
côte NZ

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland October 10th 2022

We packed up quickly at Tokomaru Bay and were on the road, SH35, early. The worst road so far because of the immense damage done during recent storms. Washouts, slips along the whole route with many work parties doing their best. We were a bit ignorant and had expected that some, or a lot of the road would be along the coastline. Should have looked at a map. Lots and lots of hill country, farmland, rivers, bush instead. Had a coffee at Te Puia Springs. Sighted the only Maori-run hospital in the country. Serves the wider community in the Tokomaru, Te Puia, Ruratoria etc area. Ruratoria was different to what we had imagined. We expected to see lots of Maori Independence flags flying and evidence of anti-colonialism but no. It was smaller than we'd expected and ... read more
Old Pohutukawa
Old Pohutukawa Te Araroa
East Cape road

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 23rd 2022

When you have a dinosaur lover in your family, you know you have to do a road trip to see the real T-Rex skeleton as soon as it arrives at Auckland Museum. You make plans, sort out accommodation and pile two adults, two kids and two dogs into the car and go. Along the way, all you hear about is the T-Rex. You learn more about it than you ever needed or wanted to know. You are over the T-Rex half an hour into the very long journey. But you comfort yourself with the knowledge that it will all be worth it once your six year old grandson finally sees a real dinosaur. You arrive at the museum. It takes ages to find a carpark which doesn't please the impatient dinosaur lover in the backseat. You ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland February 6th 2022 read more

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