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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central April 27th 2015

Hi All, We woke up nice and early and headed out for a quick breakfast before heading down to the ferry terminal to pick up the airport shuttle. (If you have used the naked bus you can get the airport shuttle for free if you show your number!! Saves you $16!!) Once there the bus quickly arrived and we were heading to the airport. The drop off is right outside the departures gate; after talking to the guide office we then had to pick up our campervan, we took had get a free bus to the Britz office about 10 min’s drive away. Right let me start, people who book up a campervan with STA travel, this is what they don’t tell you!! · You have to pay either $7500 dollars deposit or a daily fee ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Devonport April 26th 2015

Hi everyone, Today we were heading back to Auckland; we had to get up early as our bus back was at 0810. We woke to the chorus of the Asian girls drying their hair!!! They were heading to the Waimoto Forest we had gone to yesterday, so we gave the guy some tips on where to stop and everything. We left the keys of our rental car at the reception and headed off to the bus. It was only a 5 min walk from the hostel so we got there early and had a relaxing sit around. Our bus turned up a bit late, we had the chattiest bus driver ever!!! He would not shut up!!! About 10 minutes into the bus journey a girl at the back piped up and said our luggage has all ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central April 21st 2015

Hi All, We woke up and Eduardo and Susane had left for work so we had a lie in, we then went into the city early after getting breakfast in Onehunga, The bus took about 30 minutes even though it’s only about 15km from the city (Bus 302-304-305 are buses to the city from here). We got off the bus at the civic theatre where we followed some of the Lonely Planet recommendations including Auckland Art Gallery (we were not impressed as all the exhibits in there were just weird, some Billy apple….what are people thinking); we strolled through the Albert park, which was close to the Auckland University; we then passed the Old government house and the clock tower. We walked up the high street and got to the harbour area where the ferry terminal ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Rangitoto April 21st 2015

Getting out to LAX was a breeze. LAX, I can say I officially hate. Large airport, terrible signage, smoggy smelly air, Nicest TSA I've ever met, but sucks to fly international. You have to go out of the airport, take a bus then back through security to catch your plane. Just glad I don't have to do that often. We arrived into Auckland Airport about 8 am on Monday the 20th. The staff and customs are really nice. They even joked and teased. We made a quick call on the pay "tele" to the cab company. Within 40 minutes of arriving we had our luggage, went through customs, got a local phone number and had a driver calling us by name and placing our bags into the trunk of his car. We are staying at a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central April 20th 2015

Hi All, We woke in the morning, it seemed so early, probably because it was still dark outside. Jade’s car had trouble starting for about 20 minutes, her security lock on the car keys was malfunctioning, so Neil took it apart but it still wouldn’t work. When we decided to take the train we all got out of the car, at which point she said lets try the button one more time and it thankfully worked. I think it must also have a sensor on it…. We still got to the airport in plenty of time, but it did mean Jade was a little late for work (sorry Jade). We walked around the shops at Sydney aiport, but they were doing refurbishments so there were no clothes shops (disappointing). Our flight was delayed an hour too ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central April 19th 2015

I've never blogged before and at this moment don't intend to beyond this trip. However, due to the circumstances I am currently blessed to be facing it seems like a necessity. I won't pretend I am a good writer or able to provide any deep insights into the meaning of life. Rather, this cyber pit stop will serve to help my scatter brain try to keep track of my journey through New Zealand and my brief visit to Australia in July. This is also intended to keep all of you friends and family in the loop of the fun things I am getting to experience while I am here. I will be posting pictures that I deem post-worthy (NOTE TO READERS - all pictures are taken from my iPhone and will most likely be average in ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 14th 2015

Hi everyone, currently sat at AUCKLAND airport waiting for next plane, we left Cook Islands a bit later than expected, 03.00 am, took 4 hours and 10 minutes to get here, now waiting for another plane at 08.00 am, however we are on Wednesday and not Tuesday as we thought. It was Tuesday 03.00 am when we left the island so we are now baffled by the time difference, but too tired to try and work it out and quite frankly don't care !!!! I have been adding more photos on the last 2-3 blogs, as I have half an hour free internet Here at airport. I will blog when we arrive at next location. Wish I could lie down and sleep !!!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 13th 2015

Today I'm flying back to Australia. So it's time to leave New Zealand, a beautiful country with a fairytale-like nature. I really liked and enjoyed it. I've seen so many amazing places, met wonderful people, visited my dear friend and had great unique experiences. One of them was skydiving, so I'd like to share some photos of jumping off the plane at 12000 ft in Taupo with those of you who don't have a Facebook access. 45-seconds freefall at 170km/h speed and flying over the town, over the lake, and over the clouds!! Such a breathtaking and fantastic feeling!!! And while in Hamilton, I had a lovely time with Natasha. Some evenings we would just watch our favorite cartoons and films from the childhood, cook or bake, mostly our national/Russian cuisine:) Pelmeni, syrniki, muffins, I even ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 10th 2015

Gensyn med venner Jakob og Morten, som jeg mødte i Taupo, var med bussen mod Auckland. Det var meget hyggeligt at vide, at jeg ville kende nogen i Auckland, når jeg skulle tilbringe tre en halv dag der. Det var en rimelig lang tur til Auckland. Vi kørte fra Wellington kl. 08.00 og vi var i Auckland omkring kl. 14.30. Ja det ville have fået mig til toppen af Jylland fra København af derhjemme… Og vi klager over at skulle køre halvanden time! Det kommer jeg sikkert til at gøre igen, men prøv lige at lade det synke ind. Seks en halv time, så ville man kunne nå eftermiddags the og aftensmad. Det ville nok være at foretrække at kunne overnatte, så man først skulle tage turen igen dagen efter, men det ville faktisk godt kunne ... read more
Man må intet
Udsigt fra Aucklands havn
Udsigt over Auckland fra Mt. Eden

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 7th 2015

Hi everyone, well after a very painful night with my foot, will post photo of swollen foot, it is the left one, (feet look dirty, but it's the tan!! Seriously have tanned feet and legs !!), had to get up for loo in night, (sorry too much info), (remember loo down the corridor, as we have to share), couldn't walk, had to wake Stu for help, he said 'I feel like a carer' (I said, 'get used to it, things to come' !!) Anyhow took more pain killers, woke up this morning, foot much better, except Stu's left eye was all red and puffy, he said 'what's happened' ? I couldn't stop laughing. Have no idea what's wrong with it. So the walking wounded went off The Auckland War Memorial Museum and spent all afternoon there, ... read more

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