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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central July 30th 2015

Nun bin ich schon ein Monat ein Teil der arbeitenden Bevölkerung in Neuseeland. Unfassbar, wie schnell das geht und die Zeit verfliegt,wenn man immer beschäftigt und unterwegs ist. Kürzlich hatten wir ein Galadinner mit 700 Personen, was natürlich gut auf Trab hält. Am Mittwoch kommt Maria nun auch aus ihrem Deutschlandurlaub wieder und ich ziehe wieder in Hostel. Die 4,5 Wochen in ihrem Zimmer in der WG war schon ganz nett,aber es ist doch recht einsam. Chris, der Mitbewohner, arbeitet auch viel und durch meine Schichten sieht man sich dann auch mal eine Woche überhaupt nicht. Somit ist man schon anfälliger für , na nennen wir es mal Sehnsuchtsattacken nach Deutschland. Heimweh ist schlimmer und da hatte ich erst einen schlimmen Tag Anfang Juni, also kurz nach meiner Ankunft in Auckland. Wenn es mir in der ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 17th 2015

A Stückerl weg von Daheim 18.000 Kilometer und 56 Stunden Reisezeit. So sieht der Weg von München nach Neuseeland aus. Natürlich ist das etwas geflunkert, denn man muss ja auch noch an diversen Flughäfen warten und wenn man Glück hat, verbringt man einen ganzen Tag im Hostel. Jap, ich bin jetzt da. Zumindest fast. Einen Flug gibts noch von Auckland nach Dunedin (spricht man übrigens "Daniidn"). Und da ich gerne Dinge vergesse bis mich jemand danach fragt, schreib ich einfach alles auf und nötige euch es zu lesen :). Der Startschuss war um 22:40 Ortszeit München als der Ethiad Flieger Richtung Abu Dhabi abhob. Zwei Tage zuvor bin ich noch spontan mit meinem Papa nach Kroatien gefahren um nochmal kräftig Sonne und Wärme zu tanken bevor ich mich ins verregnete und arschkalte Neuseeland bewege. Demnach ging ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 14th 2015

But I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five hundred more…….well maybe not:/ We left Snells Beach early Monday morning and headed to Tawharanui Regional Park. Tawharanui Regional Park sits on a remote peninsula (well maybe not that remote, Omaha beach is just around the corner). The park is 588 hectares, with whites sand beaches, rolling pastures, shingled bays, native coastal forest and regenerating wetlands. It is New Zealand’s first integrated open sanctuary (mainland island) where farming, public recreation and conservation of native species combine. It also has a Marine Reserve on the Omaha Bay side of the peninsula. However we did see a group of young teenagers in the distance head down to the beach with fishing rods. Perhaps they can’t read? The North/South Coast track was on our hit list today. ... read more
Tawharanui - Anchor Bay
Tokatu Point - Loop Track
View to Kawau Island - South Track

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 12th 2015

3 Little Piggie’s went to market………Yes a quick visit to the Matakana Markets. Very popular market but I still think the Clevedon one is better. A stash of Dukkah and The Golden Girls fresh Natural Peanut butter and we were off to Leigh. Called in at the wharf I am sure the same guy was fishing off the wharf that was there the last time we visited. Lovely spot with not a lot of room for boaties trailers however. Headed to Pakiri beach next, the place that has squeaky (singing) sandJ. A bit of useless information is that the sand grains need to be near spherical with no sharp edges and it also has to be recently washed and dried to achieve the squeak when you walk on it. This is a beautiful beach with nobody ... read more
Are we in Fiji.....view from Kawau Island
Arriving at the Bach
Camp Bentzon

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 10th 2015

Awoke to the local commercial fisherman heading out from the boat ramp this morning. After talking to locals, these guys normally net for mullet and flounder. As the flounder head out to coast for winter, mullet is what they are catching with the odd stray guest flounder. Headed to Atiu Creek Regional Park after breakfast (10 minutes drive along the road from Port Albert on the Okahukura Peninsula. This park is one of the Auckland councils largest parks at 843 hectares. The wind was blustery and cold as we headed around the Oruawharo River Trail. This track takes a loop around the perimeter of the farmland (minus the forest). Lots of large hills to climb, but all on good farm tracks with great views down to Atiu creek and across the farm. They have the flashest ... read more
Atiu Creek
Opou Creek - Atiu
Solomans Bay - Atiu

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 10th 2015

She is a cold one:/ Jackets and hats on then off in the car today. First time I have driven a car in over a month. Lance can swivel neck all he likes now I'm driving. Headed to Mahurangi West but in actual fact it was East. My co-driver sucks at reading maps. We went for a quick wander around Scott Point. This is a very nice little peninsula with some pretty impressive houses with spectacular views, however, I suspect you need lots of $$$ to live here. The Scott homestead is right on this Mahurangi Harbour beachfront. Thomas Scott Jr built this Georgian style house in 1877 on the site where his father a shipbuilder, ran an inn until it was destroyed by fire. Volunteers have lovingly restored the house and surrounds. I could imagine ... read more
Scott Homestead - Mahurangi East
Scott Point - Mahurangi East
Scott Point Wharf - Mahurangi East

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 7th 2015

Baby, there's a shark in the water........... Great Whites and lots of them were seen here at Shelly Beach earlier this year. Plenty of warning signs so I guess swimming is out of the question. Had a fairly relaxed day with a earlier than normal start to watch the sunrise and a bit of fishing off the wharf. The only thing caught were a couple of sharks:). This is a lovely restful spot so 2 nights here have been a good option. Today we headed North to South Head. On the way detoured to have a quick look at Lake Kereta (Sand Dune based Lake). Locals and DOC are desperately trying to save this Lake from Ecological disaster (In other words it has a weed problem). The views on a fine day from the ridge above ... read more
Our room with a view - Shelly Beach
Lake Kereta
Affordable Bach - Lake Kereta

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 5th 2015

We found Makarau (for those of you who don't know its north of Kaukapakapa/Helensville and you can't get mobile coverage lol). Beautiful peaceful spot I would have to say. A great night with the M & M's (our lovely Scottish friends we met in Niue). Would have taken photos but a photo of Cheryl after 1 wine, Cheryl after 2 wines, Cheryl after 3 wines.....decided I wouldn't punish you all:). The boys thrashed around the world economic problems (I think they have the answer to all it all......or is it they think they have the answer to it all?). The M & M's are off back to Niue next month and we would love to go with them but you know what they say you can't have your cake and eat it unless you win Lotto. ... read more
Real Giraffes
88.5 deg Arc x 8 by Bernar Venet
Sculpture by Richard Thompson

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central July 3rd 2015

Hallo meine Lieben! Meine Welcome Days liegen nun hinter mir und auch mein erster Arbeitstag ist schon ueberstanden. Die Welcome Days( Willkommenstage sozusagen) waren sehr informativ und ich bekam einen groben Ueberblick. In dem Punkt aehneln sich die Hotelketten doch sehr, denn jeder moechte das beste Hotel sein und die erste Wahl und hier sind es somit "nur" Details, in denen sich die Visionen und Ziele unterscheiden. Ganz anders waren da schon meine neuen Kollegen, mit denen ich diese Tage hatte. 2 Porter, 2 Kollegen aus der Buchhaltung und eine aus dem Restaurant. Insgesamt haben nur 2(mich inkludiert) schon mal im Hotel gearbeitet,was schon reichlich komisch ist. Aber ich wurde schon "vorgewarnt", dass viele genommen werden, auch wenn keine Erfahrung vorhanden ist. Das hab ich da zum ersten Mal gemerkt. Einer der zukuenftigen Porter war wie ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere July 3rd 2015

I'm Sadie the cleaning lady.... Well after spending the evening in the camp laundry (with some strange South African dude who had lots of great fishing stories!) I thought I would treat myself to a cuppa hot chocolate, only to spill the full cup over the carpet and lounge seats! (should have stuck to white wine). Back to the laundry today to wash the pile of towels I had used to clean up my mess! This morning we set off early after a not so promising weather forecast. Walked down the beach (no not the 50km walk to the mouth of the Kaipara Harbour) then headed to the Gannet Colony. After assessing the walkway from flat rock up to the Gannet Colony I chose to use the alternative route it is after all the Safety Officers ... read more
No Swimming Today
Flat rock
Northern End Muriwai Beach

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