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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Papakura July 19th 2017

Hey there all! I have arrived in New Zealand following a very, very long flight from Manchester. I spent the first night in an Air BnB in Mauwera (say man-ooh-weir-aa) but then decided to get out exploring and, more importantly, find somewhere to live! I am thrilled to confirm I have rented a lovely 1 bedroom unit on a farm in the Hunua Ranges (about 20km from Auckland) Not really done a lot of exploring yet as I needed to buy furniture, cooking stuff etc but after my first visit to school tomorrow I will be heading over to the Coromandel coast (if the weather isn't horrid) It's Winter right now in NZ and the temperatures have been a steady 15 ish during the day and 5 ish at night. Mercifully, my unit is air conditioned ... read more
Hotdog sunrise
A few minutes later

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland July 12th 2017

I had some time off work so we decided to take a short break away to coincide with an appointment on Wednesday in Auckland. We stayed in Devonport on Weds and Thurs night but the weather was terrible. We had gale force winds, freezing cold temperatures and it rained/hailed nearly all the time. We ventured out a few times for walk/coffee and as you can see from the photos we had peek of blue skies. It was very relaxing as we read our books and talked. Then on Friday Leigh dropped me off at Ben and Claires' to spend some time with our beautiful new granddaughter Paige. I had a fantastic time in their newly rennovated home - new bathroom/kitchen, new bedroom for Paige and decorated and new carpet!! Very nice! On Sunday, Ben Claire and ... read more
Early morning in Devonport before the storm
Very calm and 7am
Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden June 19th 2017

Vendredi j'ai quitté Warren, Nanu et Diesel direction le mont Eden, et la maison de Dan. Je devais retourner à la bamber house, au final je suis resté chez lui. Dernières heures en Nouvelle Zélandes, mon fabuleux séjour s'arrête ici... La maison se rapproche, j'y serai dans moins de 3 semaines maintenant. Sentiments partagés, triste et heureux de rentrer. Mes dernières semaines avec les copains étaient juste parfaites. Thanks so much my friends, you're just perfect, don't forget my door will be always open for you. I know Europe is far away from here, but it's worth ;) A la revoyure !! La bise ... read more
Eden park, temple du rugby
Eden park, depuis la colline

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland May 27th 2017

My first big adventure has begun!! :) Mummy and Daddy stayed up all night packing.. I was too tired to help and fell asleep around 10pm. When I woke for a feed at 3am they were still awake!! We awoke to a call from Afi who is hosting us in San Francisco... This silly car seat business means she can't pick us up from the airport... I don't need a car seat!!! I want to sit in the front seat!! Mummy cried yesterday as she said goodbye to Aunty Maqua and Uncle Esky came to help Daddy fix the chicken coop. This morning, Grandma and Grandpa came to see us off. I will miss them!! Mamie Nessie is coming with us. She makes me laugh with her funny faces. We have Mummy's friend Ruby looking after ... read more
Mummy and Daddy packed all my toys!
Ready to board my first flight!!
The nice air hostess took a photo of us all on my first flight!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central May 8th 2017

Ok. Again so this is not really travel related, bus as I am working right now full-time I am not travelling to much (although I have just decided what my next Destination will be and I am going the first week of August). I actually started getting to know Isagenix through a guy I met on Tinder (yes I am on tinder, don't judge me). He had a lot of before, after Pictures and I got interested. We texted back and forth and I really felt that he was interested in me and not only in selling his product. How Isagenix works is like a snowball System, like the Tupperware parties we had in past times. I read a lot about it and talked to a few People and asked of their opinion. Most people said ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central May 3rd 2017

If you want a quiet pace to have a picnic lunch,or even the more traditional pie and sammies from the local vietnamese bakery, I thoroughly recommend the romatically named wintergarden, one of the most benign remnants of colonialism in new zealand, two sprawling late victorian neo gothic glass -houses, full of verdigris covered statues and carniverous plants,and bierdslyesque wishing wells. Set in the grounds of the domain,surrounding the forbiddingly named war memorial museum, the wintergarden reflects the other sade of the late victorian coin,lushness and exoticism and a faintly eliotian odor of decay... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central May 2nd 2017

...Time goes by so fast. Three months ago I was sitting at the airport in Goldcoast, Australia, not knowing what I would get myself into. But as many times already in my life I had this positive feeling and attitude that this is the right step for me to take. And call it destiny, fate or just luck, but I met the right people and now I am sitting at the barbour front in Auckland, enjoying a cofee and the nice sunny weather in the city I call "hoem" at the Moment. There are so many things that I value so much right now, because I did not have them for quiet a while. I guess that is the paradox of life. You can only appreciate the things when you don't have them for a while. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland April 16th 2017

We have a new addition to the family!! Paige was born on 11 April 2017 weighing 8lb 2oz!! We managed to visit them all on 12 April in North Shore Hospital. Here are a few photos...... read more
Claire and Paige
Cuddle with Daddy
Easter Bunny

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Pakuranga Heights April 16th 2017

We left early on Saturday morning to drive to Half Moon Bay to visit Jennifer and Paul. After stopping for coffee, we had a very good journey and arrived in time for morning tea. We walk around the Marina and saw the new passenger ferry terminal to Auckland - no ferries on Easter Saturday! After lunch we played lots of games and caught up with all the news. Paul and Jennifer cooked a lovely meal for us and we slept very well in the guest bedroom! On Sunday morning we went for another stroll on the reserve and played some more games before heading home. We stopped in to see Joseph, Stacey and Thomas on the way home. They made us very welcome with lots of tea and delicious date and walnut loaf.... read more
With artwork
The new passenger ferry building
Protection from the wind

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Central April 11th 2017

6th March Embarking Queen Victoria This leg of our trip is going to take us back to Australia via The Bay of Islands calling at Sydney (2 days) and Melbourne. From there, it's back across 'The Ditch' to cruise the Sounds starting with Milford Sound. We then sail around to Dunedin and Christchurch (from Akaroa) before heading to Wellington, from there it's to Apia (Samoa), Honolulu, Hawaii (the Big Island) and finish the leg with a two day stop in San Francisco. Pictures are of us leaving the beautiful 'City of Sails'. Once again Thankyou John & Heather x... read more

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