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Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea June 29th 2019

We stayed near Noumea for our last night on the boat, because it had to be returned at 8 AM in the morning. Our anchorage in Baie de Sainte Marie protected us from the fierce easterly winds that played havoc the previous night. This time we were safely tucked away in a cove that was protected by a small hill. The location itself wasn’t spectacular. No crystal-clear waters, corals and fish here. But we did see some soldiers doing some sort of training on the beach with what looked like proper automatic machine guns. And just to the left of them a school group sailing small catamarans. To their right the rest of the school kids kayaking. They didn’t seem to have any problem with me walking around very close to their training drill to explore ... read more
Big fish in the aquarium
Coconut square
Balcony view

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea June 26th 2019

Something I remember from my childhood and the many family sailing holidays we had is that things often go wrong and when they do the best thing to do is laugh about it and then fix it. We seemed to do a lot of laughing at certain times in the past few days … When everything was going well, we just kept on seeing amazing sea life up close and personal as well as idyllic sand fringed palm tree studded islets at every turn. Sometimes the weather could have been better, but we were warm enough to go swimming with the tropical fish and enjoy being outdoors. Ile des Pins is a large island compared to the others. It must be about 20 km across, so we wanted to hire a car to see it for ... read more
View from Pic N'Ga
Pic N'Ga
Baie Kuto

Us Stevensons have always been a holiday loving tribe who took every opportunity to spend extended periods abroad to see interesting places and come home with new experiences and memories. So, it will come as no surprise to know that I have made changes to my work life to allow more flexibility when it comes to holidays and travel. At the end of last year, I finished up as an ongoing member of staff at McKinnon Secondary and now I work on a casual basis and take a few contracts to fill in when other staff take leave (generally for their holidays). That means that we have three holidays planned for 2020 and I’m going to tell you about No. 2 through this blog. No. 1 was a week at the Gold Coast, which was great ... read more
Dusk at Ile ouen
Tender to shore
Sunset Day One

Oceania » New Caledonia October 3rd 2018

Day 6 The view once again from our balcony this morning was stunning. The Isle of Pines showed a beach to the left of white sand and an ocean split into a dark sea blue that shimmered like diamonds before meeting the land in an almost irridescent aquamarine. Taking a smaller boat to land the view again becoming postcard picture perfect loomed into a life size view. Disembarking off the boat we walked towards the left, mesmerized by the view. The white powder sand looked inviting and looking back toward the ship offered a spectacular view. Mangrove type trees lined the beach providing shelter to the many families already enjoying the tropical island. Small huts once again adorned the area offering a selection of food, drink, hairbraiding and massages. Looking over to the right another beach ... read more
Kym wandering through a small forest to the beach
Machete on a coconut
Soooooo good. Check out the water and little island

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Noumea May 9th 2018

My first thought 31 years ago was that it was a cultural desert. And today in 2018, this is my same opinion. I grew up on the island. I went to school, I had family there, I was a child and had a great life in the late 1970s. When I went back in 1988, I was a different person and saw the island with different eyes. In 2018 I have gone to reconnect with family. Reconnect I have, but it is still a cultural desert. The bookshops have gone and there is no "cultural" life. and people don't seem to care. I currently live in a small community which has abundant groups of citizens who care about heritage; who care about recycling; where theatre, live music and dance are encouraged. At first glance Noumea is ... read more
Anse Vata
La Roche Percee

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Île des Pins April 30th 2018

Ile Des Pins, New Caledonia Islands: 4-16-2018 Ile des Pins, New Caledonia New Caledonia la quan dao o Thai binh Duong gom cac dao Grande Terre, Loyalty islands, Chesterfield Islands, Bellep island, Ile des Pins and some islets. Duoc bao chi goi New Caledonia la Jewel of Pacific hay la Hon Ngoc Thai Binh Duong con Saigon la Hon Ngoc Vien Dong.Thu do Noumea nam trong Loyalty Islands. Rong 18,578 km2. Co 268,767 nguoi song tai day, ma 40% la nguoi Kanak va 27% la nguoi Au Chau ma da so la tu nhan khi man tu ho o lai day roi sinh con de cai vi dao nay la dao giam tu nhan cua cac thuoc dia Phap nhat la cac thuoc dia cua Phap o bac Phi Chau. Phan con lai la nguoi A ... read more

Lifou, New Caledonia Islands: 4-17-2018 Lifou, New Caledonia Lifou co nghia la lon nhat la dao lon trong cac dao cua Loyalty Islands province thuoc New Caledonia. Lifou rong1,207km2. Thu do la Easo. Phap chiem dong nam 1864. Dai 81km va rong tu 16 den 24km. Co 10 ngan nguoi song tai day.Da so la nguoi Kanaks. Truoc kia la Coral atoll. Dao nay san xuat Vanilla, Sugarcane, Copra va du lich. Co 19 Tribes song tren quan dao Loyalty Islands va 6 tren dao Lifou. Du thuyen den Lifou luc 7:30AM. Den 8AM du khach duoc xuong thuyen. Toi muon taxi di den cac noi ma toi muon di. Do la local village va bay tren duong di. Village la noi nguoi dia phuyong song trong nhung can nha lam bang la hunbg ca pheu, ... read more

Oceania » New Caledonia » North Province April 30th 2018

Port-Villa, Vanuatu 4-18-2018 Vanuatu: Vanuatu nam o Thai Binh Duong, phia nam cua Solomon. Nguoi Tay ban Nha dat chan den day lan dau tien nam 1606 luc bay gio co gong nguoi song tai day tu 3,300 nam truoc. Captain Cook kham pha ra dao nay va dat ten cho dao la the New Hebrides. Ten nay duoc dung den 1980. Sau do duoc goi la Republic of Vanuatu. Quan dao Vanuatu co 82 dao nho va thu do la Port Vila. Van theo tieng dia phuong la land va nuatu la happy la mot dat nuoc thanh binh song nho agriculture va off shore financing. Vao the ky 11 den 15 nguoi Au Chau den dao nay. Den 1606 nguoi Portugal den roi den 1877 Anh va Phap den. Rong 12,000km2 va co 270,000 ... read more

Blog 29 Easo, Lifou, New Caledonia, April 17, 2018 – Weather forecast: mostly sunny; temperature 27°C 90%, wind 19kts (5 Beaufort) Our port of call today was the island of Lifou and the community of Easo. According to the documentation provided by the Shore Excursion Team the name “Easo” in the local Drehu language means “smoking fire”. The name was derived from the fact that whalers lit fires on shore to render the fat into oil from the cetaceans they had harpooned in the area during the decade of 1860-1870. Catholic missionaries came to the island in 1858 and established a chapel, Notre Dame de Lourdes, on the promontory overlooking Santal and Jinek bays. The chapel was clearly visible from the ship as we sailed into the Santal Bay. Our shore excursion took us to the ... read more

Oceania » New Caledonia » South Province » Île des Pins April 16th 2018

Blog 28 Kuto, Ile des Pins, New Caledonia, April 16 ,2018 – Weather forecast: partly cloudy; temperature 26°C – 90% humidity, wind 17kts (5 Beaufort); passing rain shower in late afternoon Today we dropped anchor in the bay off the town of Kuto, Ile des Pins, located in southern Melanesia. The island achieved its name after Captain James Cook mapped the island in 1774 and was impressed by the tall pine trees covering the hills which were clearly visible from his ship. It was reported to us that there is clear archaeological evidence that the islands were inhabited at least 4,000 years ago. In the later portion of the 1800’s the French government used the island as a penal colony. Today the island is home to 3,000 individuals and the primary industry is tourism. Being at ... read more

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