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Been to New Caledonia?

Should we hire a car? How is the public transport?
12 years ago, June 3rd 2007 No: 1 Msg: #14775  
N Posts: 2
Hi, my partner and I are going to New Caledonia for 5 days in August. We're on a limited budget, we're not sure how much though. We were looking at hiring a car to travel up North, but hiring a camping car would have cost $1000 for 5 days plus $3000 deposit. That's a bit out of our budget, we want to be able to do activities and go out for meals while we're there too. Is it worth hiring a car for a couple of days? How is the public transport? Where are some good places to stay? And what should we visit when we're there? We'll probably just stay on the mainland as going to the outer islands may be expensive and time consuming. Please, any hints from anyone who has been to New Caledonia? It's really hard to plan a holiday from New Zealand when a lot of the New Caledonian websites are in French. Reply to this

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