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Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 10th 2019

Off to Fiji the magical islands where the sun shines and everyone is happy. We arrived early evening and were picked up by our Airbnb host in Nadi before we headed out to see some local dancing - unfortunately it absolutely poured down as we drove across and as it was outside it was called off. No matter our host Evelyn took us to the marina where we listened to a local band playing soft rock and ate dinner at TGI’s - not quite what we were expecting but it did the job for the evening. Next morning the sun was shining and off we went by ferry to Yasawa islands and Naqalia lodge. After dropping us at the ferry Evelyn confirmed that it wouldn’t rain on the islands! The ferry crossing was fine and after ... read more
Boat transfer to wayaseya
Natalia lodge
the pinnacle for the sunset walk

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi April 30th 2018

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 2nd 2018

Bula! Three buses, one train, two planes and a fourteen hour delay due to cyclone Geta I eventually arrived in Fiji the land of the coconut and Frangipani flower. We spent our first day meeting the other volunteers and learning about the projects we were going to be participating in over the next two weeks including cleaning up an orphanage, teaching in schools and health screening for diabetes in villages and at the community centres. I spent my first evening with my Indo-Fijian family in Navo, eating delicious curry and dhal using my hands (as they do) and drinking their traditional cava drink with their neighbour and another volunteer Elizabeth. Kava comes from the root of the yaqona bush, a relative of the pepper plant. The root is ground up and then strained with water into ... read more
Homestay family
Sikituru village
Southsea Island

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi November 29th 2017

Fiji was previously known as the Cannibal isles. There are 332 islands in Fiji (106 inhabited) it is believed Fiji's indigenous people arrived from western Melanesia. So hungry were the sailors on arrival, that they turned on each other as food. Other theories are, that they preyed on each other for land rights and ultimate insult and domination. Fijian's today, have great pride in their history and have a wicked sense of humour, when one said to me "yum, vanilla skin, you taste like pork" I saw the playful glint in their eye but thought...thank goodness for kava!! Kava or Kava Kava drink, is rife amongst the locals and makes them into very "mellow fellows" It is an intoxicating drink with a tongue numbing effect with sedative and euphoric properties. It makes their day extremely relaxed ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi August 14th 2017

Woche 4 (7.-13.08.2017): Eine Woche „Fijitime“! Fijitime ist tatsächlich ein Begriff und heißt so viel wie: wir haben alle Zeit der Welt, tatsächlich alle Zeit – wir in unserem Fall halt nur für eine Woche. Diese Einstellung und Lebensphilosophie wurde uns von allen Angestellten in unserem kleinen Resort eine Woche lang mit vollem Einsatz vorgelebt. So konnten wir bei allen Mahlzeiten von unserem Tisch aus beobachten, wie unser Essen in der etwas entfernten Küche langsam(!) zubereitet und schließlich auf einTableau gestellt wurde – bereit zum Servieren; dann weiter, wie es dort etwas ausharren musste und schließlich von einer Kellnerin ganz gemächlich Stufe für Stufe auf einen Holzsteg und Schritt für Schritt, Holzlatte für Holzlatte diesem entlang zu unserem Tisch getragen wurde. Ich beschreibe diesen Vorgang deshalb so genau, weil die Geschwindigkeit der Köc... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi August 7th 2017

Montag, 07.08.2017: Der Tag begann mit einer bitteren Verabschiedung. Unser Van Jimmy ist uns trotz aller Strapatzen richtig ans Herz gewachsen. Diese ehrliche, innige und aber auch wechselseitige Beziehung nahm zuletzt auch noch ein glückliches Ende. Der vermeintliche Parkschaden, den Jimmy unterwegs erlitt, befand sich genau an einer Stelle, die bei der Übernahme im Vertrag bereits als beschädigt markiert war. Das bedeutet entweder, dass der Schaden schon vor dem Laternenknutscher da war und gar nichts zusätzlich dazu kam oder dass etwas Schaden zu bereits bestehendem Schaden dazukam, aber nicht mehr getrennt beurteilt werden kann. Wir haben jedenfalls nichts davon erwähnt und ihnen ist zwar der Schaden, aber nach einem Blick in den Vertrag auch nichts weiter dazu aufgefallen (--> Bitte behaltet das für euch und postet das nirgends im Internet!!!). Danach flogen wir... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi February 22nd 2017

Today was a travel day from Rotorua to Auckland to Nadi, Fiji. We heard a rumor of bad traffic near Auckland so we hit the road at 7am, hopefully the last of the early days this trip. We decided to get driving and then stopped on the way at the most random food place in a rundown town. Literally, a small shop on the country crossroads. I ended up with a soggy but good sandwich, a custard pie and something colorful but unidentifiable. Me, "what's that?" Pointing at brightly colored cake. Cafe guy, "a Lolly cake. Me, "what's in it?" Cafe guy, "Lollies." Hm. Candy cake? 'Cause the closest thing to a lolly that I grew up with is a lollipop, and that's candy. So let's just run with it. And it was delicious, too. Tasted ... read more
Documenting this Phenomena
Goodbye, Ark
Guarding the Luggage Pile

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi November 9th 2016

A big 'Bula!' to everyone today from an extremely friendly Fiji. We write poolside, in the shade, after a misguided day in the sun yesterday left us resembling a couple of lobsters. We also write as America, 17 hours behind, goes to the polls after nothing short of a brutal campaign. By the time this post is written however, H. D. R. Clinton will inevitably be the new President. The last week has seen its fair share of travelling as we headed trans-Pacific, leaving behind a month of magnificent memories in Latin America, and arriving in Auckland after fast forwarding a day through crossing the date line. Despite hearing mixed reviews about Auckland as a soulless metropolis that didn't represent the true Kiwi spirit, we were very pleasantly surprised. With the sun shining we strolled through ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi April 27th 2016

2016, 4-12 to 24 Fiji, Tonga,New Zealand,Samoa, American Samoa DVD 221630 0 2016, 4-12 to 24 Fiji, Tonga,New Zealand,Samoa, American Samoa DVD 221630 1 2016, 4-12 to 24 Fiji, Tonga,New Zealand,Samoa, American Samoa DVD 221630 2 2016, 4-12 to 24 Fiji, Tonga,New Zealand,Samoa, American Samoa DVD 221630 3 2016, 4-12 to 24 Fiji, Tonga,New Zealand,Samoa, American Samoa DVD 221630 4 2016, 4-12 to 24 Fiji, Tonga,New Zealand,Samoa, American Samoa DVD 221630 5 url=htt... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi February 22nd 2016

We just booked a trip to four countries beginning August 1, and we will be gone six weeks. We got an email through Travel Zoo advertising airfare to Australia with a free stopover in New Zealand for $998 round trip per person. Clicking on the site took me to the Air New Zealand website and the option for multiple flights. So I played around with it for a while, adding a stopover in Fiji, and then another one in Rarotonga, one of the Cook Islands. The best I could do fare-wise was $2650 for the two of us round trip. But the more I searched, the more I thought this was a smoking deal. Just a round trip flight to Fiji alone would have cost almost that much, and it was the same airline that Air ... read more

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