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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kulgera May 11th 2017

As if the cows weren’t enough we woke to a flock of galahs squawking their hearts out. We hit the road again and grabbed a coffee at Kulgera. Nice pub, rubbish coffee. It’ very important that these little towns have a differentiating feature, like the Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta. In the case of Kulgera it is the first and last pub in the NT and it has a Hills clothes hoist filled with old running shoes. People come from miles around to ponder and photograph (see photograph below) it from the viewing platform. Driving in the NT was a change. The first road sign said the maximum speed limit in the NT is 110ksph unless designated otherwise, the next one is a speed limit sign for 130kph. By the side of the road the Government has ... read more
Drive on Left
The Rock

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Marla May 10th 2017

We had breakfast at the Cafe in our motel. The coffee was the most disappointing so far, but the lady was very nice. We headed out of town via the road to Oodnadatta, despite the lack of streets in Cobber Pedy I managed to do an entire circumnavigation of the town before I found the road which was just down from the motel. As we drove out we saw the various opal mine workings. Basically these guys just drill a shaft, put in a tunnel digging machine and mine along the "opal line".Judging by the caravans I don't think there's much money in it. As you leave Coober Pedy there are a few breakaways (little hills rising up out of the landscape), but generally it is flat and scrubby. As we drove along the track we ... read more
Pink Roadhouse

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Deniliquin May 9th 2017

Getting underway... It was all about the olives. This year, our young olive tree excelled itself with fruit the size of footballs, well not quite footballs, but certainly the biggest olives we have seen anywhere. Our neighbours tree’s fruit had nearly all ripened into that dark aubergine colour that they do, but our tress steadfastly resisted showing any signs of colour/ripeness. Then we found one (or two) that broke ranks and that was good enough for Marg. “We will have green olives this year”, and with that frantic picking took place. It was a mixed blessing that not only were the fruit large, they were more than plentiful, yielding 4 full 10lt. buckets of fruit. All the fruit had to be slit and then soaked in brine, changed daily for 12 days. Marg struggled with higher ... read more
Police Paddocks Rutherglen
 Police Paddocks Rutherglen
Stantons Bend near Rutherglen

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy May 9th 2017

The kiwis were up early and got away just ahead of us. I started the Land Cruiser and the message “Oil Maintenance Required” came up on the dashboard. Now if I was in Sydney I’d happily drive with an assortment of these messages over a few months admiring new ones as they appear (eg Fuel Filter Replacement Required), however at Halligan Bay it just didn’t seem the same. Also it seemed unlikely that there was a Toyota dealer at William Creek. There was no option but to head off. I checked the oil at William Creek (all good) and went into the pub for a coffee. The kiwis were there (not surprising as kiwis are basically everywhere). For some reason we got into a conversation about some part that had fallen off their camper trailer on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island May 9th 2017

Travelling to K'gari (Fraser Island) with Discovery Group was a one of a kind, eye opening experience where everybody learnt about the history, culture, and the science behind Fraser Island all while seeing and doing some of the best things the biggest sand island in the world has to offer. An early morning start on the 3rd of May is how this adventure began, my bags were packed with all the bare necessities; 3 sets of casual clothes, a jumper, some swimmers, a beach towel, my hat, a book, my phone charger and my trusty tooth brush. I was ready to go to Fraser Island. When the tour bus arrived I was impressed with how awesome it looked, it had the perfect name to match it's style, "Gladiator". Our first tour destination was Tin Can Bay ... read more
Eli Creek
SS Maheno
Wanggoolba Creek

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca May 8th 2017

Day 1 (2/5/2017) Left Cranbourne at 4.15PM. Stopped at Wangaratta at 8.25PM to fill up with diesel & have dinner. Arrived at Indi Bridge at midnight. Day 2 (3/5/2017) Woke up to a chilly morning of -6C, but a beautiful view right on the Upper Murray River. It was a cold night but slept really soundly. Set up the generator while having a 10AM breakfast. Went fishing & caught a nice Brown Trout first cast. Spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun & enjoying several drinks. The generator did a fantastic job keeping everything running. Before it started to get cold, gathered lots of firewood to set up a large bonfire to keep us warm. Took a while to get the fire started, but a few toilet tissues soaked in petrol fixed all ... read more
Indi Bridge 002
Indi Bridge 003
Indi Bridge 004

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Airlie Beach May 8th 2017

After a 12 hour bus ride to Arlie beach, the sight of Ali waiting to collect us was a welcome one! We wasted no time and grabbed food before heading out of town to some waterfalls for a swim and a good catch up! Ali showed us around and we ended up having a beer and a game of pool at a local bar! The banter and insults were flying, the sun was shining- what more could you want? Later that evening we were off on our boat tour around the Whitsundays. Our boat was nice and we had our own cabin between the three of us! To say space was tight was an understatement, but it made for good fun! Day 1 we woke up at sea and headed off for white haven beach (the ... read more

We headed out of the Finders Ranges NP, along a fantastic track which was along a mostly dry creek bed and onto the sealed road up past Leigh Creek, Lyndhurst and Maree. We stopped in at Leigh Creek, but it was completely deserted. This was a mining town which was re-located about 30 years ago so it is pristine but we couldn’t see any people. It was a Sunday so I guess everyone was at Mass. At Lyndhurst we stopped for coffee and a macadamia and white chocolate cookie.The guy behind the counter was obviously in need of company and he sat down with us. The mobile coverage was so marginal I couldn’t write the blog anyway. We had a good chat about the various ins and outs of Lyndhurst and after about 30 seconds we ... read more
The spa
Map Day 6

Today we had two options, one was to stay at William Creek the smallest town in South Australia with 14 people or head out to Halligan Bay on Lake Eyre. I was keen to go to Halligan Bay but I wasn’t sure about the road I spoke to my mate Tim, who suggested we speak to Ian and Sue. Ian felt it was a bit rough and asked if I had a satellite phone and two jacks. We both agreed that a satellite phone was probably good enough, when Becs came over we started to talk about the weather. Along the way to William Creek we stopped at the Strangeways Telegraph Repeater. This was built when they constructed the overland telegraph and they built a police station, stock yards, graveyard and an AFL stadium. We also ... read more
Map Day 7

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Coolangatta May 8th 2017

The last few days in Coolangatta involve hanging out with Sonia, a few walks along the beach, and a visit to Surfer's Paradise. This spot is a bit like a mini Vegas. Totally commercial, and different from what we had in mind. But, now, been there done that. Our summation on Australia is that this country is one giant beach. We did not experience the outback, but the majority of the population resides on the beautiful coastlines. One of the wonderful experiences available is to just stumble on a beach, and discover no one else is there, a place of your own. Enjoyed seeing the birds and animal life. There are a lot of critters that can kill you here, but fortunately we did not view any of them other than at the zoo. The Great ... read more
Batte Reef from the helicopter!
Entering the Batte Reef - sharks, rays, turtles!
Dugongs form the air - cousins of the manatees

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