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Oceania » Australia » South Australia May 26th 2015

The previous blog post was embarrassingly behind-the-times so instead of doing a broadcast publish, we have posted it on the website for those who are interested. To view it simply click on "Previous Entry" at the bottom of this edition. The weather had not improved with our move across to Adelaide. We actually stayed in Gawler and visited the family every now and then, but especially for Jared’s 4th birthday and Mothers’ Day. We also made several visits to the amazing Barossa Valley in between "work days" when Peter was installing the diesel heater we purchased at the CMCA rally. It was a comical sight seeing him with his head and shoulders in buried deep in the bottom bathroom cupboard. It took a bit of doing and a lot of organisation but it is a wonderful ... read more
David proudly giving us the guided tour
The 150 year old Moculta General Store
"Steingarten Vineyard"

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Rutherglen May 26th 2015

Rutherglen was only a short hop from Glenrowan but it gave us the chance to fill up with discount fuel in Wangaratta. The Rutherglen caravan park was another council run spot on the edge of a small lake. At this relatively quiet time of the year we got a lake side position. After setting up we wandered into the main street of Rutherglen to have a look. What we did find was Parkers Pies. This was obviously a well patronised lunch spot and inside there was a whole wall covered with the many awards they had received. Naturally this was just too much – we had to try these pies for lunch. The selection was very promising and the pies totally delivered with rich full flavour. After lunch we headed out to Morris wines, an old ... read more
We enjoy wine tasting in Rutherglen.  (Actually we enjoy most good wine.)
Joan is happy to find a cat to pet. The cat seems happy with the arrangement as well.
Whoa there!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia May 26th 2015

Hi all, this morning we woke up to get ready to cross the Jardine river on the ferry. Let me just explain the ferry. It is a platform that is linked to both sides of the river by a heavy steel cable. the ferry can handle 6 Landcruisers 2 abreast. Cost was $99 per car. We got on at 8.30am. Once on the other side of the river we were in Aboriginal protected land. The $99 we paid included a permit. To camp on aboriginal sites. We drove through a small town called Bamaga before settling into the park at Seisa which is the most northern town in the Cape Pensinsula. Another 50km or more and we will reach the tip of Australia. We unpacked and after lunch went to one of the islands, about 500metres ... read more
Xavier and Tracey on the ferry
Jardine ferry
Getting ready cross the 500 metres to the island across

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia May 25th 2015

Cape York Monday 25th Woke up today on the Southern side of Gunshot creek. It was a reasonably steep entrance and also a steep exit although the exit was dry. The Troopy lifted its wheels off the ground quite a few times as it was going through Gunshot. Let me just say my adrenaline was pumping and heart racing. Troopy did well. After Gunshot we got to Cockatoo Creek. It made Gunshot look easy. The creek was about 30 metres wide and in two spots there were rapids. Oh my god what an experience. The entrance was steep and a little rocky and immediately followed by muddy sand, we then did the crossing in the water, the water got up to the bull bar and in the back the water was up to the exhaust. The ... read more
Jardine River Ferry

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 25th 2015

Katherine to Alice On 7 May we picked up our hire car and drove south from Darwin on the A1 bound for Alice Springs, 1479 kms. It's quite daunting to see a sign post with 4 figures! We stopped at Adelaide River War Cemetery and saw the graves of some of the people killed during the bombings of Darwin during WWII. We then spent the afternoon sailing in Katherine Gorge - two of the gorges. The views are spectacular and the camera doesn't really capture the scale of the gorges. The Nitmiluk National Park Is currently managed by the Jaowyn People. It is estimated that the formation of the gorges took 23 million years through the heavy downpour of water through small cracks on the earth's surface. We spent the night in Katherine and had the ... read more
Fruit bats roosting
Fruit Bats

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Glenrowan May 24th 2015

When departing a town around 10am we plan for a mid-morning coffee break somewhere before our next destination. Sometimes spots to pull off the road are easy to find, other times they are a little more challenging. Some towns have deliberate large vehicle parks conveniently located and clearly signposted whilst others we drive around until we find a suitable parking bay. As we drank our coffee in a convenient highway rest stop, enjoying the warmth of the sun, a cyclist dropped by for a quick chat. The usual stuff, where are you from? Where are you heading? Satisfied he knew our story he was on his way and so were we. After a lovely chat with Zoe and a lunch break in Benalla we arrived at the Caravan Park in Glenrowan. This place is much cheaper, ... read more
All dressed up and ready for dinner. Not your usual caravan attire.
Dinner in the Bailey cask hall
Ned’s armour is impressive and very heavy

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Seisia May 24th 2015

Hi all, today Sunday 24th May, we are leaving Weipa before 10am (check out time) and driving back out to the Cape Development road and to Bramwell station which is basically a fuel and food stop. It is also the formal start to the Old Telegraph Track known as the OTL. We took a couple of photos at the entrance to the track and headed into the track. About 5 km in we reached our first obstacle. Palm creek had a nearly vertical entrance (looked vertical to me but probably wasn't) and this also had a very steep exit which was winch up only. No cars are able to get up without a winch. I decided to not attempt this. Tonina and Lisa were with me. Matthew was brave enough to attempt and was successful. Very ... read more
Our son and his family
A view of the entrance. Steep is not the word for it.
The bottom of the vertical entrance to Palm creek

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Milawa May 24th 2015

The morning after the Baileys dinner we rose to a very cold morning but the sun suggested that the day might warm up a little. Our traditional Sunday morning omelette allowed us to procrastinate a little more before we headed off to Milawa to sample its gourmet delights. We had no sooner started driving than the phone rang and since we were on a back road Greg pulled over to take it. It was Greg’s sister Angie who was staying at our home along with Greg’s Mum. The hot water at home was not working and water was flowing out of the hot water system! This did not sound good at all. After discussions Angie turned off the gas to the HWS and attempted to also turn of its water supply. To be safe a plumber ... read more
Greg ponders one of the reds at Brown Brothers.
Brown Brothers winery
King River Café

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth May 24th 2015

For a change we are not having a weekend out of town, this weekend is about catching up with friends, having some us time and getting out in the dirt which is what we are good at. I went looking for a bike on Saturday, Andy and I have been talking about getting bikes again, so I thought I would do some homework and there is a good bike shop fairly close by, but with lots of bikes on display it is hard to figure out what to get, so a chat with the guy in the shop soon has that narrowed down for me. Saturday night we had a great dinner with our friends Glenn and Natalie and probably a slightly later night than anticipated, as we had an early start on Sunday morning planned. ... read more
Getting a Mud Bath
Getting a Mud Bath
Getting a Mud Bath

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Atherton Tablelands May 24th 2015

Tue 28 Apr Atherton Tablelands Barefoot Tours On Tue we were picked in a very colourful minibus up by Brett from Barefoot Tours. Started with a hug so we knew we were in for a very laid back day. We began by having to introduce ourselves with our name, marital status, where we came from, profession and whether we folded or scrunched our toilet paper! You just knew how the day was going to go! Brett had several catchphrases: "Questions?" Was an invitation to ask about anything we wanted to know and "Any interesting Facts?" was an invitation for us to share any facts we knew, preferably something to do with genitalia was the request. Tom and I were probably the oldest guests on the tour but it was good to just go with the flow ... read more
Silly faces and lollies on bus
Silly bus selfie!
Lake Eacham

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