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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales February 9th 2016

Die letzte Woche war in Vergleich zu den Wochen vor meiner Reise ziemlich entspannt, aber das überrascht mich auch nicht, da ja Molly jetzt tagsüber in der Schule ist. Dadurch ist im Haus von 9 bis 15:00 Uhr relative Ruhe. Natürlich spiele ich trotzdem noch mit Buster drinnen und draußen, aber es ist wesentlich einfacher und er schläft ja auch immer 2h am Tag, wo ich Zeit für eigene Sachen oder zum sauber machen/aufräumen habe. Gestern habe ich angefangen den "Spielraum" aufzuräumen und zu organisieren, denn im Moment ist da drin total durcheinander und ungeordnet, wenn man etwas sucht, muss man Jahre suchen! Ich muss das zwar nicht machen, aber es gibt mir eine angenehme Beschäftigung. Man merkt den Unterschied der Atmosphäre im Haus übrigens jeden Nachmittag und am Wochenende, wenn Molly zu Hause ist. (Sie ... read more
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon

Jeudi 4 février: Je suis allée faire un petit tour sur Red Hill, une réserve naturelle avec Hudson le chien. D'en haut la vue est magnifique.... read more

Samedi 6 février: Je suis allée au jardin botanique de Canberra où j'ai rencontré 3 autres au pairs, Maxence et Carolane qui sont française et Johanna qui est allemande. Le jardin est jolie mais nous avons été un peu déçu par sa petite taille. Nous y avons quand même vu des lézards et des Kangourous, dont un avec un petit dans la poche. Il y avait un concert d'une chanteuse pour enfants, une genre de Chantal Goya australienne.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 7th 2016

Almost two months have passed since I arrived in Melbourne, and man has it gone by fast! Time does really fly when you're having fun :) I am really glad I chose MelB to stay for this long. It's a very easy city to get to know and it has a lot to offer. Like movie nights in the Botanical Gardens for example! We saw the movie 'Room' (beautiful movie!) while laying in the grass, drinking cider and with bats flying over every once in a while. Really cool :) I've also started running again. The hostel where I live is close to the Yarra River, which is a great spot for some physical exercise. Or to drink goon or beer at night ;) Apart from the river, there are a lot of parks around the ... read more

Oceania » Australia February 6th 2016

The first few days in Hobart, we spent in an appartment found on AirBnB. Our hosts were Matteo and Jo, 2 locals who made us feel very welcome. Waking up in the morning, we were surprised to wake up to 2 cute (although a bit fat) wallabies, grazing just 2 meters outside our window. Naturally shy, they were gone quite quickly but not before we could see them slowly getting more fluffy. The first day, we visited the botanical gardens. Tasmania having a huge car-culture and having pretty poor public transport, this meant we had to walk there for an hour, even though its in the middle of the city. When we got there however, we were rewarded with great views and an amazing collection of plants and trees. Highlights were the japanese garden with its ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Forrestfield February 6th 2016

As most of you are probably all aware we were house sitting over the Christmas Break in the east of Perth for some friends we know through the Toyota Landcruiser Club. We have house sat some great properties and they all have there little quirks that make them unique and this was no exception. Our brief is usually the same, but it depends what is important to the house owner, this time this time we had some added responsibility with two dogs, two horses, two chicken, seven Weiro’s and a cage full of budgies, far too many to count. Now the horses were no bother and I just love horses, there is always something so calming about horses and these two guys were no exception. Oscar and Spirit did not belong to Trevor and Ria but ... read more
Calling for back up !
Calling for back up !
Calling for back up !

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Jindabyne February 5th 2016

Jindabyne, petit paradis de verdure au bord d'un lac, niché près des "Snowy Mountains"... le premier jour nous avons amener Montana à son internat et visiter des terres agricoles pour les grands parents. Le deuxième jours nous avons fait une balade à cheval à une demi heure de Jindabyne. La cavalière qui nous a accueillie est une caricature vivante du cowboy. Jean, santiag, chemise à carreaux, chapeau et jambes arquées à la Lucky Luke sont ses atours.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong February 3rd 2016

For the past two years, since I packed my boxes and left my flat in Torquay, I haven’t had a fixed address. I haven’t stayed in one place for more than three months at a time. I’ve bounced around countless countries in Europe, living and working nomadically. Somehow, and unexpectedly, my life became a series of one-way tickets, not many returns, and a strong feeling of displacement. Yet, I’m preparing to do the same thing for the rest of the year. What I’ve learnt, amidst packing my bags and moving around so frequently, is that home is, without a doubt, a feeling. I have spent the summer back in Australia and am getting ready to embark on a one-way ticketed journey back to Europe in less than a month. There were many reasons I wanted to ... read more
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American Village

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory February 2nd 2016

Ich entschuldige mich schon mal vorher für den langen Blogeintrag, aber ich habe eine wirklich aufregende Woche hinter mir! Dienstagmorgen begann mein 6 Tage langer Urlaub. Also bin ich mit dem Zug nach Sydney und habe an einer Opern Haus Tour teilgenommen. Dafür, dass die Tour eine Stunde ging, hat man relativ wenig gesehen, aber es war trotzdem sehr cool, mal drin gewesen zu sein! Danach bin ich noch mit der Fähre nach Manly (Strand mit Einkaufsstraße in Sydney) gefahren. Mittwoch gings dann mit Flugzeug nach "Ayers Rock Airport" - in der Mitte Australiens. Mein Flug hatte 2 Stunden Verspätung, aber naja dafür habe ich einen 8$ Gutschein bekommen, mit dem ich mir dann eine heiße Schokolade und einen Cookie kaufen konnte! Die Flughäfen in Australien was Inlandsflüge angeht sind übrigens sehr interessant...also 1. Man kommt ... read more
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Hafen Syndey

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney February 1st 2016

Hi all After NZ I flew to Sydney for a few days and what a fantastic City, I fully understan why its been voted one of the top places to live in the world, great weather, people, beaches, shopping, food yeah you name it. After Sydney I flew to Bali with very high expectations for some peace, great yoga, beautiful green jungle and yeah Ubud did deliver all of that and much more. A great combination of beautiful treks up the ridges, rice fields for miles, temples, galleries and the hustle and bustle of Ubud center. Now Im in Seminyak and tomorrow Im going to have my the first surf lesson in my life and I cant wait Im sure it will be great fun to hit those waves. I promise to tell you all about ... read more

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