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October 28th 2015
Published: October 29th 2015
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After a rest we went downstairs at 7 o'clock to the lobby snd met some friends who live in the Perth area.

We went to a restaurant called Miss Maudes and had drinks while we chatted and gleaned local information.


An early start today as we have to be out of the room by 10.00 and we are off to pick up our camper van.

I had another bad nights sleep, hopefully I will adjust soon. For general information we are 8 hours ahead of GMT.

We went to breakfast at about 8.30 and managed to get some food this time. It was all very nicely presented.

Back up to the room and packed the last few bits and pieces. Down to reception just before 10.00, check out was at 10.00 and handed the room keys in.

We had talked about getting public transport back to the airport and then getting a taxi from there to Apollo camper van hire, but to save any hassle we took a taxi from the hotel which cost us AU$40 with a tip. So probably less cost than the other way.

We duly filled all the forms and signed our life away, were showed the in's and out's of the van, until we were finally free to drive off into sunset....so to speak.

We headed off entirely in the wrong direction for some time but eventually found our bearings and started heading North which is our initial plan.

In conversation we had been told there was a big retail park called Lakeside in the direction we were heading, we found various shopping centres but don't think we ever actually found it.

By now we were happily heading North, but had no map - it was expected with the camper van but never appeared- and had no idea where we were.

So we headed off the main road and luckily came across a large shopping area. Then into a stationery shop and asked if they had a map of Western Australia and if they could tell us where we were! This did cause a smile and they were very helpful. We were near to Quinns Rocks.

As we were stopped we had something to eat, a roast beef sub and a roast pork sub, both with gravy and we shared some potato gems. We wandered around the shopping centre then picked up some groceries from a Coles supermarket - much cheaper than Perth - and drove on North.

At a place called Lancelin at about 4 o'clock ish we made the choice to pull off and find somewhere for the night.

The caravan site is right on the coast, so much so that seagulls are landing on the van roof.

The camp site is AU$13.50 per person per night. We were allocated a pitch, but she had said anywhere, so we got near to the toilet and laundry block. Then started figuring out how to use the various things in the van. We connected to the electricity, got the kettle going and all was well with the world.

We chased off the seagull that had been stomping on the roof, had a snack and took a walk to see the sea. Very pretty, white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. A liitle cloudy but the weather has been ok. Plenty of flies around to annoy, they are very attracted to your head.

Darkness came about 6.30 pm so we made up the bed and settled in for an early night. There are about four other vans near us, but all was quiet. It rained in the night, but I managed to get a much better nights sleep.

Wednesday 28 October

Life began stirring about 7 am so we got the kettle on. We showered and got ready to depart, finally departing about 9.30. Dropped off the toilet key in reception and picke dup the AUS$20 deposit.

Pat started the driving and the road just keeps going and going, through almost unchanging landscape. This is the main coast road, part of Highway 60, which goes all the way round Australia.

We were heading for The Pinnacles and arrived about 10.30. I hadn't a clue what this place was but found out that it was within the Nambung National park and is a site of geological significance, as there are limestone pillars sticking out of the desert up to 4 metres high, which they cannot explain how they were created. A fascinating place, which you can walk or drive around, we drove. The entrance fee was AUS$12.

We looked around the visitor centre and shop, then drove round the circuit to see the pillars of limestone.

We moved on at 11.30 and headed North again. Petrol was our next issue, as it can be many many miles between petrol stations, so we pulled off at the next town, a place called Cervantes.

With a Don Quixote on the town sign the whole place was Spanish related! We found the village store and bought a few items and chatted with the lady for a while.

Then back through the tiwn to the petrol station and filled up. Petrol is cheaper here than we are used to. Pat spotted a breakfast sign and it turned the cafe was open, so we parked and had a Skippers breakfast and Pat had an Aussie breakfast. It really fitted the bill and was actually just what I would have been looking for and not expecting to find.

On the way out of town there was a sign to Stromatolites on Lake Thetis, this was something else that Pat had in mind to see, so off we headed.

Stromatolites are another ancient thing occuring only in very few parts of the world and are bacteria related, growing on the edge of salt water lakes.

This was again something I knew nothing about and was interesting. The walkway to the Lake is raised so you don't stand on them and cause damage.

After this we drove on steadily for quite some time, we passed by various towns, but decided that we would stop in the vicinity of Geraldton. Pat found a Big4 campsite just outside the town at Sunset Beach Holiday park and we went for it.

We arrived at 5.01 pm to find the place closed at 5.00, but a call to the out of hours got us a guy, who sold us a pitch for AUS$34.20. A better place than yestarday.

Our pitch was found and we hooked up and got the kettle on. Some washing was put in a machine, we had a small explore and then some rolls for tea.

We did see Kangaroo's today but not a live one as the one's we saw were roadkill! A skink and a snake were seen on the road, which I managed not to drive over.


29th October 2015

Hello Campers
Hi Both Glad to hear you've caught up with your bodyclocks at last. Sounds as if you're having fun - keep safe x

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