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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Stirling Range October 11th 2015

I arrived in Albany midafternoon last Friday after a long day’s hard driving. And it was hot. I had made an early start that day in order to negotiate the corrugations of the road into and out of the Fitzgerald River National Park. I was on the road by 6.45 am and did not emerge onto the sealed pavement outside the park until 8.30 am. I deliberately took it easy but really I don’t think I should have worried as my Sally wagon yet again proved herself more than equal to the task. I made my way down to Bremer Bay through some lovely farmland on the edge of the national park but was somewhat disappointed with what was there and decided not to hang around. I suppose after hanging out in superb national parks for ... read more
View from my bed at dawn while staying in Albany
Albany from Old Whaling Station on coast
Panorama Salmon Holes a section of this amazing rugged wild southern coast

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Stirling Range February 14th 2015

After our brief and unscheduled stay in Albany, we headed north of Porongurup NP through to the Stirling Ranges NP. Originally we had planned to camp in the NP, but these parks have been closed due to fire risk. However, we were able to access the car park at the base of Bluff Knoll. We asked our recovering legs how they felt about a 2 hour climb up to the top of the knoll. There was a deathly silence. We took no time at all to determine that silence = an embarrassed no, but thanks for asking. We asked the cameras what they thought. They were only too happy to provide pictures from the car park, so that is what we have. You will see a Japanese traveller who was only too willing to do the ... read more
Breakfast time
Stirling Range NP
Our legs said....

Today we were leaving our beach camp so we took the opportunity to wake up for sunrise on the beach which meant we were awake at 5am. Most of the tour group also woke up early to see some of the sunrise so we had all finished our breakfast and packed our swags before Simon had even woken, which left Simon a little flustered. So much so that he almost left his swag in camp as we drove off!There was one stop to make on the cape before we headed into rge Stirling Ranges. This was at Frenchman's peak - a rocky mountain given the name as it looks as though it is wearing a beret on top. It was a steep climb up the rock face and got put blood pumping ... read more
Frenchman's Peak
Simmo the fearless leader!
View from Frenchman's Peak

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Stirling Range January 1st 2011

It's a little bit of a nervous and early start on this day, for it was our intention to climb Bluff Knoll, WA's second highest mountain. We're up at 5.30, a quick breakfast and pack up camp to be on the road by 6.30am. It was less than a week ago that a 79yr old man went missing on this very mountain with the search parties still looking for him it's fresh in our minds and I'm wondering about the wiseness of our decision to take two kids up. As we turn off the main road and aim the car at Bluff Knoll it starts to loom up in front of us, a very high, craggy and brooding looking mountain. Once we pull up in the car park and disembark a freezing wind whips across us, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Stirling Range January 1st 2011

16.12.2010, today is our 10th anniversary and we are still very happy, in fact I'd go so far as to say the last 12-24months have been the best of our married life, cool. Today is also the day we left Albany, a short drive of about 1 hour toward the Stirling Ranges, Moinup Springs, our campsite for the night. This place is just a little DEC camp, $7 per adult per night just off the main road about 50m. Happily there is also a camp host which means once again no partiers, happy sleep. Our camp host was a very small, very serious lady who took her position very seriously, in fact you'd think she had a stake in the DEC, this was both good and bad. For the DEC I'm sure they love people like ... read more

Fremantle was making us restless. Not the place itself, just the waiting in one location for too long. I kept forgetting too that Whitney had just got to Australia just before our course started. She didn’t have the 3 weeks of exploring and adventuring to wet her appetite. We decided if we weren’t leaving until Friday at the earliest our only option was to get out of town. It also meant I had to learn to drive on the other side of the road... Spent last 4 days exploring SW Australia. Rented a car and just drove south. Each day was distinctly different. Within an hour of leaving the Fremantle/Perth area we were transported to rural Australia at its finest. Large kangaroo jumped across the road. Flock of emus in farmer’s field. Bolted when we got ... read more
Whitney and I on top of Bluff Knoll
Trufula tree?
Sunrise at West Cape Howe National Park

park national tre tre marrant surtout quant il pleut ;oD La chaîne de Stirling est une chaîne de montagne et de collines située dans le Sud-Ouest de l'Australie-Occidentale, à 337 kilomètres au sud-est de Perth. Elle se trouve approximativement à 34°24′S et 118°09′E, et s'étend sur plus de 60 kilomètres de long d'ouest en est, s'étendant depuis l'autoroute entre le mont Barker et Cranbrook vers l'est jusqu'au-delà de Gnowangerup. Les points remarquables sont le Toolbrunup, le Bluff Knoll (le plus haut sommet à plus d'un millier de kilomètres à la ronde et l'attraction touristique la plus populaire) et une silhouette appelée The Sleeping Lady qui est visible depuis la chaîne de Porongurup. La chaîne de Stirling est l'une des zones du monde dont la richesse floristique est la plus importante. Quatre-vingt-dix familles, 384 genres et plus ... read more
stirling range NP 2
stirling range NP 3
stirling Range NP 4

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Stirling Range March 10th 2010

Hi all We have now headed north and inland after enjoying exploring around Albany. We saw lots more nice beaches, and walked in quite a few more national parks. Albany is hosting the Ulysses Motorbike Club's Australian AGM this week, with about 4000 riders attending with their immaculate bikes. Lots have trailers they tow, that fold out to a tent, there are sidecars and trikes and bikes of all colours and types. Lots of men with grey beards too! After exploring the coast both ways from Albany, we came north and drove through Porongurup National Park one day. Today we came further north to the Stirling National Park and have a campsite near to Bluff Knoll, southern WA's tallest mountain at 1095 meters. We climbed part of the 4 hour track today, but it was just ... read more
Bluff Knoll
Porongurup National Park
pretty 4WD drive through trees

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Stirling Range April 14th 2008

Today was spent sorting stuff out for roadtrip 2 and beyond so there's very little to report. Del and I got up fairly early and had breakfast on the beach and after most of the day in Albany making various telephone calls we headed up to the Stirling Range, stopping on the way to see the tree in a rock in Porongurup Range National Park.... read more
Tree in a rock
Del in a tree
The Stirling Range

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