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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora December 14th 2018

We took a risk on leaving Sandstone, and decided against topping up with fuel using their very small, unmanned, self-serve pump that only accepted limited cards. Our Sandstone host, Chris, worked in Leinster and said there was a proper petrol station there but, as always in the Outback, there was never any guarantee that there would be petrol! We were back on to the one and only road out of Sandstone, so the conditions were the same but with many more grids, and we saw a dead camel and lots more dead cows. It is impossible for farmers to fully fence their properties given the scale involved and, while the road trains could probably hit a cow without too much damage, a much smaller vehicle would suffer dire consequences. I’d read that the animals often bedded ... read more
HUGE paw print
Flying doctor road
Leonora main street

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora September 22nd 2018

OK, the idea was to find gold , but when we looked at the conditions that the gold miners endured we had second thoughts so we would just be tourists and visit the mining museums and learn lots about it ... but always keeping your eyes peeled in case there was a glint of gold at your feet. From the GunBarrel Highway we were back in Wiluna as there were big celebration with the opening ceremony for a new Shire Office and Art Gallery ... an old hotel and hospital had been beautifully renovated . The Five didn’t want to hang around for the speeches so had a chat with a guy and sneaked in the back way to saunter to view some great Aboriginal Art , Tjukurba Gallery . The interesting story there was of ... read more
Tjukudra art gallery

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora November 2nd 2014

Which American President lived here? If you read further down the blog you will find out! Part two of the Goldfields Blog commences at Niagara Dam and takes us through the towns of Leonora, Leinster, Sandstone, Mount Magnet and finally to Mullewa. There is mining to the east of this region where there have been significant nickel finds. Probably the greatest rags to riches to rags story of recent times was the Poseidon Mine out from Laverton. Shares went from 85cents to $285.00 and now the mine is closed. A little closer to Leinster there is a huge new project which will be one of the biggest nickel mines in the world. It is only just getting under way with stage 1 currently, but much expense and expansion will shortly follow. No access to the region ... read more
The old windmill
Wedgetail in tree.
Golden wax like candle flowers

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora June 22nd 2014

As we mentioned at the end of the last blog we are camped at Malcolm Dam, 10 kilometres east of Leonora. I find it hard to believe that I lived in the region for over 25 years, albeit 180 kms away, and did not know about this place. Unlike Niagara Dam which is built in a rocky water course with a concrete wall, Malcolm dam is an earth wall and the water spreads out over a wide clay area. The wall is about 30 feet wide in the middle, more than enough for us to turn our car and caravan around, even far bigger rigs than ours. There are seats and shade shelters built on the dam wall as well as a big rubbish skip. Another skip is not far from where we are parked on ... read more
02 Wood duck maybe
03 Peregrine or brown falcon
04 Green eremophlia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora June 19th 2014

The first 23 photos relate to this blog the rest are of various flowers and plants I have photographed at Niagara and Kookynie for anyone interested. A certain hairy little person decided to practice being all three tenors at 2 am on Sunday night. Out onto the clothes line in the cold for him. We moved from Menzies to Niagara Dam on Monday only 61.3 kms away. What a change, bitumen all the way to the camping area right next to the dam itself. We were remembering just how bad the last 3 kms were from the Kookynie road and the even worse bit going down the steep slope to the area below the dam wall itself. When we checked even that bit is now bitumen! Where is the adventure now? Having said that the area ... read more
002 Niagara Dam
002 Niagara sign
003 Eremophlia maybe Niagara

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Leonora August 31st 2013

Saturday 31 August Day 4 Great Central Road Probably our last day on the Great Central Road today, providing all is well with our journey. It was 6am when I opened my eyes to the morning, the sun was not quite up in the distance, I peeled back my curtain and watched as the sun slowly lit up the Breakaways on the Southern side revealing it's striking colours. I lay there for a while until the urge to take a photograph took me out of my comfortable bed. I know most of our readers will be shocked by the very fact that I am out of bed so early 2 mornings in a row, I really am not a morning person. It was cool outside and I was thankful that I had put my fleece on, ... read more
Sculpture on Lake Ballard
Giles Breakaway
Lake Ballard

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